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Derways Aurora: description, technical specifications, reviews

Over the past decades on Russian roadsThere are many new car brands. First, old cars were imported from abroad. Later, new cars that just came off the assembly line appeared. In domestic realities, off-road vehicles turned out to be the most popular. The latest type of supply today was the screwdriver (SKD) assembly at Russian factories of mainly Korean and Chinese automotive products.

History of the car

The car "Derways Aurora" (313150) waspresented at the international exhibition “Car World” in St. Petersburg in April 2006 by the Russian car company Derways. And the first sample came off the assembly line in June of the same year.

Private company that was established in 2002three years later, she began working with Chinese suppliers of components and vehicle sets. At her automobile plant in Karachay-Cherkessia, she first collected a cowboy's own car, which had no commercial success, and then switched to the SKD-assembly of Chinese pickups and SUVs.

One of the flagships of the line and became a carDerways Aurora, created on the basis of the Chinese SUV, which was manufactured by Liaoning Shuguang Automotive, somewhat modernized and adapted for use in Russian climatic conditions.

Derweiss Aurora

In the summer of 2007, the release began restyledAurora II models are already in three trim levels. The SUV is slightly different from its predecessor in the amount of chrome trim on the front bumper and grille. The factory index remained the same (313150), neither the dimensions nor the main technical characteristics of the car have changed.

Car description

Sino-Japanese-Russian off-road vehiclesand even a little Korean-born Aurora are assembled on a rigid frame, which leaves an imprint on their appearance. Five-door cars with all driving wheels are designed for off-road use, but they also behave well on city streets.

The Korean component is represented by externalsimilar to the outdated model SsangYong Rexton, including a kind of spoiler on the tailgate. And if in the first editions the number of chrome-plated parts in the exterior was reduced, in the restyled model this omission was eliminated by large chrome lining on the front bumper and grille.

SUV cars

The chassis, the power unit is from Japan, the assembly and painting are Russian, and the rest belongs to China.

Vehicle interior

The first thing everyone pays attention to isDerways Aurora is a color scheme that is very reminiscent of the Land Cruiser Prado. The front panel and the central tunnel of black plastic with aluminum finish look solid. The drivers, according to reviews, are puzzled by a very light skin on the gear lever (it is changed to a more practical one at once), soft cream-colored artificial leather of the seats and a clean carpet on the floor.

derways aurora

Not happy neither the driver nor the passengers salon. If there is enough space in the rear seats: there is where to place the legs, and even a tall man’s head does not rest on the ceiling, then it is difficult for a driver without habit not only to be placed in the cabin, but also to drive a car. Not only is there not enough space, the steering wheel and seat adjustment ranges are limited. The advantage of the Derways-Aurora SUV, reviews confirm this, consider the convenient location of all the buttons and keys and their functionality.

A comfortable and large trunk closes the curtain,most likely, from the views of the curious passengers of the SUV itself, since the glass still doesn’t see anything outside through the factory darkened glass.

Powertrain and transmission

“Derways-Aurora" is equipped only with Japaneseengine Mitsubishi 4G64S4, the volume of which is 2.4 liters and power 126 liters. with. In the Russian version with such a gasoline engine, it is possible to install a five-speed manual gearbox, in which there is no downward drive characteristic of an off-road vehicle. This engine is not new, rather old development, but reliable, time-tested.

The Chinese counterpart is also available with automatic transmission and a 2.2 liter gasoline engine or a 2.8 liter diesel. It is also possible option in rear wheel drive.

Mitsubishi engine runs on gasoline no lowerA-92 and consumes 11-15 liters of fuel per 100 km, like many off-road vehicles. The maximum speed of Aurora is 160 km / h, the car accelerates to 100 km / h in 13 seconds.

As part of the brake system - frontventilated disc and rear drum brakes. Front suspension - torsion independent double wishbone, rear - spring dependent. Drivers of the Derways-Aurora SUV pay attention to it.


Fans of off-road driving cars "Derways-Aurora"Full SUV is not considered. The front axle is additionally connected, the rear differential is self-locking, the ground clearance is 220 mm and high wheel arches, which allow the installation of larger wheels - these are all signs of an SUV class.

Derweiss Aurora Specifications

Dimensions "Aurora" (length × width × height) - 4.8 × 1.8 × 1.9 m, front track - 1.5 m, rear - 1.49 m, wheel size - 235/65, alloy wheels R17.

Vehicle curb weight of 1.7 tons permissible - 2.45 tons.

SUV pickings

In the base car“Derways-Aurora” leather interior, airbag, climate control, information on the work of which is displayed on the display, electric adjustment of the steering column and front seats, central locking with remote control, fog lights, parking sensors, multidisk player (CD changer), Repeaters of turn signals in the rear-view mirrors, too bright according to the owners.

Repair Derweiss Aurora

In general, poor basic equipment can not be called.

In the restyled version there is 2DIN-radio, andthere were two more equipment, in addition to the base "Standard". In the configuration "Comfort" there is no limited slip differential, the suite is equipped with an elegant leather interior and sunroof, in the trim levels "Comfort" and "Lux" there is an ABS braking security system.

SUV Reviews

Drivers speak about the car"Derways-Aurora" with some condescension. Chinese roots speak for themselves. Therefore, nothing extraordinary from the car is not expected, and therefore there is no disappointment. Everyone visually likes the interior design, but it is noted that the seats are hard and slippery, the headrests are low and uncomfortable.

All more or less tall drivers complain about the lack of free space for them, both during landing and driving.

Those who are forced to often carry bulky loads,wonder why the rear seat does not fall flush with the floor, as in all modern SUVs, but note the convenience of having a window in the rear window.

Some say that the flow of heated air from the stove under the front passenger seat quickly reaches the back of the sofa, and the interior warms up just as quickly. But there are also opposite reviews.

What else is important for Russian drivers isrepairs. “Derways-Aurora” is a fairly reliable car, but drivers note that there are still problems with spare parts, they often have to be ordered and wait for delivery.

There is no consensus about the review from the driver's seat. It is located in the Aurora high enough, but the front pillars are quite wide, and not very successful form of rear-view mirrors.

Test Drive

Car "Derways Aurora", according to experienceddrivers behaves best on country roads. Transmission works well, and there is enough engine power. And off-road qualities are assessed moderately.

Auto Derweiss Aurora

In the city, neither the engine nor the manual transmission does not cause any complaints.

As for the behavior on the track, then all the driversunanimous - for speedy trips Aurora is not intended. The lack of steering (bad feedback), on the streets is not of fundamental importance, on the road becomes critical. In addition, the car is swinging, yawing is quite noticeable, control becomes difficult already at speeds of about 100 km / hour.

Summarizing, we can say that the ChineseRussian-made SUV with a Japanese engine has many disadvantages, but there are many advantages in it. One of the main - affordable prices with a fairly rich configuration and build quality.

derweiss aurora reviews
Especially poetic reviews carry out analogies by name with the historical cruiser. Whatever it was, Aurora has been on the market for ten years, and whether it will develop further, time will tell ...

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