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Sensor, camshaft: check, signs of malfunction, repair and replacement

During the transition from the carburetor systempower supply to the injector engineers involved in the development of modern cars, were forced to create new technical solutions. So, for reliable and well-coordinated operation of the system, it is necessary to clearly know the exact moment when it is necessary to inject fuel into the combustion chambers, as well as the time when a spark should be given. Today, a camshaft sensor is used to solve this problem. What is it and how to check it? Information on this topic will consider in this material.

Sensor assignment

If fuel will not be supplied at the moment of tactinlet, it will spread over the collector. When the intake stroke begins, a small part of the gasoline will remain on the walls. Therefore, the mixture will be poor.

where is the camshaft sensor

Because of this, the motor power is reduced, as well asThe wear rate of the cylinder-piston group and valves increases. The camshaft sensor allows you to accurately track the right moment of the fuel and spark. Indeed, the work of the cylinder head, valves and the timing of the valve timing depend on the camshaft.


In fact, this is not somethinghigh tech. Inside the small device is the usual Hall sensor, but in a slightly different design. The element serves to determine the angular position of the timing in accordance with the crankshaft. Then the data goes to the ECU.

Operating principle

So, as noted above, at the base of the sensorcamshaft lies the usual Hall sensor. It all works as follows. If metallic elements pass through the inductance coil, the electromotive force of the coil itself changes. In contrast to the crankshaft sensor, the distribution position element more accurately tracks not only the current state of the pistons, but also monitors the valve timing. After all, it is known that one cycle of operation of a four-stroke internal combustion engine is one revolution of the camshaft and two cranked turns. The element has another name - phase sensor.

Where is DPRV located?

Novice motorists who encounter an injection engine may not know where the camshaft position sensor is located. You can find it in the area of ​​the cogwheel gear or drive.

camshaft sensor check performance

On models from AvtoVAZ with an eight-valve engineelement mounted on the cylinder head housing. In the 16-valve power unit, you need to look for it from the side where the leading camshaft is installed. It is located in the area of ​​the generator.

Timing camshaft sensor andthe crank is provided with a rapper - this is a metal pin that is available on the disk or on the gear. The detail marks the position of the piston of the first cylinder at TDC. On some power units, a ring with a gap can be used instead of a bench mark, it passes through a VAZ camshaft sensor. When the bench mark or its signal break passes through the sensor, it will generate a pulse. The latter will synchronize the power supply system of the engine and ignition.

What influences the work of DPRV?

The main factors influencing the action of thiselement - is constantly fluctuating temperature, vibration, as well as dust and metal chips. Experts recommend periodically changing this element. On average, in Russian conditions DPRV survives up to one hundred thousand kilometers. But this is possible when operating in normal conditions. Also, timely replacement of the camshaft sensor will help to avoid problems (for example, an unexpected failure with ignition on the way).

camshaft sensor vaz

When starting the engine, the temperature of the part is approximatelyequal to the air. As the engine warms up, the value on the sensor increases. If the power and ignition system are out of sync, the motor will not start at all, or it will work with serious interruptions. If the internal combustion engine is poorly tuned, the sensor will sense increased vibrations. In the modern engine there are many different friction surfaces - as a result of friction, metal dust is formed. If the lubrication system is not working properly or the engine mountings have failed, then this dust will be greater. The metal chips will settle on the magnet of the element, which will adversely affect its operation.

Symptoms of malfunction DPRV

How can you determine that this item is out ofmalfunction and requires replacement on the car? The first call, indicating a malfunction of the camshaft sensor, will suddenly increase fuel consumption, reduce engine power and unstable operation of the power unit. No other symptoms. But if such problems have appeared, it is worth starting the verification with DPRV.

DPRS Error Codes

Modern cars are driven by ECU. This is their plus. Unlike carburetor technology, where the driver must be a bit of a mechanic, an electrician and a specialist in the operation of engines, the injector can diagnose itself.

On models from "AvtoVAZ" in case of malfunctionMechanism can observe the camshaft sensor error 0340. You can also observe the yellow sign - “Meat grinder” or Check Engine. This process is manifested as follows: at the moment of engine start, the starter operates for a few seconds. Then on the display this error is highlighted under the number 0340.

sensor how to check performance

The fact is that the ECU expectsreceive a certain signal from the DPRV. If not, then the unit will not be able to give a pulse to the ignition and fuel supply system. Therefore, the motor will not start. The corresponding light will come on. It is possible to diagnose the camshaft sensor VAZ using an onboard computer.

There is another mistake. Her index is 0343. It can be observed less frequently than the first, and it directly indicates that the phase sensor is faulty. The problem is solved only by complete replacement of the item. This error does not require serious diagnostics and visits to service centers, but does not always mean that the camshaft position sensor does not work. Often, oxidized contacts cause a mistake. It may also occur due to a faulty KDPV, a single-tooth timing belt or loose crankshaft.

There are a number of other errors:

  • 0300 - means misfire.
  • 0341 - wrong timing.
  • 0342 - weak signal level from DPRV.
  • 0343 - high level signal.
  • 0344 - intermittent and unstable signals from DPRV.
  • 0365 - no signal from the DPRV circuit.

Causes of failure

The reasons why the sensor can go outbuilding a large number. It is not necessary to have problems with the sensor. Most often they can be in the wiring or other elements of the onboard network.

camshaft sensor error

It happens that the sensor is not connected to the signalwire. Moisture in the terminal can also cause malfunctions. An error will occur if the signal wire is shorted to ground or broken. If there is a short circuit on the onboard network of the signal wire DPRV, this also leads to failure and the above symptoms.

How to check DPRV?

Not everyone knows how to test for performancecamshaft sensor, although this procedure is very similar to checking the Hall sensor. Measure the voltage between the terminals. To work you need a multimeter with a function of measuring DC voltage.

First check how the sensor is connected tosignal wires. The element must receive a voltage of +12 V and a bulk cord. If there is power, turn on the engine and check the sensor pulses. They must be on the signal wire. Also, do not be superfluous to check whether there is moisture in the connector. Oxidized or contaminated contacts are thoroughly cleaned and dried. Then check the integrity of the insulation signal wires. Damaged isolation is one of the most common causes of problems with DPRS.

camshaft sensor not working

The sensor is very close to the motor, so the insulation becomes brittle and crumbling from constant heating and cooling, which leads to a short circuit.

Next, check the resistance of the insulation layer. It should be approximately 0.5-1 kΩ. In different models, the value may be within a few kΩ. The main thing is a solid and intact insulation.

How to check the two-wire DPRV?

If the car is installed exactlyelement, the verification algorithm will be as follows. The multimeter is set to the mode of measuring alternating voltages. Then turn on the ignition. Next, determine the voltage in the circuit. One contact is connected to ground, the other is checked for each wire that is in the sensor connector. If there is no voltage in any of the wires, the sensor is faulty.

You can also start the engine. One contact multimeter connected to the first wire DPRV, the other - with the second. In case of serviceability on the screen of the device, an oscillating voltage within 0-5 Volts will be shown. If this is not observed, the sensor needs to be changed.

Three wire

Here is the following verification algorithm. The multimeter is switched to the measurement mode of constant voltages.

camshaft sensor how to check for performance

Next turn on the ignition. One probe connected to the mass, the second - to the supply wire of the sensor. The measured voltage is compared with the nominal.

How to replace DPRV?

Replacing a camshaft sensor is extremesimple operation. The element is held on the motor housing with a single bolt. To replace, remove the chip from the sensor, then unscrew the bolt and pull the element out of the seat. Next, install a new sensor.

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