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Funny inscriptions on cars (photo)

Inscriptions on cars are not uncommon. To date, many people decorate their cars. It can be ordinary stickers that cost a hundred or two rubles, or expensive airbrushing, which looks very impressive and expensive. There are many options, and I would like to briefly tell about all of them.

car inscriptions

Why is this necessary?

The first step is to say that the dataunofficial statistics say: every second motorist would not mind to transform his car and decorate it with some kind of inscription or original design.

But why is this necessary? The answer will always be the same - because you want. Everyone has his own reasons. Someone wants to be noted and distinguished in this way, for example. Others are so self-expressing.

However, there is one small and interesting nuance. The fact is that if a person made aerography, he not only gave individuality to his car, but also protected him from various kinds of damage. In particular, from small scratches. Because airbrushing involves the processing of the body with a special film, which not only looks nice, but also protects the car.

By the way, it is still believed that such bright carsimmediately acquire invisible protection from theft. After all, the machine, on the surface of which is applied, say, a 3D-carbon layer, is very striking and clearly stands out in the flow of other cars. So the hijackers will think a hundred times before deciding on breaking such a car. So this is also quite a useful thing, and not just an ornament.

Determine the choice

If a person has decided that he needs bright andcolorful inscriptions on the machine, then he will have to contact the appropriate workshop. It is a complex and creative process that is not based on one or two stages.

Initially, the customer will have to decide on thevariant of the inscription on the machine. If you want not just some kind of phrase or words, but to make it all out in an interesting sketch, then it's worth mentioning this to the master. He definitely has several albums with a variety of options. By the way, you can easily change it to your taste. The master will necessarily consult the customer about this.

inscriptions on the car

The process of drawing an image

When the sketch is selected and all the nuancesagreed, the most important thing will begin. This is the preparation of the car for the procedure. Remove the handles, shpatlyuyut body surface, perform processing with a metal skin. Then they put the foundation - the background of the future image. And after that the car starts to engage a professional artist. The most important and difficult part. The inscriptions on the machines, photos of which are presented in the article, is a true work of art. They can exist separately or together with a drawing. This is sometimes an entire composition, which the master paints in the smallest details in several layers, and then covers with varnish. And the result is spent time and money, because it turns out a true work of aerographic art.

For people with a sense of humor

The inscriptions on the machines can be different. Highly artistic (which was mentioned a little above) or ordinary. People who do not want to shell out for airbrushing, usually just buy stickers and define them later on the side windows of the car (or back). Funny inscriptions on cars are very popular today. Some of them can be seen below.

"Do not follow me - I'm lost!"," This is not dirt - it's sweat! "," Oka - the capsule of death! "," Good asphalt on the road does not roll! "," Catch up - get married! P.S. The registration is, the fur coat is there, the head does not hurt "- these are just a few examples of such positive phrases that many people decorate their cars. Some feel it's pointless to put this on your car, but sometimes it looks really funny.

funny inscriptions on the car


It is not a secret for anyone that even in the XXI centurycentury there are a lot of different jokes about the girls-drivers. Why they appeared is unknown. The fact remains: many women drive great. But some of them are not averse to making fun of themselves. Therefore, quite often on the rear windows of their cars you can see various funny inscriptions. For example: "Beware! Just got the right - most scary! ". Or: "Sorry, driving a girl! P.S. Nerve cells are not restored. "

But the irony is that most often these inscriptions are seen on the cars of those ladies who are quite decent cope with driving.

Warning labels

All at least once, but they saw different "shoes" onglasses of the car, exclamation marks and so on. These are specially invented signs designed to warn other drivers to show a certain indulgence towards the novice drivers and just to people who decided to warn the others who are behind the wheel. But enterprising motorists decided to transform the existing templates. There were inscriptions "Caution! Behind the wheel the tankman! ", Enclosed in a warning triangle, inside of which a man in the tank is also drawn, and the shoe acquired support:" The girl behind the wheel is the goddess! Passengers pray, and pedestrians are baptized ... ".

car inscriptions photo


Inscriptions on cars are often thematic. For example, a man was going to sell his car. And the machine is really good! So why not paste something like this: "Selling! With one hand, the steering wheel, I wipe the other tears. " Not only looks original, but also is a good marketing move. People are attracted to something extraordinary.

