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Motor oils Idemitsu: reviews, specs, performance

Idemitsu Reviews represented by technologists and ordinaryusers in various sources. These are lubricants designed for various types of vehicles. The Japanese brand "Idemitsu" is a world famous manufacturer. Its products are famous for their high quality. It is one of the largest participants in the lubricants market.

Presented oils are poured in almost allengines of Japanese cars in production. Lubricants of this brand are also popular in our country. There are many types of oils "Idemitsu".

Oil features

Idemitsu oil was developed taking into account the high requirements of global manufacturers of automotive equipment. There are several lines of tools that are used in the system of the engine and transmission of various brands of cars.

Lubricants are needed to improveslip between rubbing metal pairs of mechanisms. They collect dirt and soot from the surfaces, keeping them inside. This prevents sedimentation of soot particles on the elements of the system. This is especially important for diesel engines.

Also, Idemitsu has developed manyoil series with different viscosity grade. This allows you to choose the best product in accordance with existing climatic conditions. The Japanese manufacturer took into account the weather conditions of our country. As a result, all-season oils that can withstand both extremely low and high temperatures are supplied to the domestic market.

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For different types of engines JapaneseThe manufacturer has developed special formulas for formulations. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations of the manufacturer of equipment regarding the properties and technical characteristics of the oil.

For gasoline engines, there are lubricants from the Idemitsu series and Idemitsu Zepro. They can be used in new, old engines, as well as systems with high mileage. For this purpose, a series of mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic basis.

For diesel engines of various designs, such series as Idemitsu Diesel Apolloil. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the features of the motor, its design and operating conditions. Also created line for motorcycle engines, as well as transmissions.

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Oils presented by the manufacturer are made by special technologies. They consist of a base and a balanced set of additives. The main qualities of the presented product depend on it.

The company produces lubricant products onmineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic basis. The first category of funds include hydrocracking. In their labeling is the word Mineral. Such tools are designed for motors with high mileage or units of the old model.

Most varieties of oils company "Idemitsu" created on a synthetic or semi-synthetic basis. They are presented in series Idemitsu Extreme ECO, Zerpo, Touring, etc. Synthetics consists entirely of artificial components. It is used for engines of the new model, which are operated in loaded conditions. Semisynthetics are a bit cheaper. It contains a certain amount of mineral base. Such tools are suitable for medium and low-loaded motors of the new sample.

Petrol engines

The most popular in our country are the series for gasoline engines. Idemitsu Zepro Racing as well as touring. They are created entirely on a synthetic basis. The first kind of oils costs about 3100-3200 rubles. for 4 l. Touring series can be purchased for 2200-2300 rubles. for 4 l.

Engine oil Zepro Racing is used in forced engines. It is used in high-power turbocharged engines of Japanese and European production. Idemitsu Touring suitable for new four-stroke engines. This oil is also suitable for turbocharged systems. It is used in the engines of cars, SUVs, minibuses.

 idemitsu zepro

All-weather synthetic oils of the Japanese brandallow to save fuel, and also do not demand replacement and a long time. They form a thin film of oil on the details. It quickly spreads over metal surfaces in cold weather, does not burst during heat and under high loads. These oils are ideal for use in harsh conditions, on the roads of the metropolis.

Diesel engines

In the lineup Idemitsu Zepro presented compositions that providestable, full-fledged work of engines on diesel fuel. They got the name Diesel. Created such oils on synthetic (cost 3100-3200 rubles. For 4 liters) and semi-synthetic basis (2000-2200 rubles. For 4 liters).

Presented products have high detergentcharacteristics. They are used in the systems of passenger cars, SUVs and minibuses. Motors can be of European, Asian, American production.

For heavy commercial vehicles shouldAcquire the DH-1 / CF series. Also, this type of lubricant for diesel engines is used when using fuel with a high sulfur content. For systems that run on low-grade fuels, the DL-1 series is used.

 idemitsu extreme eco

Motorcycle oils

A line of tools has also been developed for motorcycle engines. Idemitsu. Reviews technologists and owners of the presented vehicles speak of high product quality.

