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Chlamydia disease: causes of

Diseases transmitted sexually aredifferent. They include chlamydia. Its causative agent is a cocco-like gram-negative intracellular microorganism - a bacterium chlamydia trachomatis. This parasite dies at a temperature of sixty degrees Celsius, but the impact should be at least ten minutes. But to the cold it is stable. The bacterium does not die even at seventy degrees below zero for several years.

Common Disease
chlamydia cause

Today, one of the most commondiseases is chlamydia. The causes of the occurrence in women - the entry of pathogenic bacteria by oral, vaginal and anal way with sperm and secretions of the male penis. The household way it is practically not transferred. Similarly, clamidiosis appears in men. The causes of the occurrence in this case - the secretion of the female vagina on the mucous membranes.

When antibodies to this disease are found, it issignals the presence of an infectious process. Even if there are no symptoms, this only indicates that while the body cope with the harmful effects of these bacteria and restricts their reproduction, but it will not completely stop it.

Another reason
chlamydia cause of onset in women

How else can chlamydia occur? The causes of the occurrence, in addition to sexual contact, are the transmission of parasites by the mother to their child in the womb and during childbirth, and also with a low probability of possible domestic infection. The disease affects the nasopharynx, urogenital system, respiratory tract and eyes. The probability of catching chlamydia in unprotected contact is fifty percent.

Since the body does not develop immunity tothese bacteria, there is no guarantee that the ill person will not be able to get infected again. Therefore, sex with unfamiliar people should be safe, that is, using a condom. In places of mass gathering of people, such as swimming pool, sauna, sauna, fitness clubs and so on, it is necessary to comply with personal hygiene standards. It is here that there is a chance of getting infected.

The course of the disease

We understood what chlamydia is. The causes of the occurrence have also been considered. Now consider the course of the disease. In women, the lesion begins from the cervix and vagina, then the uterus is connected to the inflammation. If no measures are taken, the infection continues to spread through the uterine tubes into the peritoneum with the ovaries. Frequent cases of infection on the rectum.

chlamydia in men causes

In men, chlamydia develops a little differently. The causes of the occurrence in this case are not so important. First the urethra becomes inflamed, and the infection affects the prostate, testes and appendages. Through the urethra, clear, odorless discharge appears.

Very often both in men and in womenit is asymptomatic, which is very bad, because it goes into a chronic form. The treatment is quite difficult, especially if it's a chronicle. Categorically not allowed to self-treatment, only under the supervision of a doctor. This procedure must take place both partners without fail.

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