/ / "Bardal" (oil): reviews, manufacturer, prices. Real reviews on engine oil "Bardal"

"Bardal" (oil): reviews, manufacturer, prices. Real feedback on engine oil "Bardal"

To begin with, it should be said that now "Bardal"- not too popular manufacturer avtomasel. But has it always been like that? Let's find out what is the oil "Bardal", as well as examine the real reviews of those who used it.

Manufacturer history

The history of the company should start with a fantastic biography of the founder of this brand - Ole Bardal.

Ole Bardal, an immigrant from Norway, settled inSeattle in 1922. His pocket was almost empty, he did not know the language at all. Then the United States was known for its unemployment. But the guy was lucky - he managed to find a job at the sawmill. In his free time, Ole received an education.

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By 1929, money saved from wagesthe guy gets an education and becomes a construction contractor. However, he was interested not only in building technology. The guy was fond of the automotive industry. Even then, using knowledge of chemistry, Ole is trying to improve lubricating fluids. The researcher spent several years of his life in the laboratory to finally develop a tool that could protect engines from wear. Even then, positively evaluated the first motor oil.

Bardal (reviews show) manageddevelop a formula that allows the production of additives that reduce the wear of the main components of the motors by 40%. The formula used the principle, which is still the basis for many manufacturers. The additive formed a protective film on moving parts.

Future past

Ole Bardal developed this formula in 1939. She immediately coded in the United States. America joined the ranks of the opposition of Nazi Germany.

The US authorities were quickly able to assess whichBenefits open oil "Bardal". So, Ole later created and launched technologies based on which charged molecules could be held on metal surfaces. A protective layer was created that reduced friction. This technology is called Polar Plus.

The unique technique allowed to significantly reduce the wear of engines and gearboxes. Also Bardal lubricants increased the efficiency of the motors, provided excellent lubrication during cold starts.

These properties have pushed the US government tomake the formula secret. But this mode did not last long. Already in the 40s, the secrecy neck was removed, and the Bardal motor oil was used in the US Army.

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After the war, the company became the market leader not only in the United States, but also in Europe, and then throughout the world. Branches were opened in France and other countries.

"Bardal" today

Today, the production areas of this company are located in France. The products are quite popular and used by the largest automakers, as well as importers.

A wide range of lubricant products is capablesatisfy any demand. Motor oil "Bardal" is suitable for the ordinary car enthusiast, and for car services, and for huge car companies. The company's products are great for both passenger cars and heavy trucks. In its work, the company uses the principle of uniform quality. Simply put, the properties of a product do not depend on whom they are intended for. The manufacturer does not divide its products into professional or amateur line. The product may have differences in effects, but will not differ in quality.

Engine oil "Bardal" differs from most products of other manufacturers in that it is produced at its own capacities. This is a guarantee of high quality.

Bardal and sporting achievements

In addition to commercial activities, as well asresearch, the company "Bardal" has long held a special place in automotive sports. The teams that bore the name of the person who founded it, for more than 20 years have performed in various races.

Ole understood that this is a great way to experienceproducts, because here in the sport, the load on the motor nodes were simply enormous. So, competitions helped Bardal create unique formulas that combined high technology. Sporty engine oil "Bardal" had only positive feedback. It led the technique to victories.


In 1966, a group of scientists from Houstonthanks to the discovery of a special formula won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. They invented a new formula, called it Fullerene. The formula consisted of 60 particles, which were grouped in the form of a three-dimensional figure.

A little later, in Bardal, they were able to develop a formula that combines the excellent properties of Polar Plus and the development of Houston scientists. This technology is applied up to today.

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Molecules that are found in lubricantsproducts of this manufacturer, work like micro-pillows. They create a so-called buffer zone between the rubbing parts. Thus, the friction between the nodes is significantly reduced, wear and corrosion are reduced, and the engine efficiency is increased. Here is a Bardal oil invented! The manufacturer still holds the brand.

Destroy the legends

Once on the network launched a scandalous topic onabout this oil. Why? Many people know the famous car blogger Eric Davidovich. He shot a video in which he showed all the miraculous properties of these oils. Let's try to see how these oils correspond to the manufacturer.

The company has existed for over 100 years. Advertising campaigns are conducted mainly in the USA and Europe, and even then not too fast. The company mainly specializes in additives, but also manufactures oils for motorcycles.

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This suggests that the lubricant marketmaterials for automotive engines, it is relatively new, so it is more profitable for it to buy original oil products from other manufacturers, then add additives there and deliver under its own brand. But at the same time, oil produced by Bardal has positive feedback from users.

Dealers in our country

This company works for us for a long time. But on the dealer website it is difficult to find a particular oil. Also, the company's products are offered with tolerances that do not exist.

Advertising campaigns

Today, promotions for this oil are verylot. Abroad often buy "Bardal" (oil). Customer reviews are mostly neutral. The consumer does not fall from happiness and the highest quality products. But it is abroad, and what about us?

bardal oil Price

Our situation is ambiguous. The prices are high, there are no documents, so highly qualified specialists doubt these products, people scandal in the forums. Some motorists leave praise, others criticize the grease.

Reviews are varied. Many leave angry responses on the basis of aggressive advertising, many negatively respond to quality. But for the most part of the company "Bardal" oil reviews collect positive. Motorists say that the car drives smoothly, without jerks, starts up with a half-turn. So speak not only motorists, but also influential service stations, and professional mechanics.

Product Quality

Judging by the tests, the products are not bad,but not premium, as, incidentally, the manufacturer claims. To use it or not to use is up to you. However, remember that it is unlikely to get any incredible results.

Sales, availability

On this occasion, we can safely say thatproducts are scarce, although the cost of Bardal oil is quite democratic. In stores, it is often out of stock. But now the situation has begun to change a bit.

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User Reviews

Some drivers do not believe in the miraculous additives, however, after testing Octane Booster, they were able to personally verify that the technologies actually work.

Also motorists say that after replacingoil on the "Bardal 5W40" engine began to work much quieter. At high speeds the car worked as standard. If you constantly hold the gas pedal, the engine can not be heard. After changing the gear oil, the gearbox also became silent. Drivers felt that the engine began to "breathe." They did not regret filling the oil produced by Bardal. Its price is 1200 rubles per 1 liter.

Many car owners who produce replacementgasket pan and change the oil, pour "Bardal" for engines with high loads. After the test, they are satisfied. Judging by their reviews, the car has good traction, it does not lose speed when driving uphill. The engine is flexible and economical.

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Some car owners have a shortage of oil,however, it is claimed that the product has excellent properties; it really protects the engine from wear. Resource oil of this brand, like all others, is 10 thousand kilometers for gasoline and 8 thousand - for diesel cars.


Apparently, produced by "Bardal"oil (reviews fully confirm this) meets the stated quality. You can safely use it. And all the negative, most likely, are tricks of competitors.

So, we found out what reviews Bardal motor oil has, and also learned about the history of its origin. Try the product and draw your own conclusions!

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