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"Lexus" NX 200 - the long-awaited novelty of 2015

The Lexus NX 200 is a model that wasshown to the world of motorists not so long ago. In late April, an exhibition was held in Beijing that was devoted to new developments in the field of mechanical engineering. It was then that the views of people appeared Japanese small crossover. He began to present prematurely specially - to create intrigue. So, what have manufacturers prepared for us?

Lexus nx 200

Briefly about the model

It is planned that the price of the “Lexus" NX200 will bestart from 1 765 000 rubles. The amount can fluctuate up to 2,550,000 rubles. - depending on the configuration. For the first time, Lexus has created such a compact crossover that could compete with the Audi Q5 and BMW X3, for example. But we all know that these machines are not the last in this segment.

The first thing that catches your eye is design. The Japanese are always trying to take just that. The style was graceful, modern, and exquisite. Despite its considerable size, the crossover was not rude, even to some extent elegant. This style will appeal to lovers of elegant cars. Very expressive, even futuristic car. From the former there were only pens and mirrors - they were made in the traditional style.

More about exterior

“Lexus” NX 200, photo of which shows usattractive, beautiful car, quite long to the same. About 4.63 meters! Immediately when looking at the car, a massive bumper is noticed, due to which it seems that the person in front of the car is not a crossover, but an SUV. By the way, in principle, there is no bumper. Almost the entire front is occupied by a large grille, which the designers decided to decorate with chrome around the perimeter.

And head optics is a separate topic! Narrowed, slightly aggressive, xenon, underlined by daytime running lights - due to this the design becomes even more spectacular. In general, Lexus always knew how to attract attention.

Lexus nx 200 photos


“Lexus” NX 200 is attractive not only outsidebut also from the inside. The interior is modern, it looks in a new way - very stylish and bright. It is not that some design is fantastic, but everything looks very expensive and of high quality. Note the new armchairs with excellent lateral support. In the process of manufacturing chairs, new technologies were used to make them more comfortable and supposedly sporty. A rather massive tunnel can be seen between the front passengers, which smoothly passes into a very harmonious front panel. By the way, the steering wheel is very convenient - the correct form, perfectly fits in your hand. And note the attention should be a beautiful dashboard and well-designed center console.

Another salon new car “Lexus” NX 200will appreciate the wireless charging of mobile devices. Everything else is still bundled. Cruise control, cameras with a 360-degree view, a projection display, blind spot monitoring, a great audio system, and more.

lexus nx 200 reviews

About the technical characteristics

“Lexus” NX 200 is not only gooddecorated car, but also high-quality car in its characteristics and technical features. And if the model is built on the platform of the Toyota RAV4 (a fairly well-known iron horse), then the power units must be appropriate. So, “Lexus” NX 200, reviews of which so far can not say anything (since the car has not yet gone on sale), is aggregated with good engines. The first option is a 2-liter naturally aspirated engine. There is also a forced engine of the same size - it produces about 250 "horses." The most attractive version of the Lexus NX 200 has an electric motor on the 43 "horse", which works in tandem with a 2.5-liter petrol unit of 177 liters. with. Their total capacity is 220 liters. with. This car should demonstrate excellent dynamics and fuel economy. Potential buyers will be offered two versions - front and all-wheel drive.

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