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Drug "Acriderm" (cream). Instructions

Drug "Akriderm" (cream) instructionCharacterizes as a means for external use of a combined type. The drug has antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory effect, has antiallergic effect.

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Betamethasone, which is part of the drug,has antipruritic, antiexudative effect. The component helps to slow down the accumulation of leukocytes, inhibit phagocytosis, inhibit the release of inflammatory mediators and lysosomal enzymes in the lesion, reduce the permeability of tissues and blood vessels, and prevent the development of edema. Clotrimazole, also part of the drug "Acriderm" -cream (the instruction confirms this), has antifungal effects. The mechanism of this activity is caused by disturbances in the synthesis of ergosterol - an integral part of the membrane of the fungal cell. Another component - gintamycin - is an antibiotic that has a fairly wide range of effects. The component is active against many gram-negative microbes.


Drug "Akriderm" (cream) instructionrecommends with dermatomycosis (including on the feet, in the groin area), dermatoses, accompanied by a secondary or primary infection. Indications include diffuse or limited neurodermatitis, pityriasis.

Cream "Acriderm". Instructions for use
cream acryderm instructions for use

It is recommended to apply a thin layer ofproblem area. Frequency of use - not more than twice a day (in the morning and evening hours). The duration of therapy is determined in accordance with the tolerability and effectiveness of the medication. Typically, the duration of the course is from two to four weeks.

Adverse Reactions

On the basis of using the "Acriderm" (cream)(the instruction warns about it) allergic dermatitis (contact), erythema, urticaria, furunculosis, hypertrichosis, perioral dermatitis, paresthesia can occur. Some patients have swelling, folliculitis, striae, telangiectasia, disorders in pigmentation, burning sensation, dry skin, atrophy of the cover. The medication can cause skin flaking, puffiness. On the grounds of too long use, there may be the emergence of adverse reactions of a systemic nature, in particular, suppression of the function of the adrenal cortex.

acryderm cream instruction


It is not recommended to use the medication whenchicken pox, during lactation, with herpes (simple type), skin syphilitic manifestations. No medication is prescribed for reactions after vaccination, at the age of up to one year, with perforation in the eardrum. Contraindications include open wounds, hypersensitivity. During pregnancy, the absolute safety of the drug is not established. In this regard, the appointment is made only by a specialist in the presence of life indications.

Means "Acriderm" (cream). Instructions. Price

The cost of the drug - from three hundred rubles.

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