"Bold, low - Russian pelvis!"- often this can be found on, say," planted "Lada. Especially on the "Prior". On old "Ikarus" organically looks something like this: "Do not overtake - offensively." Often there are funny inscriptions on cars in which jokes over girls-drivers are clearly traced, for example: "Be careful, my wife can be behind the wheel!". Positive gifts and phrases glued to old cars. For example, on "Zaporozhets": "Dried Cadillac - just add water!". There is also a funny inscription on the car, which consumes a lot of fuel. And look phrases glued to the glass or body, usually like: "The Devourer of gasoline."

And, of course, has not been done in our modern worldwithout jokes on the Russian car industry. "The killer of foreign cars," "I went to" Aston Martin "- I did not like it ...", "Food as I can!" - these are popular today with funny inscriptions on the car. In general, there are many options, and the list is constantly replenished, because people with a sense of humor in our country a lot, and everyone is not tired of inventing something of their own.

 inscriptions on the glass machine

Political jokes

They say that it is necessary to laugh at problems,which we care about. It's hard not to agree with the fact that now most Russians are concerned about the crisis, sanctions and the ruble exchange rate. Or rather, puzzled. But, well, the enterprising inhabitants of the great power turned this topic into a joke. One of the most popular inscriptions on the cars was the following: "I do not drive Obama!", As well as all such expressions connected with the American president who imposed sanctions on Russia. By the way, they too did not remain without attention. On cars began to glue a large inscription "Anti-sanction", as a rule, executed against a wide strip of tricolor. Many people even turned it into a whole picture-sketch - next to it began to glue bears, the silhouette of the Crimean peninsula and other symbolic images. Positively, with humor and reflects the Russian spirit - it's no wonder why such stickers quickly became popular.

 funny inscriptions on cars photo

For special people

Many of the inscriptions on the machines that we canto notice, when they pass by, carry a special meaning. And we are not talking about the logical load (which is typical of profound quotations or aphorisms, which, oddly enough, are also often glued to the rear window or body). It means that there are such inscriptions that are a slogan or "code" for a certain community, for example.

Do not go far, you can take as an examplethe largest automobile community in the whole of Russia and the CIS. It is widely known as "Smotra.ru". Or just Smotra. The name comes from the observation platform, located in Moscow, on Vorobyovy Gory. It is there that usually get together street racing and lovers of good cars.

"Smotry" has its own logos, and the communityshares stickers with his participants. This is either a pit bull, or a silhouette of Moscow buildings, or two sedans standing in the background of the building of the Moscow State University. And, of course, not infrequently everything is accompanied by the inscription Smotra. These stickers are very popular, and they look really stylish and organic. In addition, the car, whose owner has placed such inscriptions on the glass of the car, you can understand that its owner is related to the largest automobile movement. Maybe he's an amateur fan or a real street racing. Actually, having looked at the make and model, it will turn out to determine it by yourself.

funny car inscriptions

Aluminum stickers

Such interesting accessories (in other words, theirit is unlikely to be called) are also popular. They look beautiful and stylish - the metal shine will successfully complement the image of any car. A universal option! Only here you need to find the right one. Although sometimes it looks very ridiculous to see the nameplate BRABUS or AMG on, say, some "Zaporozhets". Owners who do this, obviously have a good sense of humor.

Now, by the way, in many places you can buyseparate aluminum or chrome letters. English, Russian - whatever. Many acquire a whole alphabet (and often not in one copy) and compose entire phrases, fixing them later on the wing, bonnet, bumper or glass. Or, where the model is usually indicated (on the rear bumper), they fix their name, let's say. In fact, it's the same sticker. Only similar inscriptions on the rear window of the car look not so effective and expensive.

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