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How the navel is treated correctly in a newborn

In the family, happiness - a baby was born. But the young mother faces many questions, one of which is the treatment of the navel in newborns. Unfortunately, it is not always in the maternity hospitals that tell about it, more often we learn everything from grandmothers.

care for newborn children

What is this procedure for?

The treatment of the navel in a newborn is oneof the main moments of caring for the child. When the umbilical cord that connects the mother and the child is cut, the baby is tied up, and there remains a "tail", to which the "clothespin" clings. The navel is treated with an antiseptic, most often with a solution of greenery. If the maternity hospital and the home do not handle the umbilical wound, then the risk of infection and the development of diseases is great. This is dangerous for the baby because he still has weak immunity, and the possibility of getting complications is huge.

What and how to use

Treatment of the navel in a newborn is done by 1%solution of greenery, 5% solution of potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide - at the choice of mom. The procedure also requires a cotton swab and pipette. It is necessary to collect a medicine in the pipette and drip onto the umbilical wound, and then pat it with a cotton swab. In no case can not clean the navel with a cotton swab - you can injure the navel. This procedure should be done 2 times a day: once after bathing, and one - at your choice - in the morning, after a walk, before changing the diaper. It is obligatory several times a day to leave the navel open so that the skin breathes. The drier the navel is, the faster the healing will be. Usually it occurs on the 10-14th day of the baby's life.

What to do if it bleeds?

Correct treatment of the navel in a newbornis extremely important in that, with a careless approach, the risk of wound bleeding is high. In this case, you need to be more careful about your child. But even the children of the most responsible mothers have small bloody discharge from the navel. Do not be scared. You will need a 3% -cent solution of hydrogen peroxide and greens. A little peroxide needs to be dripped onto the navel, and then wet with a cotton swab dipped in the green. If the discharge is strong and with an admixture of pus, you need to see a doctor immediately.

navel treatment in a newborn

Clean baby is a healthy baby!

Daily care for the newborn is necessary forthe correct development of the child. It is important that before each procedure, mom or dad washed their hands - the baby's immune system is not strengthened, so it can easily "catch" the infection.

Care of newborn children is not as complicated asmay seem at first glance. Ears after bathing should be cleaned with cotton swabs (in shops there are specially for toddlers, with restrictors). During washing, the baby gets water in the ears, which needs to be cleaned, after cleaning, to remove, since otitis can develop.

The baby's nipples grow very fast, they are cut 1-2 times a week. In the shops there are special scissors with partially cut ends. You can use a little manicure.

The inguinal area should be washed gently 2 times a day. Girls - especially carefully. If you use a diaper at home around the clock, then you need to wash your crotch after each diaper change.

daily care for the newborn

Treatment of the navel in the newborn, washing the perineum, cleaning the ears, cutting the nails - all these are simple but important procedures.

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