The series includes lubricants on mineral,synthetic and semi-synthetic basis. Presented funds are available in canisters with a capacity of 1 l. Depending on the type of motor, select the appropriate type of lubricant.

The cheapest in the series is mineralgrease. Its cost is 460-480 rubles / l. Mineral-based oils are used in old-style engines. If the motor is new, but is not operated in loaded conditions, you can purchase semi-synthetic lubricant. It costs 500-510 rubles / l. Synthetics is used under loaded operating conditions. Its price is about 610-620 rubles / l.


For the transmission, special formulations of oils are used. The most popular series in our country is Idemitsu ATF. This lubricant is designed for modern gearboxes. Its cost is 640-650 rubles / l. A canister with a capacity of 4 liters costs about 2100-2150 rubles.

 idemitsu atf

Presented grease is characterized by ultra-longservice life. It prevents automatic transmission wear even under high loads and temperatures. Due to the special composition, foaming is excluded. This allows for a smooth, easy shifting of the gearbox.

The presented tool is used in transmissions of the modern sample. It consists of a large number of additives that ensure stable operation of the transmission even under loaded conditions.


Part Idemitsu ATF, Zepro, Diesel and other series includes a specific set.additives. It depends on the requirements for the operation of such funds. Most of the functions that characterize each type of lubricant are provided by additional oil elements.

Additives provide anti-friction, antioxidant and detergent action of lubricants. The engine, gearbox at the same time can work stably even in extreme conditions.

 idemitsu diesel

Antifriction effect of oil is shown inprevention of mechanical wear of rubbing elements of the mechanism. Additives that prevent the development of oxidative processes, prevent the occurrence of rust and destruction of the metal. Detergent components collect dirt and soot from engine parts. They also prevent their subsidence in the system.

Expert Reviews

Engine oils Idemitsu Zepro, Touring, Extreme ECO and other varietiesmarked by experts as high-quality tools. Japanese manufacturers of lubricants are manufactured in accordance with high environmental and technical standards. Thanks to this, Idemitsu is allowed to use oils in many engines of the world's largest engineering companies.

Engine, transmission quality protected fromwear and tear. Also high detergent quality of the funds presented. They contribute to the easy start of the engine and shifting the gearbox in severe frost. Oils ensure the stable operation of systems under increased load.

The release of toxic substances when using consumables, Idemitsu is significantly reduced. When used properly, they do not harm human health and the environment.

Experts strongly recommend before choosingoils for the engine or transmission, see the recommendations of the manufacturer of such systems. If the wrong means is poured into the system, the mechanism can quickly fail. Therefore, before purchasing a new oil, it is necessary to become familiar with the composition of the agent that was previously used in the engine or transmission.

Negative feedback

Domestic drivers of Japanese-made oil are recognized as high-quality and reliable. However, there are negative remarks about lubrication Idemitsu. Reviews this category is about 20% of all statements of vehicle owners.

Many drivers claim that the priceThe funds presented are quite high. However, experts do not recommend saving on the quality of lubrication. Repair of the motor or its full replacement will cost much more.

Some vehicle ownersmarked by a high degree of sintering means. However, this is possible when buying unlicensed oil. Fake is of poor quality. Therefore, you should purchase oils considered by us in specialized outlets.

 idemitsu touring

Positive reviews

Idemitsu oil marked by a large number of positivereviews (about 80%). Drivers agree that this is a high-quality, high-tech tool. It prolongs the work of the motor, does not require frequent replacement. At the same time, the engine is kept clean throughout the entire product life cycle

Fuel consumption when using Japaneselubricants in the motor is reduced. The engine is stable. Its power increases. The motor is easy to start even in severe frost. When driving on city roads, when the car is often stuck in traffic, this tool protects the engine from high loads.

Transmission switches easily. In this case, the work of all systems becomes quiet, soft. These are high-quality oils that were appreciated by the owners of various vehicles around the world.

Having considered the features that brand lubricants possess Idemitsu, reviews consumers and technologists, it can be noted highproduct quality of the presented brand. When properly used, these lubricants can prolong the work of mechanisms and protect them from adverse effects.

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