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Kia Sorento 2012 - stylish, powerful and dynamic

When a big family raises the question of a newcar, it is worth paying attention to Korean cars. They have long enjoyed a well-deserved popularity, because the manufacturer managed to reach the golden mean in combination of price and quality. One of the worthy representatives is Kia Sorento 2012.

kia sorento 2012

The car attracts appearance, while heequipped with a powerful engine and high ground clearance, which allows you to easily overcome any obstacles. After the restyling, he received new tail lights and soft luggage lines. Also, the grille has undergone changes, the car has got fog lights on the front bumper, which give it a more brutal look.

Kia Sorento 2012 comes with two typesengines - 2.2 liters. diesel and gasoline engine 2.4. The choice is a mechanical and automatic transmission, a gasoline car can choose a full or front-wheel drive. The diesel version is only on the full drive, but it is somewhat more expensive than the gasoline.

The car is quite economical. With a mixed cycle, the diesel engine consumes about 7 - 9 liters, while the petrol engine is a bit more voracious, it needs 11 to 12 liters. In order to reach a hundred, the car needs only 9.7 seconds. on mechanics and 9.9 s. on the machine. The maximum speed agreed by the manufacturer is 190 km / h.

kia sorenta

The ground clearance for Kia Sorento 2012 is 185 mm, and thisallows the car to easily navigate around the city and outside it, and a large trunk makes it a true friend in any journey, whether it's going to the cottage with the whole family or traveling with friends for fishing. And if you omit the rear row of seats, the trunk becomes simply huge. The salon allows you to comfortably accommodate three adults, which rightfully makes the car truly family.

Security is given special attention. In accordance with the crash tests Euro Ncap, Kia Sorento 2012 received the well-deserved stars. In addition to all the available means of passive safety, it is equipped with an "Active Hood" system, which protects pedestrians.

For the safety of the driver and passengers, Kia Sorento New is equipped with airbags, as well as side curtains.

kia sorento new
The American Institute of Road Traffic has proved,that the side curtains - this is the best means for protection when striking the side of the car. Active head restraints will protect against neck injuries in a collision. And in order to avoid most unusual situations on the road, the car has a stability control system, ABS, a control system on the descent and assistance in lifting.

The manufacturer gives a guarantee for Kia Sorenta for 5years or on 150 thousand km of run that speaks about its confidence in the child. Also, the owners of the new car can use the special program KIA Assistance. Its essence lies in the fact that the first owner of the car has the right to help on the road in case the car can not continue driving. This applies to all malfunctions, including accidents. Also under the program are services of minor repairs and evacuation.

Looking at the Kia Sorento 2012, you understand that this isreally a car that can suit any person. He is safe, reliable, handsome. All these qualities make it a vehicle for all occasions.

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