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Honda SRV (2013) - a new version of the Japanese crossover

Crossovers on our streets are becoming more and moreand more, but, given the harsh reality, this is not a tribute to fashion, but a necessity. Difficulties with parking, poor road conditions and winter drifts make the car with the highest clearance the best means of transportation. And sometimes you want to go to a dacha or fishing, where the roads are even worse than in the city, and then the height of the ground clearance becomes very important.

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But at the same time in the city you want the carwas beautiful and attracted the eye. It is such a car - Honda SRV (2013). Not to notice it on the road is impossible, because it stands out even against the background of more expensive brethren.

This is the fourth generation of the car, so longlife speaks of his recognition. For the first time, a compact crossover appeared in 1995, and then it was oriented to the markets of America, but very soon it became obvious that Europeans also would not mind buying such an assembly, and a year later the crossover was updated a little and made more attractive externally. Then there were two restyling, as a result of which the car changed its appearance, acquiring new fans, and now the last modification of the Honda SRV (2013) appeared on the roads. For the first time this car was presented at the Geneva Motor Show, and then he came to Moscow for an auto show, and only at the end of 2012 he became available to a wide range of consumers.

Compared to its predecessors, the new CRV becamesomewhat smaller in size, but due to the shape of the body and the optics looks larger. The changed design has made the car more dynamic, has brought a share of aggressiveness and sportiness.

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With ground clearance of 165 mm and 17-inch wheelsHonda SRV (2013) can easily stand in a row and with more expensive cars of its class. And the decorative grille of the three chrome lines instantly makes the unit memorable. Plastic protection, reasonably placed around the perimeter, will save from repair parts that invariably suffer during normal operation.

The manufacturer, as before, setscars supplied to Russia, one SOHC petrol engine in volume of two liters. This is a four-cylinder sixteen-valve instrument with a unique i-VTEC system responsible for valve control. Two types of transmission: 6-speed mechanics and automatic with a hydrotransformer.

In Europe, Honda SRV (2013) is also represented withdiesel engine, but in Russia manufacturers refused to supply such cars, as always, referring to the poor quality of the diesel. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that our compatriots find themselves deprived for this reason.

Of course, any car you need to look at,and not only to focus on advertising, and Honda SRV became not an exception. The owners' comments characterize it positively, noting the capacity and quality of the interior trim. When traveling for long distances, most people note the economy of the car when driving along the highway. The manufacturer claims the fuel consumption for a suburban cycle of about 6.3 liters. on 100 km.

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In the car, everything is done very qualitatively forconvenience and safety. The salon is pleased not only with materials, but also with functionality. On the steering wheel there are buttons that regulate the radio, cruise control and climate. In the standard version, all information is displayed on a 5-inch display, and those who decide to take a more expensive package will be offered an 8-inch touchscreen display.

Eight airbags will protect those who are in the car, and electronic systems will help to avoid an unusual situation on the road.

Summarizing, it can be noted that the manufacturermanaged to win many fans of Honda SRV. Reviews about the car do not carry a negative load. But there can be two explanations for this: either it is really so good, or it is not exploited long enough to detect various defects. But time does not stand still, soon the answer to this question will become obvious to all.

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