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Maintenance and repair of motor transport

For trouble-free operation of the car duringof the entire period of operation, each car owner should from time to time carry out a set of certain works relating to the nature and purpose of the two groups:

- work aimed at maintaining the nodes of working mechanisms and units in working condition for a long period of operation;

- work aimed at establishing mechanisms, units and aggregates of machines.

Therefore, maintenance and repair of road transport in the first case is preventive, and in the second - recovery.

In our country works a preventive-plannedsystem of compulsory maintenance and repair of the car. Its meaning is that the maintenance and repair of cars are carried out and according to the plan and on demand.

Maintenance (maintenance) of the car -electrotechnical and regulating, refueling, lubricating, fastening, control and diagnostic, cleaning and washing, as well as many other types of work that are often performed without removing from the car certain mechanisms, assemblies and dismantling of units. However, if during maintenance, the complete serviceability of the individual components remains questionable, they are removed from the vehicle and checked on specialized stands and devices.

Periodicity of maintenance directlydepends on the list and complexity of repair of a motor vehicle and its units. That cars are divided into several types: seasonal, first and second, as well as daily maintenance.

The current legislative actsmaintenance and repair of road transport and its units is provided for in two types - capital, carried out at special enterprises, and current, which is carried out at motor transport enterprises.

In each of the types of maintenance are strictly established operations (work), which must necessarily be carried out. These operations are divided into executive and control components.

The performance part is often performed onneeds, and the control part of the work, which is often called diagnostic, is mandatory. This helps to significantly reduce both labor and material waste for the maintenance and repair of road transport.

Diagnostics - part of the technological process of routine maintenance and maintenance of cars, which provides a general picture of the state of the machine.

Daily maintenance and repair of road transport (if necessary) must be carried out every day on the return of the car from the work line. It includes:

- control and examination work on all major systems and mechanisms that are responsible for safe movement, as well as lighting devices, cabin and bodywork;

- washing and cleaning and wiping and drying operations, as well as refueling the machine with coolant, compressed air, oil and, of course, fuel.

Car washing is carried out on demand.

Current repairs are performed at service stations and at trucking enterprises. It consists in the elimination of minor faults, as well as the failure of the machine.

During current repair, the replacement of the units by the car occurs when the repair time of the unit is longer than the period necessary to replace it.

Capital repair of the car or unitassumes a complete disassembly of the parts and components that are trying to repair, and if necessary replace. After that, the aggregates are collected, tested and sent to the assembly.

For the entire lifetime of a full-sized car often undergoes one major overhaul.

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