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Model 3165 UAZ: characteristics and features

UAZ-3165 "Simba" is a low-tonnage minivana new generation, designed to transport people and goods on bad roads. It is able to move quickly not only on dirt roads, but also where there is no path at all. The plant's management plans to produce these cars instead of the "Loaf" model. But it is worth noting that the mass production of UAZ-3165 (minivan) is considered only as a prospect.


3165 Oise

"Simba" received not only a new design, but alsoTechnological design solutions that meet international requirements for economy and safety. The new 3165 UAZ differs from its predecessor by the repeatedly raised level of comfort. The car already in the base is equipped with a sunroof, has 6-9 seats and is equipped with radial rubber. Its interior is completely sheathed, the dashboard is completely new, and the steering wheel is adjustable in the angle of inclination. For comfort at long distances, there are also new seats with headrests.


oas 3165 minivan
Salon is transformed, giving the opportunityarrange a full-fledged sleeper. If it is of no use, then such a transformation will make it possible to place a dimensional cargo in the interior space for its subsequent transportation. 3165 UAZ in basic equipment has an all-metal body and five universal doors. The front seats have three types of adjustments: lumbar, longitudinal and adjusting the angle of the backrest.


The family of cars, united under the name 3165 UAZ, includes:

  • cargo-passenger car "combi" with 6-9 seats;
  • option with increased comfort for the transport of passengers;
  • a van with a roof trimmed in height;
  • the machine for cargo transportation;
  • version with a large spacious cabin;
  • special vehicles for narrow purposes: an ambulance, a small bus with twelve seats.

In the future, perhaps, the Simba family will supplement with new models and modernize the old ones. However, this will directly depend on the demand in the Russian market and in the CIS countries.

Engineers and the management of the company "UAZ" are planningto produce "Simba" in two versions: rear- and front-wheel drive. The first option, of course, will help save money for future owners of these cars. However, not everyone can imagine UAZ without the possibility of connecting the front drive. Considering the operating conditions of these machines, the lack of a full drive can greatly affect the functionality of the car in off-road conditions.

The Van UAZ-3165 plan to release two types. The first: a low roof, a short overhang and a volume of useful space of 5.3 cubic meters. Now we will discuss the second kind. It has a high or low roof and a long overhang. The amount of useful space in the van will depend on the vertical parameters. If the roof is high, then it will be 7.2 cubic meters. m. If the low - 6,5 cu. The dimensions of the cargo platform will be 2600 x 1970 millimeters. In the passenger-and-freight variant of cars with 5 seats, the platform will decrease and get the dimensions 2000 x 1970 mm.

The basis

oas 3165 simba

3165 UAZ will receive a wide range of engines,including not only domestic, but also imported engines. All will be V-shaped, the number of cylinders will be from four to six. Moreover, a car with less than 9 seats can be operated by a driver with a category "B" rights.

So what is the result? We have the following: UAZ has created a multifunctional model that is easy to use in various conditions and for all sorts of purposes. This may be a family, truck. It will be used for the needs of the Emergencies Ministry, the army and medical institutions. So we reviewed the key parameters of the vehicle.

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