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The catalyst is a clean exhaust

Protection of our environment is always necessary, andit does not matter if you walk or drive. In order to ensure a clean and compliant exhaust, there is a certain detail in the car. The catalyst is the same component of the system that burns down the mixture of gases and eventually produces pure vapors.

catalyst is
What is he like? Firstly, it has a ceramic honeycomb part. With its help, the area where the exhaust contacts the surface covered with a platinum-iridium alloy increases. Then comes contact with the catalytic layer, the gas remains meet with oxygen and burn, resulting in the necessary concentration.

It should be noted that in the Russian environmentthe catalyst of fuel is almost tortured, since gasoline produced in our country contains considerable parts of tetraethyl lead, which very quickly leads to deterioration in the operation of these devices.

fuel catalyst
The catalyst is a kind of barrier to clearactions of the engine. But do not take it hostile. When this part is clean and not clogged, the machine will work like a clock, but if there are any pollution, it is necessary to check the mechanism. The fact is that the catalyst is located in the muffler, and when it's malfunctioning it turns out, as if a rag was stuck in the pipe. Therefore, it turns out that the engine simply can not cope with the volume of exhaust, which has nowhere to go.

universal catalyst
Modern modern catalysts are worth considerablemoney, but what if a replacement is necessary? On many cars this type of spare parts can be up to 4 pieces. In this case, a rescue ring can be either a flame arrester or a universal catalyst.

What is the difference between these devices? A catalyst is a part that performs several functions. First, it burns the mixture, and secondly, it breaks the gas flow. The flame arrester is only responsible for the second ability, but its installation in Russia is permitted. When choosing such a catalyst substitute, it is worth considering the volume of the engine. On a machine with a motor of less than 2 liters, simple flame arresters are installed, but over this mark, individual parts will be needed. They are created on the basis of the catalyst itself and have noise isolation, which allows the car to move in a normal rhythm.

Many drivers complain about the knocking of a car whenThe ride that begins to be heard from under the seat, but do not understand its root cause. It's pretty simple. When honeycombs that are made of ceramic material begin to burn out in the catalyst, their material eventually breaks down and falls on the walls of the housing, as a result of which, when moving, the pieces begin to actively knock on the walls of the part.

Some motorists are trying to outplaythe situation of the muffler, that is, simply cut out the catalyst from the system, and in its place a pipe is installed. This procedure does not make any sense, as this will lead to an early wear of the resonator. Therefore make the right conclusions, because the catalyst is a necessary part of your car.

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