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Pain in the right side of the back - reasons and treatment

Almost everyone knows that any back painbrings a lot of discomfort. The movements are hampered, the posture is disturbed, the mood spoils and a headache appears. It is especially difficult when you do not know the reasons for these unpleasant sensations. After all, such a symptom, like pain on the right in the back, can be a consequence of many diseases.

When establishing the cause, the most frequent diagnosisoverstrain of muscles. This type of disease is typical for people of older age. This is due to the lifting of heavy loads, uncomfortable posture in a dream or a sharp change in the position of the body. Pain is acute or chronic. At the same time, a person can not move, it hurts him to walk and sit.

Causes of pain

As was said above, there are many causes of pain. We will consider some of the most common diseases.

  • Violation of posture. It spreads among people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. When a person works, for example, at a computer, he does not notice that he is twisting his back. This strains the muscles, which is affected by severe pain in the right side. Also, the posture is disturbed because of an uncomfortable posture during sleep and walking.
  • Displacement of disks. The pain on the right in the back often arises from the inflammation of the nerves, which is caused by the displacement of the vertebral discs. If you do not use qualified treatment, then the disease progresses and there is a big risk of earning a disability.
  • Irritation of the intestine. Intestinal disorders create problems in the colon, which can cause aching pain at the bottom of the back to the right or left. Violations are the consequences of malnutrition or hormonal disorders.
  • Herniated disc. The resulting disease causes severe discomfort. Pain during walking, coughing or laughing, back extension and other activities. Mostly, the hernia is observed in males aged 40-50 years. The pains at the bottom of the back to the right abate in a horizontal position.
  • Kidney diseases. If there is a pathology of the kidneys, then the pain will be aching. Sometimes pain is felt in the navel, abdomen and hypochondrium. The presence of kidney stones is also accompanied by pain in the back, but not very strong. There is pain in the back, right side or left periodically covers discomfort.
  • Obesity. Excess weight can cause discomfort and pain. The person becomes inactive, constantly wants to lie down, the muscles are affected by subcutaneous fat. In addition, internal organs suffer. The disease progresses mainly in women.
  • Diseases of the urinary system. Pain on the right in the back is accompanied by difficulty in urination.


Often, if there is a stretching of the muscles, the painpasses itself. But if it drags on, does not bring relief with pain medication and limits movement, then qualified help is needed. If the patient is confident that he does not have serious illnesses, then the pain can be reduced by warming ointments and massage. It is necessary to create good blood circulation in the muscles of the back. But, when relief does not come, you need to contact specialists, it is possible that the pain on the right in the back arose due to the dislocation of the disks.

First of all, the diagnosis of internalorgans and X-ray of the lumbar part. Without identifying the cause, treatment can not be prescribed. Do not rely only on the experience of doctors who are familiar with this situation. Examination must be mandatory.

Based on the results of the survey,appropriate treatment is prescribed. The most important thing is not to delay to prevent complications and the development of the disease. It does not matter the cause and type of the disease. Only having got rid of a pain in a back, it is possible to return to a high-grade life.

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