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Protection of the back in the motorbike: which one to choose?

Motokurtka - the main part of the equipment of anymotorcyclist, and although attention to detail is also important, do not forget about the most basic. Perhaps we can agree that a few decades ago, bikers cut open roads on heavy choppers, and they did not need anything except leather leather jackets. But nowadays, the traffic is not at all the same, and even the speeds have noticeably increased, and with it the level of equipment should increase.

Despite the fact that protection for the back in a motorcycle jacket appeared relatively recently, as well as chest protective plates, it is already an integral part of the sportbike owner’s equipment.

motorcycle back protection


Back and chest protectors are similar in their kindarmor. By the way, it is used not only by motorcyclists, but also by athletes, such as snowboarders, skiers and even cyclists. Protection protects against injury in an accident and gives a sense of calm while driving: this allows the driver to cope with many fears associated with driving. Great benefits will bring beginners and not only because it saves from a number of injuries, but also because of the psychological aspect, because many of the subtleties of driving can be mastered only at speed.

Who else will benefit from back protection? In the motorcycle jacket lover crossbike she must enter necessarily. In motocross, you can not only increase your physical performance (after all, driving a motorcycle in off-road conditions is not the same as merging with a sport bike and dissecting it on ideal asphalt), but also really learn how to fly in direct and figurative ways. And since the fall in this sport - it is simple enough, to get a good “equip” should immediately.

alpinestars back protection

Back protector

In a modern-style motorcycle jacketinsert a special part. This is a polyurethane shell, which is put in place of foam rubber pads on the back, which practically do not protect against anything. This is the so-called built-in back protection. You can add protection to the IXS motorcycle jacket at very reasonable prices for most motorcyclists, starting at two thousand rubles.

There is another view - this is a separate back protection. It is not built into the motorcycle jacket, as can be judged from the name. It has straps, and it is worn over the jacket.


There are more "heavy" armor for allmotorcyclists, but this is especially true, of course, motocross. We will talk about the so-called shells and turtles. These types of equipment protect not only the back, but also the chest, shoulders and elbows (in the case of the "turtle"). The difference between them may not be clear at first glance, but in reality everything is simple. "Shell" is a monolithic protection for the back. Of course, you can’t build this into a motorcycle jacket, it is worn over it, just like a separate protection. "Shell" provides protection for the back, waist and chest.

"Turtle" is more like a composite armor. It also protects the back and chest, and in addition has plates that ensure the safety of the shoulders and elbows (in the case of "shell," they must be bought separately). The "turtle" is not a solid system, but it has many straps and buckles, which allows you to adjust it so that the fit to the body is as dense as possible, and this is the most important thing.

dainese back protector

What to choose?

So, if you decide that a complete protection, suchas a "shell" or "turtle", you do not need anything and you can only do with polyurethane foam back, the first question that arises is, what should it be: separate or embedded?

Both are probably similar to each other, like"shell" and "turtle", but there are nuances, and it is impossible to say for sure which is better. Each rider should choose the appropriate option based on their preferences.

So, both separate and embedded protection haveas a number of disadvantages and advantages, and similarities. Firstly, in both cases the back will sweat a lot. It would seem that embedded protection should be deprived of this disadvantage, but in reality, a polyurethane foam plate that heats up in the sun and does not let air in at all, collects condensate no less than a single solid. Secondly, if we talk about carrying them in your hands, it may also seem that the built-in back protection is more convenient. In a motorcycle jacket, for example, you can shove only one hand and leave it hanging on your shoulder. However, the same can be done with separate protection.

ixs motorcycle back protection

Main differences

Perhaps you can start with the price. Embedded plate, albeit slightly, but cheaper. Also, its advantage is that it is not necessary to wear, and therefore, don / take off an extra piece of equipment. If necessary, you can also take a backpack, which will be very problematic if you have a separate back protection. In the Alpinestars motorcycle jacket, IXS or any other company, this additional part can be easily added without any harm to the appearance.

Removable protection in the form of a plate on the straps alwaysfits more tightly, what is most important. After all, what is the use of it, if at the very right moment, during a strike or a slip on the asphalt, the plate will shift or even fly off? In addition, as a rule, a separate protection has an area larger than the built-in protection; it also captures the lower back.

spyke motorcycle back protection

About the weather and changing gear

The issue of security has been reviewed, now onthe agenda is another one about practicality. It will not come as a surprise to anyone that everyone who rides a bike is not the first year to have several sets of equipment. Sometimes this is simply due to the passage of time: a person studies his needs better and gradually collects a new equipment. And one day the question arises, what should be the protection for the back?

In a motorcycle jacket of almost any sample.it is not a problem to install it, but if there are several jackets, it becomes very expensive. But you can have only one separate protection and put it on top of any other basic equipment, whatever the material. This can not boast of any built-in back protection in a motorcycle jacket. With velcro, if there is one, it becomes even simpler at all: as a rule, the velcro closure serves as an additional tie on the belt.

Velcro back protection

About firms

Now a lot of different companies are engaged inproduction equipment. They compete with each other, trying to slay the customer with new production technologies, materials, design, and motorcyclists is only good: it is always good to have a wide choice. However, in view of this competition, it often happens that the pieces of equipment from different companies are non-complementary. Such is the built-in back protection.

Spyke is rarely possible to insert a plate into a motorcycle jacket.from for example ixs and vice versa. Thus, if a motorcyclist bought the equipment of one company, then the parts for its upgrade are also the easiest to buy from the same manufacturer. This must be taken into account, because prices for the same product may vary. For example, back protection in a Dainese motorcycle jacket will cost at least 4,000 rubles, which is to say about ergonomic models of individual plates, the price of which reaches 10-15 thousand.

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