/ Why there is a smell from the mouth of children. Causes

Why there is a smell from the mouth of children. Causes

Bad smell from the mouth - a pathology that bringsvery unpleasant sensations, not so much the owner of this smell, as the people around him. After all, in most cases, people do not even feel this smell, because the olfactory receptors of the nose, in the end, just get used to it. But the person standing next to him feels this perfectly, so he hurries to step aside, wrinkling his nose. Particularly relevant is the problem, like smell from the mouth, in children - because they have to communicate with their peers at school.

Smell from the mouth in children, causes

Causes of bad smell in both children and adults can be food or drinks. In particular, onions, garlic, corn, some cheeses and juices.

smell from the mouth in children

Dislike of oral hygiene is a direct cause of the problem. Irregular brushing of teeth leads to their destruction and gum disease.

Smell from the mouth of children, whose causes are lurking indry mouth, can be caused by the use of drops in the nose from allergies or colds. Night snoring and mouth breathing lead to dry mouth.

Studies conducted in 1999 by pediatricians,revealed that the main cause of bad breath from children is dry mouth or nasal cavity. Normal saliva secretion ensures the rinsing of decomposing food residues. If the moisture in the mouth is not enough, as during sleep, the mouth dries up. Dead cells adhere to cheeks and tongue, bacteria eat them, secreting toxins, and as a result an unpleasant smell is formed. That's why you should brush your teeth before going to bed. Then bacteria will have nothing to eat.

How to fight

odor from children's causes

Smell from the mouth in children, the causes of which areto food, disappears, if you remove the products provoking the problem from the child's diet. In addition, oral hygiene will have to be taken under total control, even if you have to stand side by side, until the child cleanses his teeth. Allow the child to buy himself a brush and paste in the store, usually it is interesting. Eliminate the smell from the mouth in children, whose causes are associated with alcohol or smoking, is more difficult. However, a teenager who is embarrassed to communicate with peers for this reason, can obey if properly explained to him about the causes of the problem. And the last thing: you need to monitor the condition of the child's teeth and visit the dentist regularly.

The reason for going to the dentist, andimmediate, become swollen and bleeding gums, staggering teeth and a smell from the oral cavity. Can accompany a foul smell temperature, sore throat, swelling and discharge from the nose, cough with phlegm. And even more so, you should go to the doctor if you suspect of diseases such as diabetes, liver and kidney disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease in combination with a bad odor from the mouth.


The people recommend

Eat the following foods: raw apples, apricots, parsley, celery. To apply rinsings from tinctures of fresh dill, sour, aira, bark of an oak, a St. John's wort. Good help broths of berries rowan, taken inside twice a day. The main thing is not to despair, not to be lazy and fight the problem. Good luck!

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