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KamAZ, fuel filter: description, device, replacement and feedback

Cars that run on diesel fuel,are very picky to its quality. Poor fuel can cause pump breakage and nozzle clogging. Repair of these elements is very expensive. To eliminate possible risks, a fuel filter is installed in the system. Kamaz "Euro-2" is also equipped with them. The element absorbs all the existing clogging. Today we will look at how the KamAZ fuel filter works on the car and how to replace it.


The process of cleaning diesel fuel is carried out inseveral stages. The first is preliminary filtration in the tank itself. The second is a rough cleaning of the fuel. And the final stage is fine filtration.

euro fuel filter
The main difference between diesel engine filtersgasoline is the high efficiency of the first when protecting the combustion chamber from the penetration of water. By the way, some trucks are fitted with fuel filter heating. KamAZ is no exception. This element prevents the formation of paraffin deposits on the walls. As a result of temperature changes, especially in the autumn-winter period, diesel fuel freezes, releasing condensate at the same time. Heating and the filter itself do not allow water and paraffin to penetrate further along the mains into the combustion chamber. The smallest particles of these components can damage the injectors and pump.


At the moment, diesel cars KamskyAutomobile plants are equipped with two types of elements. This is a fuel filter of fine cleaning (KamAZ-5411 is equipped with them, among others) and coarse. How does each element work and work? Let's consider.

Rough cleaning

On which cars the fuel filter is installedrough cleaning? KamAZ is equipped with them from the beginning of production. The first samples were on models 5320. This element consists of a metal case. To it by means of a flange and bolts the glass-sediment bowl with a drain throat is fastened. A rubber gasket is also used for sealing. In the case there is a fuel distributor, a soothing device, and also a screen filter element. When the engine is running, the fuel flows through the manifolds through the manifold to the distributor. Further, the fuel enters the sump, where it is purified from large paraffin impurities and water.

kamaz fuel filter
After that, the fuel rises through the grid and, passing through the fuel outlet pipe, enters the pump.

On cars with an engine YMZ-236 this filterconsists of a cover with a body. Inside is a mesh metal frame with a cotton cord. The fuel gets through the body into the union and, getting rid of impurities, penetrates into the low-pressure pump. Also, during this operation, the fuel passes between the turns of the cord. If the system has an air lock, it is removed by unscrewing the filter. And the sludge is removed through a special neck, located at the bottom of the body.

Fine cleaning

The purpose of this filter is toFinal cleaning of the fuel before it enters the high-pressure pump. The element is positioned above the others in the system. Because of this, it accumulates air. On KamAZ vehicles, a fine fuel filter provides for the presence of a valve-jet. Through it, you can bleed the accumulated air in the system.

coarse fuel filter
How is the KamAZ Cummins fuel filter arranged? Its design assumes the presence of two paper elements. They are made of special porous paper and are arranged in parallel relative to each other. The filter element is fixed in the body on the rod and is urged by means of a spring. With a glass this body is connected by means of a bolt and a sealing washer. To avoid leakage, rubber gaskets are provided. The sludge drain plug is located in the core of the element. By the way, the air filtering on KamAZ cars produces a fuel filter automatically if the pressure reaches 0.04 MPa. Air-blown fuel will return back to the tank.

How does the cleaning procedure work? The principle of operation is as follows. The fuel feed pump pushes the fuel into the filter housing, where it is sent to the beaker. Passing through the pores of paper elements, it is cleaned and enters further into the central rod. Then it goes through the fittings to the high-pressure pump, and then to the injectors. So the KamAZ fuel filter "Cummins" works. It is believed that this design allows you to make the most complete cleaning of fuel from dirt and deposits.


Reviews of motorists say that, dependingfrom operating conditions, these elements need to be changed after 7-12 thousand kilometers of run. As for the coarse filters, they can simply be blown under high air pressure and drained. The washed element is again suitable for operation. By the way, on the fuel filter KamAZ the price is from 900 to 1200 rubles (meaning fine cleaning). But with a long period of operation, it is still necessary to replace the coarse cleaning element. Below we will tell you how to do it yourself.


When the resource of the element has come to an end, it is necessaryreplace the fuel cleaning filter. This requires a head for 12 and WD-40. The last one is soaked the filter fixing bolts if they are rusty.

fine fuel filter
On KamAZ vehicles, the element is attached to fourbolts. Next, remove the cover and remove the coarse filter. As a rule, there will be a residue of dirty fuel on its bottom. We drain it with a drain hole at the bottom. The glass itself should be thoroughly rinsed from solid particles, especially at the bottom. Next, you need to put a new filter and fill the bottom with 100-200 milliliters of diesel fuel.

If the mounting bolts are very rusty and difficultunscrew, replace them with new ones. To be easy to unscrew in the future, treat the thread with "Lithol" or graphite grease. Also, when replacing, pay attention to the condition of the fittings and nozzles. If they have cracks, they must be replaced.

How to change the fine filter

If you want to replace it, you need toclose the fuel tank cock. This is necessary in order not to spill fuel during the dismantling of the element. Then carefully wash the outer planes from the accumulated dirt. Do not ignore this point, as when replacing there is a risk of contamination of the cavity of the elements, because of which the dirt will be clogged on the nozzles. After thoroughly cleaning the filter and its contiguous elements from dust, proceed to dismantling.

We prepare a small container. We unscrew the drain valve by 1.5-2 turns. After that, a small amount of fuel will pour out. Then remove the bolts securing the fuel filter for fine cleaning, along with rubber bands and a spring. The inside is thoroughly rinsed so that the dust does not penetrate further along the lines.

fuel filter
By the way, you can do this with a piecerags soaked in the same diesel. Next, install a new element in place and build the assembly in reverse order. As in the previous case, inspect all the sealing and connecting elements. If they are cracked or sprawled, they must be replaced with new ones.

How to determine the wear and tear?

Reviews of car owners KamAZ say thatthe clogging of the fuel filter is easy enough to determine. As the pollution of the car will lose traction. The machine is jerking at speed. Also, there may be an increased fuel consumption.

fuel filter kammin camminz
Riding with a dirty element is extremely notrecommended. According to statistics, 40 percent of all diesel unit damage occurs due to dirty filter elements. Remember that the reliability of the entire engine, including the injection pump, the cost of which starts from $ 200, depends on the purity of these parts. Always keep new filters in reserve in order to change them in time if necessary, especially if the truck travels long distances.

Maintenance of the fuel system of the car KAMAZ

The fuel filter in the places of its connection is notmust have traces of leaks. Before leaving the park, all pipelines of the system are checked. In winter, it is necessary to add fuel to a full tank in front of the parking lot (even for one night).

cummins fuel kamaz filter
Otherwise, on its walls is formedcondensate, which will reduce the filtering ability of the element. Periodically it is necessary to drain the sediment from the coarse and fine filter (at least once every 5 thousand kilometers).

This operation is performed on the heatedthe engine. To do this, unscrew the drainage plugs and substitute capacity for sludge. Drain it until clean fuel is poured. After that, tighten the tube and pump over the system so as not to form air plugs. The latter can be pitted through the upper valve. Also once every 2 years it is recommended to flush the fuel tank from sediment accumulated in it. And for more thorough processing motorists put an additional element.

So, we found out what the coarse and fine fuel filters installed on domestic-made KamAZ vehicles are.

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