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DVR Mio: description, technical specifications, reviews

Every motorist is familiar with the benefitsvideo recorders. Annually in Russia there are more than 150 thousand road and transport incidents. Video monitoring is able to prevent significant material expenses for the repair of a car injured in an accident. One of the leaders of this segment is the company Mio Technology, which is known for its quality and affordable products. About DVRs Mio and will be discussed in this article.

history of the company

The history of Mio Technology originates from2002 in Taiwan. From the very beginning, the company chose as its field of activity the creation of high-tech navigation devices. GPS-navigators, compact computers for cars and video recorders have become the main business of Mio. And the company has succeeded in this.

mio video recorder

In 2003, Taiwanese engineers were the first in the worldthey released a handheld computer with a satellite navigation system. This product glorified Mio and brought it the status of the fastest growing company. In 2004, representative offices were opened in Europe, Japan, Australia and America. The main office is located in Taipei City. In 2011, the market appeared registrars series Mio MiVue, which still remain in the top of sales. Currently, Mio Technology is one of the most successful companies in its field. Its products are sold in 56 countries, and the staff exceeds 1700 people. Simple software and a large number of different functions make the Mio DVRs indispensable for motorists.


Producers of "Mio" do not focus on quantityfunctions in their devices, but on simplicity of operation, minimalistic design and high-quality video shooting. Combining many years of experience in this narrow field together with the latest technological achievements, they have received a product of high quality, convenient and enjoyable in use - DVRs Mio.

Here are the main characteristics of the models of this company:

  • Viewing angle - 110-140 degrees (depending on the model);
  • memory - microSD cards with a capacity of 4 to 128 GB;
  • built-in battery;
  • technology SmartAlerts (warning of approaching the cameras);
  • Full HD video format;
  • high-aperture optics with a diaphragm up to 1/8;
  • the possibility of disconnecting the device and its autonomous operation;
  • the "Photo" mode;
  • function GShok - recording a 30-second video if a hit occurs;
  • function of motion sensors on some models;
  • touch screen (on later models).

video recorder mio 518

Among the series produced by the company, we can distinguish the following popular models:

  • MiVue 688 has the highest qualityresolution, supports SuperHD format, has a built-in GPS-navigator. A special "chip" of this model is the ability to manage registrar files using the phone via WiFi.
  • MiVue C330. The viewing angle of 130 degrees and high-speed optics allow you to shoot motion even in difficult conditions. Has the function of warning about the cameras speed control and shock sensor. If there is a concussion, the device starts recording a file that is not erasable.
  • The MiVue C325 has all the advantages of previous models: high image quality, wide viewing angle, built-in battery and support for memory cards up to 125 gigabytes.

Pros and Cons of Products

As with any product, the Mio DVRs have their strengths and weaknesses. The pluses are:

  • friendly interface;
  • Full HD video resolution;
  • high-aperture optics;
  • possibility of viewing records;
  • technology of recording on impact;
  • convenient fastening, with which you can easily and quickly detach the camera at any time;
  • wide viewing angle;
  • the ability to control files from your phone.

video recorder mio mivue 518

But if you are going to buy the products of thiscompany, you probably want to know about the mistakes made by the manufacturers. What are they? In particular, this is not a very good night shooting. Mio DVRs often obscure the image, making it too contrasting and obscure. On the second place there are problems with the battery. Many users sometimes reset the date and time, which makes it harder to keep track of the order of the video. The sound in the device also leaves much to be desired - constant screeching and interference accompany video recording. In spite of these flaws, DVRs are mostly good at their main task - to record and play video.

Video Recorder Mio MiVue 518

This representative of the popular line, whichwill help drivers to prove their innocence in a traffic accident. Made in the form of the right square, DVR Mio MiVue 518 immediately attracts the eye with its conciseness. The menu in it is pretty standard and intuitive. All important and unplayable videos are in a separate folder, so finding them is easy. The settings are standard, you can change them at your own discretion or leave the factory settings. Although the video in this model does not shine with a super-sharp image, the functionality and availability of the Mio 518 DVR, coupled with low cost makes it an indispensable assistant on the roads.

