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As evidenced by the pain to the left of the navel

Causes of pain near the navel are very difficultto determine, therefore, to clarify the diagnosis and proper treatment it is very important to consult a doctor in a timely manner. The appearance of pain in the navel can serve as a signal for the development of a serious disease.

pain to the left of the navel

Diseases that cause pain in the navel

If it hurts near the navel, the cause may be a number of diseases. The most common factors causing pain in this area are:
• pregnancy;
• defeat of the intestines by bacteria, viruses or parasites;
• acute stage of chronic enteritis. Characterized by the appearance after eating acute / aching pain;
• umbilical hernia. Characterized by the appearance of a seal in the navel. Concomitant factors: nausea, vomiting, constipation, increased gas formation;
• bowel ulcer;
• inflammation of the appendix. Characterized by the appearance of pain initially in the umbilical region, shifting to the right. It is accompanied by nausea and fever;
• damage to the urinary tract of all kinds of infection. Characterized by the presence of pain during urination, acquiring a permanent character.

hurts near navel

In addition, the pain near the navel canto become a consequence of very serious diseases, such as small intestine cancer, small intestine diverticulitis, abdominal migraine, small intestinal spasms, mesenteric circulation disorders and abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Why there are pains to the left of the navel

The navel area, being the center of the abdomen, helps visually divide the abdominal cavity into four zones: two on top and two from below.

In the upper left of the navel part are loops of the intestine, stomach, spleen, pancreas and diaphragm.

With a number of different pain conditions in the areaThe navel gives a greatly increased size of the spleen. The slightest carelessness or shock can lead to a sudden rupture of the enlarged organ. Symptom of rupture of the spleen, in addition to pain, is the bluish skin color of the umbilical region.

Increased gas formation in the large intestine can also cause pain to the left of the navel.

If the pain is caused by a serious disease, thennecessarily accompanied by symptoms such as temperature, stool, mucus or blood in the feces. Particularly alarming is the presence of a black chair, signaling gastric or intestinal bleeding.

pain near navel

The cause of the appearance of not too harsh, often aching pain to the left of the navel, accompanied by nausea and vomiting, can be irritated gastric mucosa.

If the pain does not pass more than a day, you need to see a doctor, it can be caused by gastritis or the appearance of an ulcer.

In the presence of sharp pain to the left of the navel, coming from the inside and accompanied by fever, nausea and vomiting, suspicion falls on the pancreas.

In addition, abdominal pain can be caused by viral pleurisy, pneumonia or any process that irritates the lungs and causes acute pain with deep inspiration.

Pain in lower left abdomen

The cause of such pain is usually considered inflammation,irritation or infection of the intestine, squeezing the nerves from the spine and shingles. Also, the appearance of pain in this segment can cause a kidney stone moving down into the bladder.

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