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Almost thirty percent of all living on the planetwomen are in the climacteric age range - from 45 to 60 years, which lasts not a day and not a month, but several years, including the periods preceding menopause.

This phase in women is characterized by symptoms such as weakening of the functions performed by the ovaries, a decrease in the production of progesterone and estrogen.

Such changes are usually accompanied by certain psychological and somatic disorders. Women perceive painfully even the vegetative first symptoms preceding menopause.

And despite all this, many of them categoricallyrefuse to take any medications, not to mention hormones that have very bad fame: excess weight and other side effects, characteristic of almost all hormonal drugs.

But in the 21st century, science has reached suchscale, which can with the help of drugs slow down the aging process, preserving female youth and beauty. And one of the drugs that contribute to this is the "Qi Klim", which does not contain hormones and is well tolerated by the body.

Science has proven that the main cause of agingthe female body is a decrease in the level of sex hormones produced by her body, which is accompanied by a set of excess weight. And over time, the process of aging of the skin begins.

It is impossible to influence this process genetically, but here for its slowing down the pharmacologists also invented the non-hormonal complex "Qi Clim Evalar", produced in the form of tablets and cream.

The drug contains an extract of tsimitsifugi, referring to natural phytoestrogens, which help maintain a normal hormonal balance without being hormones.

The biological supplements contained in this preparation play the role of estrogen receptor modulators, i.e. reduce the activity of climacteric syndrome.

Taking "Qi Clim" pills, a woman immediatelywill feel the changes: the frequency of tides will decrease, the sweating will decrease much, the working capacity will increase. Important will be the stabilization of the emotional state - the practical disappearance of irritability and unreasonable nervousness.

The drug is a fortifying biologically active food additive, which today is a real alternative to hormonal drugs, it does not increase weight, it is well tolerated.

Tablets "CI Clim" should be taken twice inday in the process of eating for three months. The effect of this drug begins already in the second week: women feel a noticeable difference in their condition. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews of those who tried this miracle cure. And today, "Qi Clim" as a preventive measure is used even by those representatives of the fair sex who do not yet have any symptoms of menopause.

Many probably noticed that in the West, womenlook much younger than their age. It turns out that every second of them, beginning with the age of forty, uses creams and takes natural preparations, which are plant analogues of sexual female hormones.

Manufacturers offer women a different kind of drug - produced in the form of a cream,

As a result, the update process is normalizedcells, the production of elastin and collagen increases, the skin's ability to retain moisture increases. And this, in turn, means that wrinkles are gradually smoothed out, the skin becomes smoother.

Despite the fact that the drug is natural, yet"Qi Klim" contraindications has: it can not be taken by pregnant and nursing mothers, as well as those people who have intolerance of its components.

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