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Fur: ​​length of different types of trailer

This article will tell you about the basic characteristics of the trucks. We will consider their sizes, types and types. In addition, your attention will be given a table with the main characteristics of the machines.

General information

The vulgar name "wagon" meanslarge-capacity car with a semitrailer. This name takes its roots from the German name of a freight cart with horse traction. Employees of transport companies, forwarders operate with more specific definitions - "awning for ... tons", "refrigerator", etc. or a neutral name "car", if the car's characteristics are known to the customer and there is no misunderstanding with him.

Cargo semi-trailers, eurofuries: overall dimensions and description

wagons length

To transport volumetric goods to largedistances in the shortest possible time often resort to transportation by trucks. The carrying capacity of these machines reaches 24 tons, while the truck has a length of 15 meters.

Eurofury, or tilt semitrailers

trailer trailer length

Eurofuries are universal semi-trailers,which are most often used to transport goods up to twenty thousand kilograms. The device of this type of machines provides for the dismantling of the awning, the sides, the removal of the rack for the possibility of loading long loads on the side of the car (if necessary, the frame can be disassembled in its entirety). Therefore, wagons of the type described are the most common and are used for various modes of transportation - from transportation through the city to international routes of cargo movement. This type of waggon has a length of about fourteen meters.

Isothermal van

length of a wagon with a towing vehicle

It should be noted that the van is used forTransportation of goods without strictly adhering to the temperature while driving. It only allows you to keep the initial temperature of the cargo for a short amount of time, and therefore it does not have the ability to maintain a constant temperature during long journeys over long distances. For an isothermal van, the wagon length will be of the order of thirteen to fifteen meters.


length of standard wagon

If to be more precise in the definition, thenThe refrigerated semi-trailer is a vehicle equipped with refrigeration equipment with an automation system, by means of which the specified temperature during transportation is maintained inside the body. The length of the trailer of the refrigerator van can be about thirteen to fourteen meters.

Unlike isothermal trucks, where only the bodythermally insulated, refrigerators have additional refrigeration equipment with an automation system to maintain the desired temperature inside the body.

A rigid van is far from universalvehicle, since it has no possibility of top or side loading, which leads to a rather rare use of this mode of transport. For a rigid van for a European type of waggon, the length is 13.2-13.6 meters.

Table of the basic characteristics of the trucks

Specifications and length of the standard waggon, depending on the type, for the convenience of readers are presented in the table:

Name of the trailer or road train

Length of waggon with towing vehicle, m

Volume, cube. m


«Eurofury 82»



Is a standard semi-trailer with awning

"Eurofura 86"



Is a standard semi-trailer with awning

Eurofura 90



Is a standard semi-trailer with awning

Eurofura 92



Is a standard semi-trailer with awning

Foam "Jumbo"



There is an L-shaped floor base that refers to trailers with a so-called broken frame equipped with semi-trailer wheels of reduced diameter




It is a standard semi-trailer with a large awning


van 7,1 + trailer 8,0


Is a vans with a trailer


wagon 8,0 + trailer 8,0


Is a vans with a trailer




It is a semi-trailer equipped with a refrigeratingequipment with an automation system capable of maintaining the temperature within -20 ° C to +12 ° C all the time of transportation, which will not depend on the ambient temperature

Isothermal van



The walls of the van are thermally insulated, which allows maintaining the initial temperature inside the semitrailer during transportation for a short time

Platform frame



Used for transportation of heavy objects

Open platform



Used to transport containers

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