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To drive a car from Germany - is it profitable or not?

Buying a car is not an easy task. Despite the abundance of offers, it is difficult to find a good foreign car at an affordable price. Visits of car market in search of foreign cars of European production in most cases do not give the desired result. Sometimes it is more profitable to drive a car from Germany.

drive a car from Germany
Buying a car abroad can be veryAn advantageous option, and can introduce large embezzlement. Everything will depend on what kind of car it is supposed to buy. It is also important that the lion's share of expenses will be for the customs clearance of the car. State duty in this case is calculated based on the volume of the engine of the car and provided that the equipment is not older than five years. On average, the customs will have to pay from 1.5 to 3.6 euros per 1 cc of volume.

How much does it cost to drive a car from Germany?

how much does it cost to drive a car from Germany
In principle, when answering this question, there areothers - looking where to drive it, looking where to buy. In Germany, you can buy a car both on specialized car markets and in car dealerships. Of course, the cost of equipment in the cabin will be different from the market.

If you want to drive a car from Germany, but nothe opportunity to take it in the cabin, then you should visit one of the largest car markets in Europe, which is located in the city of Essen. There are several smaller markets in the cities of Cologne and Munich. The assortment there is not that, but the prices are lower. In addition, the Germans are very punctual and law-abiding. The buyer can carefully inspect the entire car and even try it on the go, after making a short test drive.

Those who are going to visit these car parks,it should be borne in mind that almost all of them do not work on Sundays. So you need to plan your trip in advance so you do not waste time. In addition, there is a system of discounts on car market. As a rule, it is 300-400 euros with the announced price. And if the selected machine can find a significant (in the opinion of the Germans, a flaw (a chip, a scratch, etc.), then the price may drop quite noticeably.

I want to drive a car from Germany

You can often hear: "I want to drive a car from Germany, but I do not know how much it will cost." Here are the approximate calculations of the trip. Germany is in the Schengen area. Therefore, the visa must be spent up to 60 euros. You can take a trip by plane or by bus. The bus, of course, is cheaper, somewhere around 80 euros. You should also take into account the cost of the hotel within 80 euros, meals - about 50 euros, travel in Germany - within 100 euros. This is the so-called running costs. To this will add a fee for registration of cars, insurance and transit numbers. A total of about 500 euros. Customs clearance is not included in this estimate.

How to choose and buy a car in this country?

Before you drive a car from Germany, you need itchoose and purchase. Although the purchase of equipment on German markets is less risky than on similar Russian sites, nevertheless, the machine needs to be carefully inspected, and if possible, then go to the inspection station. The presence of TUV will be confirmation that the car is in order. In addition, without the TUV coupon, the movement of the car on its own in Germany is prohibited.

After choosing a car, you should pay specialattention to the design. Do not forget that he will have to drive across the border. Therefore, make sure that all papers, bills and bills are properly issued. Remember that the rules of selling cars in Germany are different from ours.

Transit numbers, registration and insurance of the car for movement on the territory of Germany will cost about 200 euros.

And in conclusion: It's easier to drive cars from Germany through the Belarusian-Polish border. This route is more secure, and on the border you do not have to make out a bunch of documents. During the trip on the roads of the European Union you can not be afraid of crime, but you should be careful on the parking lots. Cases of stealing personal belongings from cars are not uncommon.

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