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Eczema on the hands: causes

Only a few managed to avoid allergicDermatosis, which manifests itself by itching and rash in the form of small vesicles, which tend to burst and secrete fluid that coalesces into crusts. The disease is used to pass into a chronic form and periodically "please" its owner with new manifestations. This occurs as a result of ingesting new portions of antigens, to which it reacts by producing antibodies.

Eczema on the hands, the causes of allergic manifestations:

  • Flavors in household chemicals and food;
  • Chemical dyes;
  • Chemical solvents;
  • Rubber additives for shoes, belts, gloves;
  • Preservative additives to foods, beverages, cosmetics;
  • Perfumery additives in hygiene products;
  • Components of hair dyes;
  • Jewelery and jewelry jewelry, watches, bracelets from metals;
  • Medications;
  • Clothing;
  • Dust, animal hair;
  • Kitchen accessories;
  • Glasses.

The causes of eczema can be very different. Often the disease provokes fungal and pustular infections, worms, insect bites. For the occurrence of such a disease as eczema on the hands, the reasons may be unexpected. Often, the disease provokes the use of certain foods: eggs, milk, citrus, sweets, smoked products, carbonated drinks

Sometimes to find out why eczema develops on the hands, the causes of allergic reactions are not easy, since irritating factors can act under certain conditions, in the presence of the sun, for example.

An allergy may occur on certain conditionsproduction, contacts with substances that previously did not state about themselves. Strong allergens are: chrome, nickel, cobalt, epoxy, formaldehyde, cement.

Eczema on the hands, the causes of whichare often of a genetic nature, can occur during periods of stress, increased physical activity, pregnancy, prolonged illness, with reduced immunity.

In different people, the disease can be localized indifferent places: adults have eczema on elbows and hands, sometimes in the elbow and popliteal calyx, children often suffer from face, neck, skin on the head. It is also worth mentioning that the disease has several subspecies, which is why it is important to turn to a dermatologist in time, for which the cause of eczema will be obvious, and he will select the appropriate treatment.

Treatment of eczema

In general, the disease has a positivedynamics and ends with a complete cure, but it does not always happen. Poorly treatable eczema on the hands, the causes of which could not be identified. Such patients during periods of exacerbations should observe a sparing regimen, avoid overheating and "heavy food". It is necessary to wear comfortable clothes that do not constrain movement and do not rub clothes from natural fabrics, do not use strong domestic chemicals, avoid house dust, walk among flowering plants. In the room you need to remove carpets, soft toys, textiles, feather pillows, more often do wet cleaning.

It is not recommended to keep houses as fluffy animals, and fish, birds, the temperature in the room is better to maintain no higher than +23 ° C, and humidity - not less than 60%.

Doctor in cases of acute allergyprescribes antihistamines that give a good therapeutic effect, but quickly become addictive. With a strong irritant itching, corticosteroid hormones and soothing drugs are prescribed. To enhance blood circulation, vascular drugs are prescribed, for the stomach - enhancing the release of enzymes, for the liver - purifying. External appoint vasoconstrictive and relieve inflammation and itching lotion.

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