Model Mio 568

DVR Mio 568 - the most advanced inhis line. A 2.5-inch touch screen and a simplified menu allow you to take a photo or switch settings in a few touches. Very convenient is the ability to change the exposure of the screen with one touch, for example, if the bright sun shines in the eyes. Also, the DVR is equipped with a motion sensor. This useful feature allows the camera to record what is happening outside even in the absence of the owner, if it leaves the recorder on.

video recorders mio reviews

Model 568, thanks to its quality assembly and user-friendliness, deserved the "Product of the Year-2014" award under the CONSUMER ELECTRONICS & PHOTO EXPO.

Mio 588

DVR Mio 588 - another interestingdevice. This is one of the most popular models of the MiVue series. It is worth more than a DVR Mio 518 or 568. There are several reasons. The camera is equipped with a Sony Sensor, which provides the most vivid and contrasting colors on a 2.5-inch screen. The compact design of the traditional square shape with a bright red stripe pleases the eye. Optics in this model are an order of magnitude higher than the previous ones: the aperture in this small camera is equal to 1/8, which allows you to record video with high resolution, even at night. Unfortunately, the format of SuperHD in device is not provided, the maximum resolution is 1080P. All other parameters remain the same: a warning about tracking cameras, speed indicators, route recording. DVR Mio 588 was awarded the "Best Buy" awards according to the media version of "PC World", as well as "Expert's choice" according to IT Expert.

User's manual

Understand the rules of operation of the car DVR Mio will not be difficult. Standard equipment includes:

  • convenient fastening;
  • charger for car;
  • a disk with software;
  • user guide.

video recorder mio 568

How to start using DVRsMio? Find the optimal placement and attach the device. The best viewing angle of the camera will be if you fasten it next to the rearview mirror. Regardless of the position, the DVR can be tilted or rotated 360 degrees. After the camera has been fixed, insert a memory card. Manufacturers recommend using cards with a capacity of at least 4 gigabytes. Secure the power cord so that it does not interfere with driving, and connect it to the car. The device is ready for use!

Appearance for all Mio cameras isstandard: the screen, under it a microphone and four buttons. The menu consists of two tabs. The factory preset is configured in such a way that by turning on the DVR, you can start using it without additional settings.


Although the Internet can be read asbad and good reviews, the latter is still more. The reason is simple: although Mio doesn’t have enough stars from the sky, it still produces quality products at an affordable price that regularly does its job. What do motorists like about this device?

car dvr mio

Most reviews of the Mio DVRindicate ease of operation, compactness, long cord, high resolution shooting. The DVR is not “overwhelmed” with unnecessary functions, so the menu is easy to manage and copes with its purpose. Especially motorists mark unobtrusive signal-warning of the approaching camera.

But the quality of night shooting is far from being satisfiedeverything. On some Mio models, the image becomes too grainy, which makes it difficult to recognize the numbers on the record. On the other hand, there is hardly such a DVR that would make it possible to recognize at night the numbers of cars passing by at speeds above 40 km / h. Summing up, we can say that the Mio DVRs combine quality, convenience and neat design, as well as do an excellent job with their functions.

Price list

The price range of Mio DVRs allowseach find an acceptable model. The cheapest costs about 3,500 rubles. Model Mio MiVue C305 is a DVR without any frills, which, however, records video in FullHD format, has a G-sensor function and a 2.4-inch screen.

video recorder mio prices

Otherwise, almost all models of production Miosimilar in characteristics and have a cost of 5-7 thousand rubles. For the money you get a high-speed camera, compact design, touch screen and all the basic functions. The most expensive camera costs about 15 thousand rubles, while it has all the same characteristics. If you don’t see the point of overpaying, take the standard model (C333, 508, 538) and enjoy driving!

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