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Watermelons with breastfeeding can be eaten or not?

Ah, summer! The sun, the sea, the abundance of fruits and vegetables, succulent melons and watermelons ... With breastfeeding melons can be invaluable to mother and child. The main thing is to choose the right berry. Otherwise, there is a risk of poisoning. It is also necessary to correctly introduce watermelons into the diet. Otherwise, the child may have an allergy or problems with the work of the digestive tract.

watermelons with breastfeeding

Is it worth it to eat

So, you can watermelon with breastfeeding orno? Experts argue that this berry is simply necessary. After all, during lactation in the female body, the consumption of useful components, vitamins and minerals increases. Stocks of such substances must be replenished. Watermelon contains a lot of microelements and vitamins. This product can be used as a diuretic. The main thing is not to abuse. When introducing a new product into the diet, you should closely monitor the condition of the child.

What is the use?

So, what are the benefits of watermelons in the breastfeeding? They allow you to fill the reserves of magnesium and calcium. These substances help the mother to restore her body after a long gestation of the fetus and birth. Also in the sweet pulp contains vitamin C. This substance helps the female body to strengthen the work of the immune system, as well as to withstand the onset of all kinds of colds.

Do not forget that watermelons are rich in iron. This is one of the most important components. During the lactation the need for it increases several times. Iron helps the body fight anemia.

can watermelon breastfeeding

Useful acids

In the berry contains and folic acid. This component is necessary for the creation and maintenance of healthy cells in a healthy state, so its presence is especially important during periods of rapid development of the body, especially in early childhood. So, if there is a desire, safely eat watermelons: when breastfeeding, they will be useful even for the baby. As for the mother, her folic acid gives a beautiful and even complexion, as well as youth.

In large berries, there is another importantcomponent, which allows you to cleanse the body of harmful substances, including toxins. This is panthenolic acid. The substance is able to normalize sleep. This is important not only for the mother, but also for the child.

In general, watermelons with breastfeeding are veryare useful. After all, they allow us to normalize the water balance in the mother's body. These berries help to remove swelling that remains after childbirth, remove excess fluid, increase the frequency of urination, and also contribute to better production of breast milk.

Is it possible to watermelon during breastfeeding?

How much to enter

As practice shows, you can watermelon with breastfeeding all mothers. The main thing is to introduce it correctly into the diet. It is not recommended to start eating gourds earlier than three months after the appearance of breast milk. In the first 60 days, a young mother should follow a strict diet. This will allow the child to get used to the new diet and learn to perceive the nutritional components obtained with milk. Starting from 4 months a woman can diversify her menu.

To introduce a new product should be gradual. In this case, portions should be small. After 5 days the amount of product can be increased. It is necessary to carefully monitor the child's condition. If he has a stomach ache or an eruption, then watermelons should be discarded.

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Allergies to watermelons

Despite the obvious benefit, a watermelon in the breastfeeding a newborn can cause trouble. The composition of this berry is unique. However, the product belongs to the strongest food allergens. Therefore, watermelons should be used with extreme caution.

If the mother has even a slight allergy tothis product, it is worth to refuse it. Signs of such a malaise can manifest itself in the baby. If a child has diathesis, immediately watermelons should be excluded from the mother's menu. It is impossible for the reaction to be fixed. Otherwise, it will become chronic. It is also important to properly neutralize the consequences.

After a while watermelon can be tried again. Perhaps the problem arose because of the unformed immunity of the child.

is it possible to watermelon when breastfeeding a newborn

Problems with digestion

Consumption of watermelon should be limitedquantity. Otherwise, a minor disorder may occur. It is necessary to eat watermelons only after the main meal and little by little. After all, the mother's stomach can be overloaded. As a result, unpleasant sensations, heaviness and increased gas formation may appear.

The child can also experience discomfort. As a result of excessive consumption of watermelon pulp by the mother, babies may be disturbed by colic. It is for this reason that such berries should be eaten in small portions. Increase the amount of watermelon is possible only in cases where the product does not cause problems with digestion.

Possible poisoning

Is it possible to watermelon during breastfeeding?newborn in unlimited quantities? Of course not. The main danger of such a berry is that as a result of a wrong choice, it can cause severe poisoning not only in the mother, but also in the child. Do not forget that the watermelon contains a large number of nitrates. These substances allow fruits to ripen much faster. After the use of such products, the mother and the child may suffer. After all, chemicals are stored in berries, and easily penetrate into breast milk. In addition, the children's body is more susceptible to the effects of certain substances. If on the health and well-being of the mother a small amount of nitrates can not be reflected at all, then for the child even a fraction of them can be dangerous.

watermelon during breastfeeding in the first month

When you should not eat watermelons

First of all you can not eat a watermelon in the breastfeeding in the first month of lactation. This is very dangerous for a newborn baby. In addition, there are a number of diseases in which such foods are not allowed. First of all watermelons should be abandoned to women suffering from diabetes. In principle, they are not allowed such food.

Also from melons should be refused to those who havethere are problems with the excretory system. It can be kidney stones. To aggravate the state of health can watermelon and in the presence of diseases of the pancreas. Before the introduction of a similar product in the diet should consult a doctor.

How to avoid trouble

So, watermelons with breastfeeding completelyare permissible, but we should not forget that these fruits can cause poisoning, allergies and other unpleasant phenomena. To avoid this, you need to choose the right product. Do not forget that ripening watermelons only in early autumn. Do not buy melons in the spring and even in the middle of summer. Similar products can be poisoned with nitrates. It is also not recommended to eat immature watermelons.

Acquire fruits only whole, withoutcracks and cuts. You should also choose those berries that lie not on the ground, but in special trays. Do not buy watermelons that are sold along the roads.

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