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Passenger cars: brands, characteristics

What is a utility cars today? Huge van, able to carry the maximum load with a minimum of amenities? And no! A modern utility vehicle provides maximum convenience for commercial use - not only a tool, but also a brigade can be delivered to the work site. Ten years ago there were almost no players on the market. And if earlier Gazelle was a monopolist, now the market has been filled up with imported cargo-passenger vans. Consumer demand revealed several of the most powerful models, and they will be discussed in the article.

Mercedes-Benz Vito

Utility vehicle "Mercedes Vito" includesthe best qualities of commercial vehicles and cars. This small-looking van possesses the maneuverability of a passenger car, while maintaining a decent load capacity. There is always a place for tools and materials in its body - the size of the cargo compartment reaches 4.5 m3. You can choose a different cabin configuration, and then the capacity will increase to 7.4 m3. To ensure the safety of the cargo being carried, there are attachment points in the roof frame, in the floor and on the sidewalls of the body.

utility vehicles

The salon of the new van "Mercedes Vito" is made incompliance with corporate standards and more like a passenger car than a commercial vehicle. Here you can find comfortable armchairs with armrests, navigation with a huge screen and nice plastic panels.


The engine range consists of several diesel models:

  • Four-cylinder turbodiesel volume of 1.6 liters. Engine power: 88 or 114 hp
  • The next modification of the diesel engine received a 2.2-liter engine. Engine power: 136, 163 or 190 hp

cargo vans

The car can be equipped with both mechanical and automatic transmission at 6 and 7 levels, respectively. There are three types of drives to choose from, and this is how the plant recommends them to choose:

  • If the owner does not plan to carry heavy loads and wants to get an economical car for reasonable money, then his choice will be front-wheel drive.
  • For transportation of heavy loads, as well as for dynamic driving, Mercedes recommends choosing a rear-wheel drive.
  • If commercial activity is conducted not only in areas with asphalt, then the plant recommends the all-wheel drive version.

Two modifications are intended for our country: a minibus and a van. The starting price for a minibus starts from 1,442,000 rubles, and for a van you will have to pay at least 1,185,000 rubles.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Classic

The time-tested model will remain inthe price lists of the Russian branch of Mercedes are still long - it was about such plans that the head of the Russian branch of Mercedes-Benz Vance Soren Heze said. The reasons lie in the devaluation of the ruble. In order not to lose the price race, the company decided in 2014 to maximize the localization of this model. Body and plastic panels, as well as engines are assembled in Russia - in Yaroslavl and Nizhny Novgorod. This has increased the market share for the company, and for consumers it provides an opportunity to restrain prices during their general increase.

passenger minibus

Despite its age, it is a cargo-passengercars are constantly being updated, designed specifically for Russia. Thus, the frame and suspension of the car were enhanced to increase reliability. Part of the design has been facilitated. And from January 1, 2016, in Yaroslavl, they will assemble engines for this model that meet the Euro-5 standards. Mercedes passenger utility is now localized at 60%. But is it possible to add something else to this car? Utility minibus can only be equipped with rear wheel drive.


You can choose from two engines with a volume of 2.2 liters and a capacity of 109 or 136 horsepower. Salon, as is usually the case with a cargo-passenger cars, 6-seater.

"Ford Transit 460"

The model "Transit" from "Ford" is not a legendonly in Russia, but throughout the world. It is so legendary that the company often produces commemorative charged models that set records on race tracks. Engaged in this is the English branch of Ford. After 14 years of production, it is time to release a new model. Now the car is made in the general corporate style - grille in the manner of "Aston Martin".

Cargo bay volume increased by 10%compared with the previous modification and now is 10 cubic meters. The manufacturer made the salon of the passenger-and-freight Ford as close as possible to the passenger model: a lot of cupholders, interesting design of chopped forms, unusual dashboard fonts - all this, in theory, should brighten up everyday work. Seat adjustment is fully electric, and the material itself is durable, however, slippery. Ford Utility has two huge shelves in the roof above the driver's seat, plus two places for bottles, plus cup holders and other hiding places for small items. There are also huge wardrobe trunks in the doors and a jack in the footboard.

Mercedes Utility

The layout of the cabin was a success - nowa lot of things can be folded into drawers and shelves, and they will not get lost and spoil the look of the cabin. A lot of things are included in the standard package: ABS, lift assistance system, steering wheel recorder, ESP and other “gadgets”.


Only one modification is available with a 2.2-liter engine and 125 hp. Equipped with this model only 6-step mechanics. The price level starts from 1 974 000 rubles.

Volkswagen Krafter Combi

In the family of cargo vans "Volkswagen"The 2016 model lineup has been updated. Volkswagen Crafter is a logical continuation of the low-end line of the Transporter, the first commercial car of this brand, which is loved by everyone in the world, especially hippies. But this is a player of medium weight, and the market asks the manufacturer of heavyweight, and Volkswagen has something to answer. “Crafter” was not the first to enter the market, so Volkswagen had time to take into account all the shortcomings and failures of its competitors in order to produce a model capable of regaining a place in this tough market.

The machine, first published in 2006,immediately fell in love with Europeans, and a little later, and the domestic consumer. The current generation of Volkswagen cargo and passenger has become synonymous with reliability, power and comfort for passengers. Owners reviews about interior noise insulation and build quality are always full of laudatory words. And this is true: in the decoration high-quality plastic is used, and for an extra charge you can upholster the ceiling with a soft cloth that will play the role of additional sound insulation. For long and medium versions, a wide side door with a length of 1300 mm is available - this allows you to comfortably climb back or carry wide materials.

cargo and passenger Volkswagen

The first impression is huge! Salon passenger van, designed for 7 seats, is particularly spacious due to the almost vertical tilt of the seatbacks. It is a pleasure to enter the van - the sliding door, having moved aside, opens just the royal passage to the car. By ordering a high roof, you can get a lot of space above your head. In such a machine, "breathe" easier. Adjustment has only the driver's seat, around which there are many niches and cupholders. A separate option can be installed additional heating or air conditioning, as well as a huge hatch in the front of the body. Utility "Volkswagen" is made in three wheelbases - short, medium and long. You can also order a high roof. The mass of the van is 3.5 tons (or 5 tons in the long version).


Two engines of 2 liters are available -108 and 163 hp turbo-diesel and biturbo-diesel respectively. This whole set of options makes the Crafter one of the best choices for commercial activities.

Ford Utility

Judging by the dynamics of changing models, you canto notice that cargo-passenger vans cause an increase in power and at the same time a decrease in the engine displacement of the engine. The sizes of cars grow also - they become longer and higher. The average passenger minibus of today exceeds in volume of the body any model of 20 years old.

A lot of attention of manufacturers is given to comfort.driver and passengers. A modern utility vehicle no longer appears without a multimedia filling and high-class interior trim materials. All this suggests that it becomes easier and more pleasant to operate such machines.

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