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Cream "Nizoral". Application.

Cream "Nizoral" is a synthetic product of external use with fungistatic and fungicidal action. The active substance of the drug is ketoconazole.

This broad-spectrum antifungal agentaction is a homogeneous white cream. In 1 gram of the drug contains 20 mg ketoconazole. The composition of the cream "Nizoral" includes: stearyl and cetyl alcohol, propylene glycol, sorbitan monostearate, isopropyl myristate, polysorbate, sodium sulfate, purified water.

The cream is released in tubes of 15 grams. The tubes are packed in cardboard boxes. On how to apply "Nizoral" cream, the instruction attached to the drug, tells in detail.

Cream "Nizoral" has an effect on dermatophytes,yeast and yeast-like fungi. The drug is especially effective against yeast Pityrosporum ovale, which are the cause of dandruff. Ointment quickly eliminates itching and flaking.

The drug is indicated for skin infections: epidermophytics of the feet, arms, body, inguinal region, skin candidiasis, seborrheic dermatitis, pityriasis, dermatomycosis of the skin.

With candidiasis skin, skin dermatomycosis, pityrious lichen, epidermophytosis of the inguinal region, feet, body, hands, "Nizoral" cream is applied once a day to the sore spot and the skin around it.

For the treatment of seborrhea, depending on the degreelesions, the cream is applied to the scalp 1 or 2 times a day. Apply the cream a few more days after the complete disappearance of dandruff. To maintain the result, the cream "Nizoral" is recommended to be used 1 or 2 times a week. If after four weeks of the application of the remedy is not recovered, you should again undergo a survey to clarify the diagnosis.

Treatment of the epidermophytosis of the feet continuesfour to six weeks, epidermophytosis of the inguinal region - two to four weeks, pityriasis deprivation - two to three weeks, dermatomycosis of the skin - three to four weeks, seborrheic dermatitis - two to four weeks.

"Nizoral" cream can cause a burn sensation,irritation, peeling, itching in the area of ​​application. Contact dermatitis is rarely observed. Most often, side effects are caused by propylene glycol or sodium sulfite.

Cream nizoral is contraindicated in cases of hypersensitivity to its components.

Nizoral cream may cause skin irritation ifBefore its use, corticosteroid ointments were used for a long time. In that case, steroids can not be canceled immediately. It is necessary to apply the first time corticosteroid ointment in the morning, and "Nizoral" ointment - in the evening. Gradually within two or three weeks, steroid treatment can be stopped.

Cream "Nizoral" can not be used to treat eye diseases.

During pregnancy and breastfeedingThe use of "Nizoral" cream is allowed under the supervision of a doctor. Special studies on the effect of cream on the developing fetus were not conducted. In non-pregnant women, when the cream "Nizoral" was applied to the entire skin surface, the concentration of ketoconazole was not detected in the blood.

The drug has no effect on the ability to control mechanisms and vehicles.

Cream "Nizoral" should not be applied in large quantities. Overdose can lead to swelling, erythema, a burning sensation. These symptoms disappear immediately after discontinuation of the drug.

The interaction of nizoral ointment with other drugs is not revealed.

Cream "Nizoral" should be stored at a temperature of 15 to 30 degrees above zero. Shelf life is 5 years.

How effective is Nizoral cream? Reviews of people who used the product for the treatment of skin infections and sebrea dermatitis, suggest that the drug does not help everyone the same way. Especially it concerns the treatment of seborrhea. Many people note the disappearance of dandruff after the first application. Some patients talk about getting used to the drug and reducing efficiency.

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