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Do you have an unpleasant smell of feet? How to get rid in simple ways: some recommendations

Perhaps only the tender heels of the babydiffer pristine freshness. But as soon as a person starts to wear shoes, a not quite pleasant smell of feet can arise. How to get rid of such "fragrances", most often associated with the quality of shoes and sneakers? After all, buying cheap shoes from questionable materials, we ourselves provoke the occurrence of side effects. But not always the reasons can be only in this, especially among the male half of the adult population. This article describes why there is an unpleasant smell of feet, how to get rid of it by folk methods and is it possible? But first let's talk about the prevention of the appearance of a dubious "fragrance".

the smell of feet how to get rid

Unpleasant foot odor: causes the problem

Scare away "aroma" is primarily due to excessive sweating. Therefore, you must first carefully observe the hygiene of the feet:

  1. Take a shower every day. And if you have an acute need, wash your feet more often, then always put on clean socks.
  2. Wear shoes according to the season. Agree that in summer tight-fitting shoes can be used only when absolutely necessary: ​​in situations involving dress code compliance. Also, the weak protection from cold in the winter is unfavorable.
  3. Air procedures. Effective measure of prevention and treatment of excessive sweating is the release at the first opportunity of the feet from the shoe. Arrange for your feet holiday: more often go barefoot.
  4. Give up artificial shoes. Natural materials, unlike artificial ones, have the property of "breathing", which will provide the legs with the necessary air circulation. The same applies to socks. Cotton and wool products easily absorb sweat, without creating any additional odors.
  5. Use deodorizing agents: foot fresheners, a special powder from sweat.
  6. Foot fungus can also cause unpleasantthe smell of feet. How to get rid of the consequences of the disease, the doctor will tell. It is not necessary to experiment by self-selection of drugs, so as not to aggravate the problem.

Unpleasant smell of feet: how to get rid with the help of trays

unpleasant odor of feet how to get rid

Recipe # 1

Take the flax seed and brew according to the specifiedon the packing instructions. Pour the infusion into a basin and dilute with warm water to such a volume that the legs dropped into the water are covered. Take a bath at night for ten minutes. Wipe the feet with a towel, without washing off the formed grassy "film".

Recipe No. 2

Antiseptic effect is provided by baths with barkoak. After the procedure, for about five to six hours, the smell of sweat will not be guaranteed. How to get rid of it most effectively? Find in the morning five to ten minutes of time for the practical application of this method. Brew the bark of oak strong concentration. Then clean the clean legs with a cooled solution obtained and after soaking, sprinkle with deodorizing talc.

unpleasant foot odor causes

The cause of the problem, besides increased sweating,can also be shoes, because of which there is a smell of feet. How to get rid and eliminate the "fragrances" of the material inside the shoes? Wipe the insole and the rest of the shoe, which comes in contact with the legs, with an alcohol solution and allow to dry completely!

A constant concern for hygiene is a guarantee of no unpleasant odors!

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