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MAZ 64229: characteristics, photos and a list of advantages

When it comes to really hard stuff,it is worth remembering MAZ 64229. A tractor of such dimensions and configurations simply cannot stand aside. Its advantages are high power, reliability, low cost and good performance. Here are the criteria for success, which, fortunately, has the MAZ 64229. This tractor has already gained fans, fame and a good name for its entire release period. All this is no accident. A car with proper operation can live a long and rich life, and more than once confirm its high status of the king of towing vehicles.

A short digression into the history

Minsk Automobile Plant is faithful to its principles: quality, reliability, durability. It affects cars. MAZ 64229 first came off the assembly line in 1987 and to this day has not ceased to be produced. This indicates a decent quality and competitiveness of the truck.

maz 64229

After all, not everyone can keep leadingpositions for such a long time. Of course, there were some modifications by the designers. But they generally concerned the engine of the tractor. After a few changes, it became more powerful and more economical.

Scope of use

To each his own - this rule applies tocars. So what is this tractor for? MAZ 64229 is capable of intercity transportation. However, he feels good in the city. Of course, large sizes affect comfort, but this is not a significant hindrance.

Now another question: what to transport? MAZ 64229 is a typical tractor.

maz 64229 specifications

This type is multifunctional. What is attached to him, then he is lucky. This “what” can be anything. MAZ 64229 is able to pull tankers, special installations, platforms, refrigerated buildings, bodies and much more, the list does not end there. Accordingly, each type of trailer is assigned its own product. Fuel, liquid, instrumentation, cargo materials, products, and so on. MAZ is capable of much, therefore it is respected.

Truck pluses

On the pros can talk for a long time. Quality, reliability and maintainability - these are the trumps of this model. Also relatively low fuel consumption. Therefore, profitability can also be attributed to the pluses of MAZ. But fuel is not the only factor of consumption.

maz 64229 photo

The original cost, which, by the way, is notexceeds three million rubles, plays a big role. Parts, repairs, spare parts, too, can not be ignored. Cheap repair has not been canceled. In general, MAZ 64229 is an excellent truck that justifies its purchase.

Cons of truck

Nothing could be perfect, even a given tractor. How not to praise him, and he has a critical node. Electrical wiring is the worst enemy of the MAZ 64229. The electric circuit of a car quite often, especially in difficult situations (overload, severe frost), fails. Therefore, before each serious departure it is worth “crawling under the hood”, doing a superficial analysis with special devices. From the above, we can conclude: every driver of the MAZ is obliged to understand the electrical diagrams of the truck, carry with them instructions and a repair kit.

maz 64229 characteristic

Without this, a break in some wilderness can permanently knock down the schedule of transportation.

MAZ 64229 - the photo will tell a lot

What is also worth noting is the appearancethis truck. He is clear, concise and restrained. Just so I want to see this hero. The square cabin has several variants of color solutions, which are already considered to be classical for the products of the MAZ concern. Blue, white, red and even orange: choice for the amateur. As for the characteristics. It is simply impossible not to recognize a large, half-cubic, square grille. In many other models, it is chrome, but MAZ 64229 (photo proves) satisfied with only a scanty black grille.

maz 64229 tractor

Below you can see the massive iron bumper. In addition to his direct responsibilities related to maintaining security, he also performs the lighting function, because it was on the bumper that the headlights were located. Square illuminators are located exactly on the sides. We can not say about the mirrors. These are quite large objects that are set in different directions. At first glance, not very attractive, but multifunctional. This “crooked” location helps to reduce the “blind” zone, which is famous among trucks for its large area.

Cabin: interior, decoration, modules

Characteristic MAZ 64229 just can notinclude such an important object as a cabin. After all, it depends on it the convenience of the driver and passengers. The interior of the tractor doesn’t stand out for anything special: scanty cheap fabric upholstery, primitive but comfortable chairs. In addition, for all this, there are two berths in the cabin, on which drivers rest. By the way, MAZ 64229 has one nice feature - panoramic glass. Where MAZ’s competitors make two separate windshields, 64229 offers its own design. Before the driver opens a large space in front and sides. And this is important in urban environments.

MAZ 64229 technical specifications

MAZ has long been praised for its strength and power. The culprit of the hearing was the engine. The eight-cylinder petrol engine has a turbocharging system. This is the pride of the MAZ 64229. The technical characteristics of the power unit, thanks to her, grow by a significant ten percent. Well, this tractor eats a lot. For a hundred kilometers he uses forty-two liters of gasoline. These data may vary, depending on the workload of the tractor itself, and depending on the condition of the track.

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