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On the skin a stain with a red rim: possible causes and characteristics of treatment

The condition of the skin as a mirror displaysgeneral condition of the body. Among the symptoms of many diseases there are all sorts of skin manifestations, and this allows you to notice the problem in time and cure as quickly as possible. For example, if you have a spot on your skin with a red rim, then this requires mandatory treatment to a dermatologist. The fact is that this symptom is characteristic of a number of diseases that require different types of treatment, and the longer you delay the visit to the hospital, the more difficult it will be to eliminate the problem.

skin stain with red rim

Possible reasons

A spot with a red rim appearing on the skin is a characteristic symptom of diseases, and in most cases infection with some type of fungus is diagnosed.

Here are the most common causes of skin lesions in the form of spots with pink or red trim:

  • fungal;
  • infectious and viral;
  • allergic;
  • endocrine and other.

It should be noted that different people have symptomsthe same disease may be more or less pronounced. For example, psoriasis can begin as fairly pronounced spots with a clear border of a contrasting color, but it quickly acquires the characteristic additional features. The affected surface of the skin begins to peel off with powdery flakes, somewhat reminiscent of oatmeal.

Skin Condition Monitoring

If the reason for the visit to the dermatologist wasA red stain on the skin with a red rim should be carefully observed for the accompanying symptoms. You may have noticed that new spots appear, the skin has begun to peel off, already fixed marks are constantly increasing, itching or changing color. What does the skin look like inside the spot, is there a recess or an inflamed weeping surface? If a spot appears in the scalp, does the hair fall out? All these are important additions that will help make the correct diagnosis.

a spot on the skin with a red rim itches

Fungal diseases

Often, fungal skin diseases are called onecommon word "lichen", but this is not entirely true. For example, lichen rosacea refers to inflammatory diseases of suspected viral origin, although the pathogen has not yet been identified, and its similarity to the same ringworm is very remote. An inexperienced eye does not reveal any special differences, but it is precisely for fungal diseases that a clear border is characteristic - there is a spot on the skin with a red rim, and the shape of the formations is round or oval.

Important nuance: if a fungus is affected, it can be noticed that after washing a lot of new spots appear. This is easily explained: the causative agent of the disease is not washed off with soap, but simply spreads to areas that have not been touched yet. Therefore, at the very beginning of treatment it is not recommended to take a bath or shower in order not to aggravate the situation.

Multicolored, ringworm, or lichen planus - allthese diseases are caused by fungi. In most cases, doctors prescribe a comprehensive treatment that combines external means in the form of ointments or sprays, and tablets of antifungal drugs of systemic action. Lamisil, Clotrimazole, Fluconazole and similar products.

a round spot on the skin with a red rim

Viral diseases

Some viral diseases have suchexpressive symptom like skin rash. For example, well-known herpes from time to time manifests itself in the form of grouped bubbles filled with a clear liquid, which soon becomes muddy and thick. However, this skin manifestation does not have a pronounced red border with a relatively pale middle.

Often a bright spot with a red rim on the skin.appears after tick bite. This is a sign of infection with the spirochaetes of Borrelia burgdorferi, which cause Lyme disease. So called tick-borne borreliosis. Recognizing such a bite is simple; it looks like a schematic target. Red and light circles can alternate, but at the site of the bite there remains a pronounced red spot, the middle of the “target”.

Only special tests can determine whichthe cause has caused skin manifestation. Antifungal drugs are ineffective in the treatment of viral and bacterial infections. Therefore, before buying ointment at the pharmacy on the advice of the seller, it is better to check with the dermatologist what kind of pathogen is at fault.

pink spot with red rim on the skin

Allergic reactions

Urticaria - skin reaction to anyallergen. Such a reaction is purely individual, but if the spot on the skin with a red rim itches, it really can be a common allergy. Most often, the spot is not pronounced round shape, and more blurred, can be placed anywhere, it depends on the substance that caused the reaction. For different allergens, the reaction may appear on different parts of the skin, with a pronounced bezel is quite rare, but such symptoms are not excluded.

Why go to a dermatologist?

Visual self-test is pretty unreliableyou can be misled and take on the long-term and hopeless treatment of symptoms. Sometimes you can accidentally guess, and then the treatment will work, but is it worth it to arrange a lottery of your own health?

white spot with a red rim on the skin

For the diagnosis of fungal diseases, for example,a comprehensive study of scraping under a microscope is carried out, and material is examined in the rays of a fluorescent lamp with a Wood filter. In severe cases, the culture of the fungus obtained by scraping is sown in an artificial nutrient medium - this allows determining the type of pathogen with a high degree of accuracy and selecting an effective treatment.

Yes, at first glance a white spot with redrim on the skin resembles some types of lichen, sometimes it looks like young psoriatic plaques. But the final diagnosis with the selection of drugs should make a specialist in dermatology.

Recipes of traditional medicine

If you have a round spot on your skin withred rim, in this case, traditional medicine recommends the use of natural remedies. With ringworm, the spots are moistened abundantly with vodka infused with crushed garlic. In various combinations, alcohol and garlic are used to treat any skin manifestations.

Natural birch tar is part ofmany medicines. Lubricating plaque depriving can be, as pure tar, and mixed with egg white. The same tool is used for weeping eczema, which is sometimes mistaken for lichen. But nicotine gum from the smoker's pipe, which is also called healing, in fact can only cause a severe allergic complication. The reputation of the drug resin received solely because of the external similarity with the tar.

Medicinal herbs are recommended lotions of decoction or infusion of a train, pharmacy chamomile, calendula. You can use fresh juice of viburnum, garlic, celandine, sea buckthorn oil.

bright spot with a red rim on the skin

Pharmaceutical preparations

If we consider that many folk remedieshave a pungent smell or stain clothes, that is, it makes sense to turn to pharmaceutical drugs specifically designed for dermatological diseases. If the doctor confirmed that the pink spot with a red rim on the skin is actually the result of a fungus attack, then it is better to give preference to antifungal agents.

Lamizil ointment or spray works enoughquickly, well helps from almost all types of lichen. Traditional Clotrimazole works best in the initial stage of the disease. If the situation is running, then a systemic treatment is prescribed, when, in parallel with external agents, it is necessary to take antifungal drugs in pills. In some cases, it is recommended to combine reception of "Fluconazole" or "Clotrimazole" with hepatoprotectors, which will reduce the risk of an inhibitory effect on the liver.

Red spots of infectious nature are treatedantibiotics, and if they are caused by a virus, antiviral drugs are prescribed for systemic use. Allergic reactions are primarily a symptom, so antihistamines that affect the very cause of the disease state are necessary, although not sufficient. The first step is to eliminate contact with the allergen. Finally, if an endocrine cause is found to cause a skin reaction, it is necessary to treat the root cause, rather than focusing on cosmetic problems.

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