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LAZ-699 is a real legend!

LAZ is a real legend among buses,which received many modifications. This model was implemented with the latest developments and ideas that made it not only comfortable, but also unique in some senses. This bus has a long history. Even today it can be found on the roads. And strangely enough, because of the great success and popularity of the bus produced even in the 2000's.

The first model appeared in 1960 - LAZ-699"Carpathians". Experienced with an elongated base, soft 34 seats, two hatches, a compartment for thermoses, a toilet, a refrigerator, radios in the headrests. Serially produced LAZ-699 at the Lviv factory since 1978. Its main feature was that it has a car body type with a bearing base, is considered an intercity model, it has three doors (a driver's and two passenger ones). Bus of the big class. The main destination is international and long distance transportation.

manhole 699

699А "Carpathians-1"

Initially, only three LAZ models were produced. The bus was almost identical to the previous one, but with a remote pneumo-electric gearshift system. There were also some differences in the layout of the 699A: 41 seats, two folding seats in the front, the toilet and a wardrobe were removed. This model was created for state and factory tests, the former lighting system and moldings remained. The tests revealed questions about the reliability of certain aggregates and bridges, so the production of this model was postponed.


laz bus

The following models were produced in 1967 and 1969years (699A and 699B), were the only variations of the LAZ in its kind. The buses of this model had no chance to go into mass production, so variants of the same class were developed - 699N and 695N, the dimensions were the same. At the same time, the 699H had an additional third door for passengers within the wheelbase, as a result of which it was necessary to increase the thickness of the columns of the opposite window openings. The models differed in high windshield, more modern design and increased strength of the body. Due to the lack of storage areas, as well as three-row layout, 31 seats were installed, and in general the bus could accommodate 74 people.

Moved transport on the engine from ZIL 375,equipped with a spring-air suspension and automatic transmission. For two years (from 1972 to 1974), this model was equipped with power hybrid units, a traction generator DK 512A, a gasoline engine ZMZ 53, batteries of batteries and a traction motor at 75kW DK 308A. LAZ-699 was equipped with an additional output, which became mandatory, air intakes and windows appeared. In the 699H there was a new ventilation, but there was no ventilation. Production of the bus was limited from 1976 to 1978.


laz 699r tourist

Tourist large model with the letter "R" inThe name was presented in 1978. But mass production began only in the 83rd, when the output of the 697R was reduced and could switch completely to the LAZ-699 bus. There have been many changes and upgrades to the very end of its production (2002). The main distinguishing feature of this model was initially false radiators, until 1981 mounted rectangular (Muscovite) headlamps and small emblems with the letter "L" in the square. At the end of the 81st the headlights were round, and the emblem was a circle with a large letter "L". It is worth noting that in the early 80's they produced a very limited number of luxury models LAZ-699. Photos of these varieties can be easily found, there would be a desire, but it's almost impossible to meet them on the road. They were used only for public services, so they had certain additions. At the end of the same 80's completely abandoned aluminum grille. Since 1993, cleaned the driver's door, some models had bridges with disk wheels.


From 1974 to 1975, two units were issuedLAZ-699 with the letter "I", which received the official name "Ukraine-34". In the people they are better known as "space". They were designed for the apron delivery of astronauts. The basic arrangement of the doors, the roof is raised from the rear for the installation of the air conditioner. Salon is sealed and divided into independent parts:

• 8 seats, refrigerator, telephone, wardrobe, air conditioning control unit, desks with tape recorder, working folding chairs, microphones for hands-free communication, headset communication;

• center for 1 seat, vacuum cleaner and wardrobe for flight suits;

• 8 seats, a wardrobe for clothes and linen, a table with a microphone and a telephone;

• driver's cab.

Heating was carried out by liquid stoves,which were connected to the cooling system of the engine, powered by a regular 12-volt electrical network. During operation of electrical appliances, 380/220 V.


laz 699 pictures

Two more LAZ-699 models from the 1974-75s weremade for Baikonur. They also delivered the astronauts to the site. The body of the bus was white with green and orange horizontal stripes, the second door was in the base and headed to a sealed compartment with vacuum cleaners and brushes. Further, individual doors led either to the 9-seat compartment for accompanying persons (a toilet, a wardrobe, a refrigerator and a bar were installed), or into a compartment for 6 seats for astronauts. The front door allowed to enter the glass fenced cockpit with an additional seat for the accompanying person. In the middle there was another door. The bus was equipped with video and radio tape recorder, intercoms, radio, video and photography lights, VHF radio, costume ventilation system, TV, autonomous air conditioning, liquid heater and engine cooling system. The body is absolutely airtight: an athermal double glazing unit and a heat shield of the roof. Onboard there were independent two electric networks (24 and 12В), generators (800 and 1200 Вт) and АКБ (60 and 150 ч).

Experienced Models

bus las 699

Finally, it should be noted that there were manyOther experienced models that did not go into mass production. For example, in 1969 in a single copy was created 699B, like the LAZ-699R "Tourist-2." There was also an experimental model 699H on the YaMZ 740 diesel engine. In general, there were a lot of options, but very few could get on the conveyor because of certain problems or because of their narrow specialization. The roads were visited by reliable tourist models that allowed them to comfortably cover very long distances, with an excellent ventilation system, heating and a well thought out suspension design.

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