/ How are cars disposed of? Is it possible to repair a recycled vehicle?

How to recycle cars? Is it possible to repair a recycled vehicle?

In the Russian Federation for several years successfullyThere is a program that allows to recycle old cars without unnecessary worries. It pursues several goals, important not only for the state, but also for owners of vehicles. In addition, one of the main tasks of the program is to update the modern car industry and support the domestic market.

Objectives of transport utilization

For several years the state has been carrying out a program for the disposal of old motor vehicles and their aggregates. First of all, it is important for updating the fleet of domestic industrial enterprises.

how to recycle cars

The disposal procedure, in addition to restoring fleets, also has the following advantages:

  • due to the write-off of the old equipment, road safety is increased, the risk of emergency situations is significantly reduced;
  • the recycling program provides for a discount on the purchase of the next domestic car, so there is a stimulation of sales from the Russian manufacturer;
  • the ecological situation improves, after all, with proper and safe processing, a significant portion of heavy metals do not enter the atmosphere;
  • secondary use of raw materials in production;
  • thanks to the use of used metals, you do not need to spend huge sums on the extraction of new resources, this ultimately affects the cost of a new car and makes it cheaper;
  • reuse of used auto mechanics and spare parts.

Thus, how to dispose of cars is importantknow every owner, because thanks to the state program, the owner needs only to declare his intention, and everything else will be done by special companies.

Why is the program interesting to car owners?

The question of how to dispose of cars for car owners is relevant for many reasons, the main ones of which are presented below:

  • strong wear and tear of mechanisms, which leads toimpossibility in the future to use the transport for the purpose - car owners do not have any sense to keep an old car, which will eventually only grow old and become unusable;
  • where you can recycle the car,now a very wide range of transport owners, since the old car, thanks to the state program, can be profitably exchanged for a new one, making an additional payment that is much less than the cost of a new car;
  • sometimes it's just a forced measure, for example, when hijacking a car it is very advantageous to remove it from registration and not pay tax further.

The old machines recycling program

Based on the requirements of legislation, the following vehicles are subject to disposal:

  • who have been lawfully in the last six months;
  • the owner must be a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • the age of the car must be more than six years;
  • removed from the account in the State Traffic Inspectorate;
  • In the car all accessories must be available.

where vehicles are recycled

Where to dispose of the car under the program? Dealership centers are engaged in the recycling, which help to carry out the whole procedure, including transportation of the vehicle. The result is a certificate that allows you to buy a new car with a significant discount.

What package of documents should I submit to the traffic police?

The first stage is the removal from the registration of the transport immediately before contacting an authorized dealer where the car will be disposed of. In the traffic police need to submit the following documents:

  • a statement of intent to dispose of the vehicle;
  • a document certifying the identity of the applicant and a power of attorney if the person is not an automobile owner;
  • technical passport of the car;
  • a certificate that the car is registered with the State Traffic Inspectorate;
  • number plates.

A car that is subject to cancellation is not necessarybring it, because it will not be possible to go back on it. He, after being disregarded, on the evacuator must be sent to the dealer, where the cars are disposed of. In large cities, as a rule, there are a large number of dealer centers offering to recycle old cars at favorable conditions.

For example, in Moscow the optimal conditions for disposal are offered by the centers:

  • "Vtorstal" (Vostryakovsky Proyezd d. 10 B p. 8).
  • "Vtorchermet NLMK Center" (Mytischi, Projected travel, 4530, 6, building 1).
  • "Vtormet" (Suzdalskaya str., 14A).

In St. Petersburg:

  • "AVTOPORT" (Vyborg highway, 27 k2B).
  • "Astoria Motors" (St. Sofia, 4 A).

recycle a car

In case of loss or impossibility to provide a certificate or registration marks, it is necessary to submit a written explanation of what happened to them.

After the car is taken into account, allThe submitted information is transferred to the tax inspection, which is obliged to recalculate the tax on transport. The state duty for recycling is currently not charged.

In the State Traffic Inspectorate it is necessary to take a certificate stating that the car has been taken into account.

Dealer actions for disposal

How to recycle cars and what furtheractions of the owner after the removal from the account? Many dealer centers conclude an agreement with the owner for subsequent disposal. In addition, representatives of these organizations take on all the functions related to the execution of subsequent documents.

how to recover a recycled car

To hand over the car to the dealer it is desirable to issue an act of acceptance of the vehicle.

Participants in the state program are givencertificate for the further purchase of a new vehicle. To do this, you need to provide your passport details. Compensatory payment depends on which vehicle is sent for recycling.

The task of dealers usually includes assistance in choosingThe new car in the parameters that are interesting to the person handing over the old car for processing. Also, dealers can help with the design of a package of documents for the purchase of a new vehicle.

Utilization of transport enterprises

How to dispose of cars of legal entities? An expert assessment of the transport to be written off is held, and a conclusion is issued on the condition of the car. The company is removing from the balance of the vehicle with the issuance of the necessary local acts.

 where you can dispose of the car

The car according to the above procedure is removed fromaccounting in traffic police. Further, a contract is concluded with the dealer, on the basis of which it is possible to return funds for the metal and the main components of the vehicle. Recycling is also possible.

After the representative of the legal entity andthe dealer will agree on the deal, the car is delivered to the recycling center. As a result of its conduct, the company is issued acts of acceptance, transfer and write-off, all the conditions of the contract are fulfilled.

The ability to recover recycled vehicles

Is it possible to recover a recycled car? The answer to this question is ambiguous, since in 2011 the legislation regulating relations in the field of setting up and deregistering vehicles by the bodies of the State Automobile Inspectorate stated that it was impossible to restore it when a vehicle was deregistered.

where to dispose of the car on the program

Instead, the opportunity to stopvehicle registration. Termination is a slightly different form of removal from the register of the machine, which does not provide for its further disposal. This procedure is particularly relevant for the owners of stolen vehicles or for those who can not afford to repair the car in a short time and do not want to pay tax for the vehicle idle. In this case, the car owner is given the opportunity to renew the registration on the vehicle.

In addition, motorists have found another wayby which you can try to restore the car, which still got to recycling. How to recover a recycled car that succumbed to recycling before 2011? Since the law does not have retroactive effect, it is likely that previously removed vehicles can still be registered with the traffic police again.

is it possible to recover a recycled car

To do this, find the owner of the car,which has been recycled. This person must go to the traffic police and write a statement about the restoration of registration, where all the parameters of the car, year of manufacture, equipment, etc. are indicated.

Summing up

Do not be afraid to say goodbye to your old car. The recycling program not only simplifies the entire procedure without unnecessary trouble, but also helps in acquiring a new vehicle.

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