/ Urakhus navel - what is this? Description, symptoms and treatment

Urakhus navel - what is this? Description, symptoms and treatment

Urakhus navel - what is it? The answer to this difficult medical question you will find in the materials of this article. Also we will tell you about what can cause the disease of such a peculiar organ, as it should be diagnosed and treated.

urahus navel what is it

General information, description of embryonic organ

Urakhus navel - what is this? The term (medical) is of Greek origin. As you know, it consists of two syllables, which are literally translated as "urine" and "poured."

Urakhus navel - what does this word mean? Another name for this organ is the "urinary duct". Specialists say that urahus is a tubular formation, which gradually develops in the embryo. It connects the anterior section of the bladder and the navel and is located between the peritoneum and the transverse fascia of the abdomen. Such an organ forms in the fetus from the upper part of the allantois. The latter is also an embryonic organ of respiration. This is a kind of embryonic membrane that develops from the ventral wall of the hindgut of the fetus. By the way, it is the allantois that participates in gas exchange with the environment and waste disposal.

Functions of the embryonic organ

Do you know what urahus is needed for?The navel? What is it? The photo of the education in question is presented in this article. According to experts, it is through this duct that the fetal urine is excreted into the amniotic fluid.

After five months of intrauterine lifethere is obliteration of the duct. It ends up at the immediate moment of birth (that is, 40 weeks of pregnancy). In this case, a median umbilical ligament is formed.

frontal cord

Abnormal development of the urinary duct

In what cases does the ura-like navel develop abnormally? What is it? The reasons for this deviation should be determined only by experienced specialists.

Under certain conditions, the duct in question does not overlap completely. As a result, the following anomalies are formed:

  • umbilical fistula;
  • bladder-navel fistula;
  • diverticulum of the bladder;
  • urachus cyst.

What are such deviations and how to treat them? We will tell about this right now.

Umbilical fistula (causes, symptoms, treatment)

This phenomenon is observed when the portion of the urachus is not inflated, which is in the navel region. Symptoms of a similar anomaly are manifested by wetting the wound.

What other signs are present in the umbilical fistula? Urakhus navel (what it is in adults, we will tell right now) when not infected, manifests itself in the form of redness, swelling of the skin around the navel and serous secretions that are observed in the umbilical fossa. In severe cases, they become purulent or bloody. It should also be noted that for this anomaly is characterized by an increase in the body temperature of the patient to 38-39 ° C.

urahus navel what's that photo

How to treat this disease? Inflammation of the navel requires urgent consultation of an experienced surgeon. If necessary, then bacteriological sowing is carried out. The method of treatment of this disease depends on the cause that caused the inflammation.

Usually, the umbilical fistula is treated by surgery.

Bubble-umbilical fistula: how to treat?

Such an anomaly is characterized by complete non-growth of the urachus. This species is characterized by regular excretion of urine from the wound.

The bladder fistula of the ukrainian navel is not treated with a conservative method. To eliminate such a pathological phenomenon, surgical intervention is required.

Diverticulum of the bladder (signs, therapy)

For such an anomaly is characterized by a sacciformprotrusion of the walls of the bladder. As a rule, congenital diverticula are single. They are located on the posterolateral wall and connect to the main cavity by means of a long neck.

Urajus navel what is it in adults

As for the acquired disease, then, as a rule, it is of a multiple nature.

How to eliminate the pathology of such a peculiarbody, like urahaus navel? What is it? Treatment of the diverticulum of the bladder is surgical, especially if it contributes to the retention of urine and is the cause of the development of cystitis. The operation forecast is favorable.

It should also be noted that the treatment tactics of the acquired diverticulum should include all measures that are aimed at eliminating the cause of the infravesical obstruction.

Urachus cyst

Now you know what constitutesurahus navel. What is it, we explained above. One of the most frequently developing abnormalities of this organ is the cyst. It is formed due to a partial non-growth of the embryonic urinary duct. In this case, in its middle part a cystic cavity is formed, which is subsequently filled with a mucous secretion.

When a urachus cyst is infected, a noticeable tumor forms in the lower abdomen. Also, the patient has pain, fever, dysuric disorders and symptoms of general intoxication.

With abscessing, such a pathological cavity can break into the bladder or abdominal cavity. Moreover, through the anterior abdominal wall it can come out, forming an umbilical fistula.

urahus navel what is this cure

How is the considered deviation diagnosed? Diagnosis of urachus cyst is carried out in the process of cystography, CT and ultrasound of the bladder.

When the disease is exacerbated, physiotherapeutic and antibacterial treatment is mandatory. After remission of the inflammatory process, excision of the cyst is indicated.

Recovery period

As mentioned above, the anomalous developmentUracus navel is not treated conservatively. Such a deviation can be congenital and acquired. In an acute period, surgical intervention is contraindicated. Usually, the operation is performed after the inflammatory process subsides.

Carry out procedures for excising cysts,diverticula and other things should only an experienced surgeon. In most cases, such operations are carried by patients well. The result is almost always favorable.

After a surgical procedure, the doctor mustinstruct the patient about the recovery period. The patient is forbidden to engage in manual labor and to lift weights. More time he should spend in bed, lying on his back. Also, the patient is prescribed a strict diet.

If all the doctor's recommendations are followed, placeExcision must successfully heal in the shortest possible time. If the patient feels pain and discomfort in the abdomen, then immediately go to the surgeon who performed the operation. The same applies to cases of discharge from the navel (blood, pus and other).

urahus navel what are the causes

To restore the patient as soon as possible, various vitamin and mineral complexes can be assigned to him.

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