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Bad start on a cold diesel. On a cold machine it gets bad

Modern cars are equipped with variousoptions that should facilitate the start of a cold motor, but often these devices do not cope with their tasks, and the engine does not start up well on a cold one, or it does not start at all. In this case, the heated engine can work very easily and well.

Early in the morning under the hood of the car beginsvanity and fussing in attempts to warm the unit and start it. Every motorist wants to get into his car in the morning, just start it and go, and not think whether the engine starts or not.

start up badly on the cold
Let's see why the car does not start up well in the cold and find out how to solve this problem.

The root of the problem

Solve the problem with a cold start prettydifficult, because there is no exact answer to the question of a poor start of a cold engine. For basic reasons, you can take the absence of a combustible mixture in the combustion chamber or the failure of candles. This is a consequence. The rest is reasons. Sometimes blame for the wrong supply of fuel to the combustion chamber. The mixture may not be enough, or, conversely, it is too much.

Main reasons

Among the main causes of a bad start are the following:

  • Low fuel quality.
  • Clogged nozzles.
  • Ultra low air temperature.
  • Clogged fuel fine filter.
  • Blockage in the coarse filter.
  • Malfunctions of the fuel pump.
  • Dirty air filter.
  • Contamination in the throttle or idle valve.

Do not immediately try to find all or one of these symptoms. If the car starts up badly on a cold one, first of all you should observe the behavior of the car during the start.

Looking for symptoms

Often when you start the starter works fine,however, the engine cannot start. If you unscrew the candle, it can be either dry or filled with gasoline. This is a kind of indicator. A lot can tell and smell the fuel. If gasoline does not have a peculiar smell, then the reason is it. However, if the candle is wet, and it smells like gasoline as it should, then the essence of the breakdown is hidden somewhere else. If everything is in order and the smell of the fuel is correct, the injectors are completely clean and the pressure in the fuel system is normal, then the search should be continued.

Ignition problems

On the cold car start up badly becauseseveral reasons. So, you should definitely check the battery charge level. If it is highly discharged, or its life comes to an end, it may not produce enough current to start. Understand that the reason for the battery, it is possible by how the starter behaves. He does not spin the engine or spins, but is unstable.

Often there is a problem with Honda's distributing cars.

the engine is bad on the cold
Here the reasons should be sought in the lid.ignition distributor. If there are problems, the starter will spin the motor well, but the car will not start up well on the cold one. Candles in this case will be filled with gasoline.

Timer and Armored Wire

There may be problems with armor. This is also a frequent breakdown in the commuter cars.

the cold car starts badly
To detect this problem, do not have to dono effort. It will be enough if the starter takes a few turns. Wires, if the reason for them, light up. In this case, they should be replaced.

Ignition coils

Often a bad start can be associated with a strongworn ignition coils. If only one coil is installed in the car, then the diagnostics can be carried out using a tester. But if the coil is not one, then the diagnosis is almost impossible, and all at once they almost never fail. Even one coil is enough for a normal start. The coil version is worth checking out last, if everything else is already excluded.


Sometimes the car is bad on the cold because of any problems with the spark plugs.

start up badly on a cold diesel
As practice shows, this is quite popular.cause of bad starts. When dismantling the candles on them you can find traces of dirt, bloom and soot of various colors. In addition, they can be poured with gasoline and smell a lot. In this case, the candles are carefully cleaned with a steel brush.

If it has traces of gasoline, then thistestifies that they were flooded. You must always have in the trunk of a set of serviceable, and better new, so as not to clean and dry the old, but simply install new ones.


A car can start up badly in the cold with little or no compression in the combustion chambers.

VAZ bad start on the cold
Ideally, before starting the engine, measure the level of compression, but in fact no one does it. But the reasons for its disappearance need to know and be able to eliminate them.

Other reasons

Problem start may be due to faultystarter. Frozen oil, condensate in the exhaust system, crystallized antifreeze. To get out of the situation when a cold car does not start up well, it is necessary to use oils with a viscosity of 5W30, 5W40 or 0W30 and 0W40. The starter must crank the crankshaft to 100 rpm. The most important thing is the fuel. It must be composed of saturated pairs.


If a classic VAZ doesn’t start up badly on a cold one, this means that the settings are gone, or a lot of minor defects have accumulated in the car. It is necessary to conduct a small MOT.

During this inspection, check the fluid levels in the crankcase of the engine, gearbox, the fluid level in the cooling system and brake system.

starts up badly on a cold injector
Next, inspect for leakage of oil,fuel or antifreeze. If the car costs for a long time, the fuel can evaporate from the float chamber, it is necessary to fill the level with a manual pump. In this test, special attention should be paid to plugs and high-voltage wires.

If the VAZ is a carburetor, then this element canbe clogged up You should also examine the starting device membrane, the tightness of the tubes of the vacuum booster, the membrane of the fuel pump. Also make sure that the starter is working properly.

The injector does not start in frost: causes

If it is bad to start up on a cold injector, thenhere you should look for a malfunction in the injectors. The injection unit will work like a clock, but only in their ideal condition. Especially their condition is relevant in the winter, when bunches of non-fuel origin can seriously hamper the launch.

Often the nozzles are made to change according to the regulations fromcar manufacturer. They should also be washed regularly, especially as the quality of fuel leaves much to be desired. When washing nozzles at home, be sure to monitor their integrity.

If the injection engine starts and thenstalls, this is a sign that the computer is trying to feed a rich fuel mixture into the combustion chambers. Candles are filled with gasoline and as a result the engine will work poorly.

Diesel units

If for gasoline engines the first problem isThis candles, then for diesel - a bad compression. Bad start up on a cold diesel engine with a weak compression. Slightly better the engine will work if it is warm.

Bad compression is indicated by an uneven signal.work, vibration, gray smoke from the exhaust pipe. If you look under the hood and open the engine, the unit will be covered in oil. Another lack of compression can be identified by reducing power, increased noise during operation, as well as high fuel and oil consumption.

If it is bad to start a cold diesel engine, then the first step is to measure the level of compression.

why the cold start up badly
If the unit is fully functional, then its level is from 30 kg / cm2. Measure it through the candle holes.

You can also search for the cause in the injectors. In the course of engine operation on poor-quality fuel, the injectors wear out a lot. First, the control valve is depressurized, and then the injector tip is calibrated.

Also worth exploring the injection pump. Each element of the pump and injection systems are generally subject to heavy wear. If the motor starts up badly and you need to rotate the starter for a long time, then it is useful to check the pump.

It is worth to check and candles. They do not have large dimensions and are often hidden behind the motor. If one or more candles fail, the engine will not start in the cold. It is necessary to replace candles. These are typical reasons why a car does not start up well on a cold one. But for a better start, it is worth buying a preheater.

So, we found out the main reasons why the car will not start.

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