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Brilliance V5: reviews and specifications (photo)

Brilliance China Auto - a representative of the Chinese automotive industry, a leader in the production of passenger cars and minibuses.

About Brilliance

In addition to the main direction, the company is engaged inthe manufacture of gasoline engines, designed for many types of cars, ranging from cars and ending with trucks. The main offices of the company and the factory building are located in Liaoning Province, which is located in Shenyang, and employs approximately 9,100 people.

brilliance v5 reviews

Automobile holding is engaged in the production of cars,quite similar to the product of the famous brand BMW. The fact is that back in 2003, an agreement was reached between BMW and the Chinese leader to sell all the cars produced on the Asian car market, including the Brilliance V5, which is positive today. In its style, quality and design, this joint product replicates the BMW 3 and 5 Series sedans. To date, similar sales total about 23,595 cars, more than half of which were produced in factories in China.

The history of the formation of the famous avtolidera

The first mention of the creation of a corporationBrilliance has been known in China since 1992. At that time, in Bermuda, with the help of foreign investment, the Chinese government decided to build one of the largest to date holding called Brilliance China Auto. The main shareholder in the construction was Huachen Automotive Group Holdings - this is a state-owned company, to the leadership of which 40% of all production shares were ceded.

brilliance v5 specs

By the end of the year, it was decided to enter into an agreement with the concern Toyota, whose best engineers acted as mentors for Brilliance specialists.

In 1998, production expands, with thisof the year, the holding was joined by a manufacturer of gasoline engines and car glass. This period became the starting point in the export of spare parts, engines and automobiles. And the following year became significant for the company thanks to the agreement concluded with Mitsubishi for the production of engines in the PRC.

Since 2003, the BMW Group has joined the corporation, and the level of manufactured goods has risen to a new premium class level.

Since then, the company name has become moreglobal - Brilliance China Automotive Holdings, and the company itself occupies a leading position in the production of modern cars, such as Brilliance (crossover) V5. Build quality, style and power fully meet all requirements, guarantee simplicity and reliability in operation.

Brilliance V5 crossover through the eyes of the consumer

Those motorists who have already triedin fact, the petrol "four" volume of 1.6 liters, rightly appreciated the new crossover. But all inexperienced should carefully approach the "crossover" of this instance. The drive of the "Chinese" without alternatives to the front, ground clearance does not strike the imagination, but the geometric permeability, determined by eye, is definitely not ideal.

brilliance crossover v5

Model Brilliance V5 reviews has different. Chinese masterpiece can be equipped with a five-speed manual and automatic transmissions. It should be noted that with all this the car has almost no data for high-quality terrain. The model offers only front-wheel drive, and the front overhang, having significant dimensions, is bad for overcoming the ups and downs.

Chinese Brilliance V5: Model Review

Brilliance (crossover) V5 combines blendseveral models of famous car brands. The first thing that is read in an external review is the striking similarity with the Bavarian X1. China offers similar outlines and lines of the hull, the design of the car resembles a number of similar industries, assembled on samples of European brands.

Making the Brilliance V5 a review, you can see that the crossover is not particularly prominent in its dimensions, it is made without sharp corners and unnecessary details, it looks like a sports car.

Parameters and dimensions of the crossover

Having a presentable appearance, SUVequipped with a fairly modern cabin that provides maximum comfort to its passengers. As you know, the design of the model was carried out by the Italians master atelier Pininfarina.

brilliance v5 in Russia

Car parameters are as follows: The length, width and height are 4405, 1800 (disregarding mirrors) and 1627 mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2630 mm. The back and front gauges, in general, amounted to the range of 1530 and 1544 mm, and the clearance, which is also the ground clearance, is noticeable by 175 mm. The basis of the body Brilliance V5 lay high-strength steel, curb weight of cars ranges from 1,730 to 1,780 kg.

This new product ranks first amongsimilar Chinese developments. In its design everything is thought out to the smallest detail, even the abundance of space and a variety of pockets for storage. In the interior decoration with the use of natural fabrics and soft plastic is not present the usual plaque "Chinese assembly." All seats are made of high quality material and deliver maximum comfort to both the driver and the rest.

Car Brilliance V5: technical specifications

Brilliance (crossover) V5 is equippedfour-cylinder engine Mitsubishi 4A92S, the volume of which is 1.6 liters. Acceleration of a car from 0 to 100 km / h occurs in 11.9 s, and the maximum speed is 170 km / h. Fuel consumption - about 10.0 liters in the city, and on the highway - 7.8 liters. In mixed use mode, the flow rate will not exceed 8.5 liters. Suspension independent McPherson front and semi-H-shaped rear.

brilliance v5 specs

Car Brilliance V5 has the following characteristics:

  • CD / MP3 audio system, 8 speakers and USB connectivity;
  • Luke;
  • rear-view mirrors, made with electrochromic coating;
  • 6 airbags;
  • wheel;
  • LED headlights;
  • automatic door locking;
  • keyless control;
  • built-in parking sensors.

The crossover provides for the presence of the ABS system, andalso exchange rate stabilization (EBD). It is more convenient to manage this monster with the integrated anti-skid system MASR;

Cooperation with the Russian Federation

Car dealer in the Russian Federation fromChina will be "DolAvto", the distributor of Chinese car brands Chery and Geely. The start of the car sales company was at the end of March, and in the showrooms of the DolAvto company it is already possible to conduct a test drive.

brilliance v5 in Russia
Previously, the auto giant has already appeared on Russianmarkets, but the models proposed by him did not attract much attention, and the Brilliance V5 model did not receive feedback from the Russian-speaking population. Today Brilliance China Automotive Holdings has reached a new level and is ready to offer a more interesting product. The price-quality ratio will pleasantly surprise the consumer, and the affordable version of a copy of fairly budget BMW models will force many to reconsider their attitude towards Chinese manufacturers.

Germany, it would seem, is not opposed to plagiarismown developments in the automotive industry, and on the contrary, signs long-term cooperation agreements with the production of China. By systematically assisting Chinese manufacturers in the latest developments, the Germans also help in assembling and equipping vehicles, thus preventing newly-established brands from losing to competitors with long experience.

Brilliance V5 in Russia is available with a singleThe 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine from Mitsubishi, which is capable of developing up to 110 horsepower. Also, a five-speed "mechanic" or a five-band "automatic" was installed.

Price policy

The Chinese company announced the official prices for Brilliance V5. The global public presentation of the machine took place in 2012, at the Beijing Auto Show.

Brilliance Motor launches Russian sales atthe territory of the Russian Federation flagship front-wheel drive crossover Brilliance V5, reviews of which today are mostly mostly positive. Initially, this model was purchased in 17 dealer centers, by the end of this year they are expected to increase to 35.

brilliance v5 review

Basic sale option - Comfort equipment,which is estimated from 629 thousand 990 rubles. A more expensive option is the Deluxe, it will cost from 658 thousand 990 rubles and will provide the buyer with heated mirrors, a sunroof, steering wheel with leather and access without using a key.

By purchasing Comfort, for the "automatic" is offeredto pay 60 thousand rubles, and in the Deluxe version - 60 thousand 910 rubles. For example, on the territory of the Russian Federation is considered the all-wheel drive version of the Chery Tiggo SUV, which will cost a potential client 690 thousand rubles.

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