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Is it painful to pierce the navel or not?

Recently, among the representativesthe beautiful sex is gaining popularity such decorations as piercings on the navel. The most common use of such costume jewelry among young slender beauties. Such elements look very attractive and mysterious, especially on a tight, neat tummy. Piercing in the navel will help girls, especially in the beach season, to attract to themselves and their body additional looks of the opposite sex.

is it painful to pierce the navel
However, not everyone can easily solve it, sohow many people think about the question: "Is it painful to pierce the navel?" There is no exact answer to it now, but some people say that it was very noticeable, while others say that this procedure is absolutely painless. There are several reasons for such ambiguous answers. First of all, everything will depend on the pain threshold of a person. After all, it is different for all - someone and the process of epilation causes unbearable pain. If he is tall enough, you can safely purchase a beautiful decoration in the navel and boldly proceed to the procedure for piercing. Find your level of pain threshold is available from a doctor.

ornaments in the navel
It is very important who and how will perform for youthis procedure. If you decide to make a puncture not in the cabin, but at home, it is important that a person know how to do it on a professional level and had experience. Then the question of whether it is painful to pierce the navel, will not worry so much. If you turn to the dilettante in this matter, you can not only experience pain, but also get serious inflammation. Dangerous punctures carried out by non-specialists. Various blood infections can occur due to poor treatment of the puncture wound, as well as from poorly disinfected needles or a puncture gun. In addition to all of the above, painful suppuration may occur at the puncture site. In this case, piercing will have to be removed from the navel in a short time, which means that all of your tortures were in vain. Therefore, you should always refer to professionals who know their business by 100%.

piercings on navel
In order not to worry about the fact,it is best to contact a professional beauty salon, a medical center or a beauty salon. But in this case, you should also check the availability of a certificate for this procedure, because without it they do not have the official right to do so. To prevent unpleasant sensations in prestigious salons, it is proposed to make a special injection. Local anesthesia is especially recommended for girls with low pain threshold. If you own one, then just inform the master in advance and ask for anesthesia. If everything is done correctly, then the procedure will even go unnoticed.

Is it painful to pierce the navel? - In general, this procedure is painless. Many people compare this to the piercing of the ears. Given the specific rules and the level of your pain threshold, you will not worry about whether it is painful to pierce the navel, the procedure itself will bring only pleasant memories. Piercing, shining on a slim tummy, will please not only you, but your loved one. Choose beautiful ornaments in the navel. Do not be afraid to experiment!

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