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Car "Baleno Suzuki": specifications, engine, parts and owner feedback

"Baleno Suzuki" is a car thatbelongs to the C-class. In other words, to the golf class. In the domestic market, this model is called in another way - Suzuki Cultus. And in the USA - Esteem. For the first time this car was demonstrated to the world in 1995. The car was immediately marked as a model with a restrained and balanced design, as well as with a comfortable cabin. About what else could please "Baleno Suzuki" of those years and that the model represents today, it is worth discussing in more detail.


The concept of the salon

The manufacturer first turned his attentionto the salon, or rather, to what it should be. It was decided to make the most comfortable and ergonomic interior and follow the plans for all subsequent years. Well, all "Baleno Suzuki" are very comfortable and functional cars. Their salon is pleased with comfortable seats, which have excellent lateral support. Controls are placed optimally, due to what readings are read easily - nothing distracts the driver. Although the layout of the instruments is ordinary. On the left there is a tachometer, in the middle there is a speedometer, and on the right side there are indicators of fuel level and coolant temperature. In general, everything is traditional.

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"Baleno Suzuki" has a very convenient,height-adjustable steering wheel. Mirrors are special, with electronic adjustment. The levers under the steering wheel are raised upwards, so that they are perfectly visible due to the 4-spoke steering wheel. The buttons for controlling the mirrors are to the left of the steering wheel. In the same place the handle of the hydro-corrector of headlights took places. Conveniently located and buttons of window regulators - they are located directly on the armrest. By the way, in the corners of the instrument panel you can see two large blocks of control lamps, and in its upper part - the button for heating the rear window, as well as an alarm. It is also worth noting that in the standard equipment of the car there are also such nice and important additions as two airbags, air conditioning, high-quality seat upholstery, immobilizer, power windows (on all doors) and rear window heating. And on the back doors there is even a special lock that it was impossible to open them on the move (useful function if the driver has children). In general, the machine is completed well for "adult" Japanese models.

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On the aerodynamics of the body

I must say that "Suzuki Baleno" is a station wagon,car with excellent visibility. There are no dead zones at all. Machines in general are compact, but with large trunks, under the shelves of which there is also a spare wheel "dokatka".

The body at the highest level developed aerodynamics. Its experts developed an experimental method in a wind tunnel. So aerodynamics was brought almost to perfection (at least for Japanese cars this achievement). Particular attention was paid to the development of the machine vibration and noise insulation. Engineers struggled with this for a long time. And they achieved a good result, having worked not only on the body structure, but also on aerodynamics. Also specially developed a special synthetic material, which in several layers was decided to lay out the bottom of the car, boot floor, roof and shield, which separates the power unit from the cabin. It was also decided to make from it inserts, which extinguish the resonant phenomena that arise on the details of the torpedo, made of plastic.

About the power unit

The engine of "Suzuki Baleno" of the first generations wasquite powerful for that time. 1.3-liter, 85 and 92 horsepower, 16-valve, equipped with a distribution injection - not all Japanese cars of those years could boast of such characteristics. These motors operate under the control of a 5-speed "mechanics" or a 3-, 4-speed "automatic". Due to such checkpoints with perfectly matched gears, "Suzuki" turned out to be very dynamic. Of particular popularity, of course, then used cars with manual transmission.

"Suzuki Baleno" has a completely independentsuspension with excellent driving stability. The front was decided to mount on a fairly strong stretcher. Still there is a stabilizer, which carries out its work through a stretcher. Rear suspension, by the way, too, mounted on a powerful stretcher.


The technical component of old Suziki pleases: The cars were assembled soundly and reliable. Old models of "Suzuki Baleno" reviews are positive. Owners like the quality of this car, rare breakages and inexpensive parts. So in terms of operation it is an excellent "Japanese".

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Model 2015: interior and exterior

In order to track the success of this or thatmodel, it is worth taking as an example the very first versions and the newest ones. Well, in 2015, in September, the world appeared a brand new Baleno. Budget five-door hatchback - a new, focused on the European market.

The exterior of the car is interesting, dynamic,modern. The body lines are pleasant, seemingly flowing, and the wheel arches seem to be surrounded by relief. Also in the eyes immediately rushes stylish lighting and original, neat lights on the stern of the car.

The salon is designed for five seats, though, because ofmodest machine size is unlikely to be able to accommodate comfortably so many passengers. But two in the rear seats will feel great.

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Technical characteristics of Suzuki Baleno 2015

For this car manufacturers have providedtwo petrol power units, which were developed in accordance with the environmental standard "Euro-6". The first of these is a 3-cylinder turbocharged engine with a liter volume and direct injection. It produces a horsepower of 112 horsepower. Operates under the control of a 5-speed "mechanics", and on request - and a 6-speed "automatic".

The second engine is 1.4-liter, atmospheric. He produces 90 "horses".

Complete with a simple - full-time radio cassette recorder, ESP,ABS, 6 airbags, well decorated interior. In the top versions there is a multimedia system with a 7-inch display, adaptive cruise control, climate control and much more.

In general, the machine is simple - for driving around the city. It is not yet known whether it will be sold in Russia, but the price was announced - 16,000 euros.

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