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The starter relay is not working. What to do?

Many motorists observed such a picture,when the engine of their car did not start for a reason not clear to them. We are talking about problems with the starter, when when turning the key, we do not hear or feel the operation of the device, but only incomprehensible clicks coming from under the hood of the car. Do not be afraid, because these sounds come from the retractor relay starter, which is in a faulty state (if the starter clicks, but does not twist, there is simply no other fault). In principle, this is a common failure not only for domestic cars, but for cars with a worldwide reputation. Unfortunately, this situation can be corrected only with a significant improvement in the design of the starter.

So, before you learn how to make repairs inGiven the situation, you need to understand what the retractor starter relay is? In fact, it is an electromagnet that, when supplied with a direct current, is driven according to the laws of electromagnetic induction. This is necessary in order for the overclocking coupler of the starter, popularly called bendiksom, to enter into reliable engagement with the flywheel of the engine and rotate it to start the engine. Naturally, if there are any problems in this circuit, then the engine will not be started either, at least with the help of a starter. On the other hand, the overrunning clutch can not be in constant connection with the flywheel, since it is physically impossible.

Now a few words about what a starter is? From the point of view of electrodynamics, it is the most common electric motor, but its peculiarity lies in the fact that it uses a relatively high current at relatively low speeds, namely about 350 A. It is achieved by using two windings on a stator and a rotor with a special selection of the number of turns and of the cross-sectional area of ​​the wire. And such a large current is necessary so that through the flywheel it is possible to turn the crankshaft of the engine and start it. That's why a starter can not work for a long time, and he needs rest.

Now as to the malfunction. It should be remembered that it is not the starter itself that is working, but the retractor relay of the starter, so you need to repair it. For this it is necessary to check the charge of the battery in the first stage, since a weak charge can also lead to such clicks. Next, you need to check the mass of the body and engine, as well as the reliability of fastening the battery terminals. If all these moments leave no doubt, then from the visual checks you can still inspect the starter attachment to the engine, as sometimes the bolts on it weaken, which leads to an unstable mass.

If the fault is still not present, thenit is necessary to remove the device and detach the starter retractor from it. In cases where this relay can be disassembled and collected several times, it is necessary to disassemble it and check the contents for deformation and burning. If the power bolts ("pyataks") burned, they can be cleaned and reassembled. Basically, the reason for the click of the relay is this, since the power bolts are constantly in contact and their burning is a natural process. Also, the power cable that goes from one of the windings to the retractor relay of the starter can burn out.

In this case, you need this power cablecarefully clean, solder in the place of burning and, if possible, solder it. This operation is better done in repair shops, although at home this operation is quite feasible. If it is not possible to solder, or if the insulating winding of a given power cable is severely damaged, then the entire starter should be disassembled (but this breakage is extremely rare).

Now you know some subtleties and nuances atmalfunctioning starter and retractor relay. If you want and with an elementary tool, this problem can always be corrected. But that this does not happen, try not to turn on the starter for a long time, especially in the winter!

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