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Lada Kalina Cross - specifications and prices

Since the autumn of last year on the Russian automobilemarket appeared "Lada Kalina Cross." The technical characteristics of the new car appeal to many amateurs of off-road driving. How justified are their expectations, we will discuss in this article.


This is the name of the onlya complete set in which "Lada Kalina Kross" is presented. Technical characteristics make the domestic car a comfortable and moderately powerful crossover.

Lada Kalina Cross - technical specifications

The outline of the body resembles a station wagon, based onwhich was developed the main carrier of the cross-version of the "Kalina". But, unlike the usual "Kalina", the body of this model has a pronounced brutality. Alloy wheels in size of 15 inches allowed the model to have an impressive clearance of 208 mm. And this is all about the new Kalina Cross.

Technical characteristics of this crossoverleave the developers a large field for further work on improving the car. However, the comfort of owners and passengers provides such features as:

  • climate system;
  • a filter of air coming from outside;
  • enhanced noise insulation of the cabin;
  • The modern audio system, which has in its interface USB, Bluetooth and Handsfree;
  • heating of front seats and exterior mirrors;
  • an element of active driver safety (pillow);
  • brackets for securing cargo in the trunk.

All these features stimulate the increased interest of the consumer, which caused the appearance of "Lada Kalina Cross".

Engine specifications

Today, this model on the market is presented in two versions, equipped with such types of power plant:

  1. Eight-valve gasoline engine volume of 1.6 liters and a capacity of 87 liters. from.
  2. Sixteen-valve engine of the same volume (produces 19 hp more).

These 19 horses give a tangible advantage. A conventional eight-valve accelerates the car to 100 km / h in 12.2 seconds. A more advanced powerplant achieves this speed level 1.4 seconds faster.

 lada kalina cross price and technical characteristics

The difference is felt and on overcoming heavyroad sections - a pseudo crossover with a sixteen-valve engine has a greater torque, which can not but affect the performance of the car "Lada Kalina Cross." The technical characteristics of the remaining units and units were not changed and remained the same as with a less powerful engine.

It should also be added that the second engine is little, only 0.3 liters more economical. So, in the city limits to overcome 100 kilometers, it will require 9 liters of fuel, and in the countryside - only 5.8 liters.


The main components and assemblies of the new crossover are smallthan they differ from the usual "Kalina". Transmission - a mechanical five-speed. The main pair has a gear ratio of 3.9. Rear suspension - semi-independent, lever. The front also has a classic independent design, similar to the "Macpherson".

The main advantage (increased patency)the model gained thanks to greater ground clearance. Due to the increased diameter of the wheel, the clearance increased by 7 mm. Tuned in a special way modernized suspension added another 16 mm. The resulting 23 mm is a good result even for more serious crossover models.


The developers of this model have left the standardinterior colors. No dullness and monotony: orange inserts hit the eyes of more conservative motorists. This design move can be called a bold experiment. Thanks to him, the car received a pronounced difference, making it a more youthful means of transportation.

Some buyers have negative comments aboutinterior coloring. Nevertheless, no one is going to change the orange color, and buyers who wish to become owners of this car, there is only one thing - to take in their lives the tone that symbolizes a strong and confident youth.

all about the new kalina cross specifications

The front doors are equipped with electric window lifters. The rear passengers received a separate row of seats and headrests.

External aggressiveness of the car is underlinedwide moldings running along the middle line of the doors. The lines of wheel arches and car sills are also outlined by a wide continuous strip of black plastic, imperceptibly and radically changing the face of "Lada Kalina".

The luggage compartment of the car can not boast ofIts capacity is only 355 liters. But, as usual, having folded the rear seats, it can be increased by another 315 liters, which allows solving many everyday issues related to the transportation of goods.

The cost of Lada Kalina Cross

The price and specifications of any car are always directly dependent on each other. So far the only difference of the new product is the engine power.

technical characteristics of the novelty freckle viburnum cross

A more complete unit led to a rise in pricemodel for 10 thousand rubles. With this engine, the car costs 481 thousand rubles, which makes it a very attractive object in the domestic automotive market.

Now you know the basic technicalcharacteristics of the novelty. "Lada Kalina Cross" can offer its owner not only better off-road ability, but also comfort, practicality in operation. The affordable price level makes this car a reality for many car owners in Russia.

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