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Why papillomas appear: risk factors and treatment

Papillomas are benignneoplasms on the skin. Most often they are located on the neck, in the armpits, under the chest and on the genitals. Why do papillomas appear, few know. And very few people think how to get rid of them. The growth of papillomas is promoted by the corresponding human virus (HPV), which 80% of people on the whole earth have. However, those who have a sufficiently strong immune system, he does not manifest himself in any way, and people do not even suspect that they have such in the body.

why there are papillomas

The most common reasons why the papillomas appear:

  • Decreased immunity due to prolonged chronic illness, acute infection, surgical interventions and other causes.
  • The papilloma virus in women can manifest itselfactivity during pregnancy. This is due to the fact that during this period not only the immunity decreases, but also the hormonal background greatly changes. As a rule, HPV passes right after delivery.
  • In old age, the possibility of the appearance of papillomas increases at times. This is due to the ongoing changes in the body, its aging and weakening of protective functions, why there are papillomas.

This virus can be transmitted both sexually and by household way. In this case, the infection can take months to occur. Factors that increase the risk of HPV infection are as follows:

how to remove papillomas

  • Random sex, inconstancy in partners, unprotected sexual intercourse.
  • Smoking, regular acceptance of alcoholic beverages, lack of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Close personal contact with a person infected with or infected with the papilloma virus.
  • Infection of the child from the mother during natural childbirth.
  • Long-term use of medicines, stress.

This is an incomplete list of why the papillomas appear. If you have already noticed their appearance on your body, then the infection has occurred, and it's time to treat it.

There are several methods for removing papillomas:

  • liquid nitrogen;
  • a knife radiating radio waves;
  • laser;
  • with the help of electrocoagulation.

All these methods are possible only if availablespecial equipment, and therefore you need to apply for appointment to your doctor. In most cases, along with the removal of papilloma, the material for a special biopsy study for an oncologic marker is taken.

papilloma virus in women

If we talk about the chemical ways to get rid ofneoplasms on the skin, it is most often used "Solkovagin" or "Solkoderm". By the method of dot application of these ointments, the papilloma is dried and falls off itself after a certain period of time. And in order to prevent the recurrence of her appearance, a person with a papilloma virus needs to take vitamins and immunomodulating drugs. It is important to realize that a complete cure for HPV is impossible, the virus will still remain in the body. However, increased immunity and good health simply will not allow it to progress and manifest itself in the form of papillomas.

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