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New Opel Antara: specifications and general description

In the last modification of the car "Opel Antara"technical characteristics, external and internal design have changed significantly. Thanks to the use of the latest technology in the chassis, the car has become more reliable and powerful. Both on the highways and off-road conditions, the car behaves very confidently, even overcoming heavy road obstacles. The car does not look aggressive at all, despite the fact that its exterior design is dominated by clear and verified lines. The high comfort of the driver and his passengers is largely due to the use of high-quality materials in the interior decoration, high thoughtfulness of even small strokes and ergonomics of the model. The cost of the car depends on the configuration and starts from the mark of 1,020 million rubles.

Opel Antara 2013


The new "Opel Antara" technicalthe characteristics of the engines can not leave indifferent even demanding motorists. The line of power units of the novelty is presented in three variants. The first and smallest of them is the diesel 2,2-liter "diesel", which develops 184 horsepower. The second engine is a gasoline unit with a volume of 2.4 liters and a capacity of 170 "horses". The maximum engine for the model is a 249-strong unit, the volume of which is three liters. All three options are paired with a six-stage box. In this case, the first and last of them - only with "automatic", and the average - depending on the wishes of the buyer. One can not but note the fact that the Opel Antara model has the technical characteristics of the power units fully in line with the Euro-5 ecological standard.

Opel Antara technical characteristics


The novelty is equipped with a number of programs designedeasier and more comfortable to control the machine, and improve safety. The driver's seat has eight levels of electrical adjustment, which functions even while driving. Due to special sensors, the passing beam in the car can be switched on automatically. A similar principle of operation has climate control. Among other things, the Opel Antara 2013 boasts a modern multimedia system with a touch screen monitor. An important innovation in it was the function of conducting telephone conversations via Bluetooth without lifting the handset and distracting the driver from the road. The navigation system is also integrated here.

Opel Antara owner reviews


The car "Opel Antara" technicalThe characteristics would not be so impressive if it were not for the all-wheel drive system. Its management is electronic. Provided that the car is quietly moving on a flat road surface, the effort from the motor is transmitted only to the front wheels. As soon as the situation on the road deteriorates (there is off-road or slippery area), the all-wheel drive automatically turns on. Moreover, the force is distributed evenly between the axes. During the descent, the DCS system maintains the specified engine speed. All this makes the crossover "Opel Antara" very popular. The feedback of the owners of the novelty is a clear proof of the high level of technical and comfortable characteristics of the car.

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