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Karkade tea - the pressure is normal!

Since the days of the Egyptian pharaohs, teakarkade. The pressure can be normalized with this wonderful and fragrant drink. It is made from the petals of a plant such as hibiscus or, as it is called, the "Sudanese rose". This plant is known for its quite powerful stimulating and antioxidant properties, thanks to which the drink fully saturates the body with energy and helps to preserve youth for a long time.

Karkade tea has a sweet and sour taste. Especially popular this drink enjoys in the summer days, because it can be drunk both cold and hot. In Egypt, carcade is considered a national drink. It is also popular in the eastern countries.

The use of the carcade

Hibiscus has a number of useful properties. In its composition, a huge number of vitamins, acids and trace elements, necessary for a person to maintain vitality. Healing properties of karkade are scientifically proven. In the "Sudanese Rose" anthocyanins, special substances, where vitamin P in large quantities. He is responsible for the state of the vessels and the normalization of pressure. Tea karkade from high blood pressure is recommended to drink hot, and, conversely, at low pressure - in the cold. It can also be drunk during pregnancy.

A useful drink from the hibiscus petals is rich inantioxidants, which have an effective anti-aging effect. In addition, they reliably protect the body from the effects of free radicals, thereby preventing the emergence of tumors of benign and malignant nature.

Carkad tea is an excellent antipyretic. The Sudanese rose is also a wonderful spasmolytic.

A hibiscus drink is very effective aspreventive remedy for colds. In addition, it helps reduce cholesterol in the blood, is a means of protection from the dangerous toxic effects of alcoholic beverages, an excellent and effective antiseptic, has a strong antibacterial effect.

In folk medicine often use karkade tea: pressure lower / increase, treat heart failure, neuroses, gastritis with low acidity. Due to the absence of harmful oxalic acid in the carcade, it is allowed to drink it even for people with diseased kidneys and problems in the urinary system.

Miracle plant hibiscus possesses the property of activeexpel parasites. It is most useful to use the leaves of this plant that remained after brewing tea. They need to be chewed in small quantities. The therapeutic effect in this case does not decrease.

Karkade: the pressure can be normalized

Hibiscus has a unique property to influenceon blood pressure. The thing is that the tea carcade pressure reduces and raises. How is this possible? The temperature is just as important as drinking it. Hot drink pressure raises, and when cold reduces. That is why a drink from the Sudanese rose is recommended to hypertensive people for a non-medicinal natural pressure reduction and people with low blood pressure to support it in a normal stable state.

Anyone who drinks 3 cups of such tea a day,insured reliably against high pressure. This is the conclusion to which well-known American scientists came. They found out during the experiments that the flavonoids, anthocyanin and carbolic acid contained in the flowers of hibiscus not only reduce the pressure, but also have a good cleansing effect.


Before you start using karkade, you shouldto know that he has contraindications. With caution, it is worth to drink a patient with peptic ulcer and gastritis due to increased acidity of gastric juice. If the gallbladder is sick, also forget about the tea from the Sudanese rose. Do not get carried away by it and with urolithiasis. Do not recommend giving carcade to children under 1 year.

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