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Internal advertising: types and features

On television, on the radio, on the streets and in elevatorsEvery day, everyone sees a few dozen advertisements, which tells about a product or service. Involuntarily or purposefully, but thanks to this method of communication, people buy goods.

Advertising: what is it for?

This word from Latin means"shout out" or "shout", and this is the essence of advertising - to talk about something without the consent of the listener. Outdoor or in-house advertising is information about a product, a seller, a planned event or an event. Thanks to mass communications, she became the engine of trade, and her ancestor was the French doctor and journalist Theophrastus Rondo, who first told about himself in the print press.

internal advertising

What is internal advertising: types

Everyone noticed advertising in the elevator, in officepremises, in the fitness center and unconsciously concluded that it might acquire goods or take advantage of the offered service. Such advertising is called internal, or indoor-advertising.

Its main task is to attract attentionpotential consumers of goods and services, but in order for it to work, it is important to place it correctly where people spend more time. For example, he travels in public transport, receives a ticket where advertising is posted on the back, or goes in an elevator and also pays attention to information and reads about a certain company.

production of outdoor indoor advertising

However, internal advertising can be divided intoIn-store (where information is given only about goods and promotions at a certain point of sale) and advertising in public places, which can inform absolutely about different goods.

In the store using POS-materials usuallyattract attention to goods that need to be sold faster and allocated among competitors, that is, to stimulate the purchase decision. The main carriers are:

  • Constructions of presentation character (racks, curbstones, tasting stands).
  • Floor graphics.
  • Suspended constructions are mobile (mock-ups of the product), models or wobblers (tables with figures that are attached to the shelf using a flexible plastic foot).
  • Polygraphic advertising - posters, leaflets, stickers, flags.

The advertising exposition in the store carries out such tasks as informing the buyer about the goods, getting acquainted with the quality and features of the goods and reminding about the accompanying goods.

Advertising in public places

Internal advertising is no less effective, and sometimeseven brings more benefits, because it is not considered intrusive, which often irritates potential customers. A successful example is advertising in the elevator, where it is able to reach almost 100% of its target audience. In addition, for the number of repetitions do not take an additional fee, as, for example, on television or radio, it only pays for the time during which the ads on taxis, pizza, Internet and television connection - everything that the person needs so much to arrange home and meet needs.

means of internal advertising

But we should devote more time to developing such aadvertising, which could interest a person who is able to become a client. The text should be short, the picture bright, but not repulsive - a person should immediately grasp the essence of what is at issue, and not re-read several times. Required and the availability of all contacts, so that the client had the opportunity to immediately call.

What else is there a means of internal advertising, andwhere it can be found? Attract the attention of the consumer can be when he is waiting for something, for example, is standing in line at the bank or sitting in the clinic. Then he is pleased to study all the information before his eyes and possibly take advantage of it and buy the goods. The main thing is that advertising is appropriate.

Thus, banks publish information about theirproducts: mortgages, loans, deposits and the acquisition of debit and credit cards. In hospitals, information is placed on drugs, but for example, in fitness centers, advertising can be not only about the center itself, but also about accompanying sports goods in a certain store, with which cooperation is established.


Before deciding, with the help of which advertising to spread information about yourself, it is worth noting its advantages and disadvantages, and then choose the manufacture of outdoor, indoor advertising.

indoor advertising: types

Let's analyze the advantages of internal advertising:

  • great coverage;
  • impact on the target audience;
  • long-term and repeated contact with potential customers;
  • Do not annoy customers;
  • gives an opportunity to inform about actions and special offers.

Thus, advertising in a public place or in transport can increase brand awareness and increase sales of goods or services.


Like other types, in-house advertising hasThe advantages that are listed above, and the shortcomings that each advertiser needs to know about. Legislation practically does not regulate this type of advertising, but there are not only advantages, but disadvantages:

  1. The main thing is that if the advertisement does not like, for example, the fitness center, the serving company or the head of the office, then it will not be posted and the reason will not be indicated.
  2. It is very difficult to calculate the effectiveness of such advertising: how many people saw the information about the goods in the elevator, came for a purchase or how many people felt that it was unsuccessful.
  3. In each public place, the price and placement conditions are set by the manager of the place, and this is also not controlled by anyone.

Internal advertising: photo and example

indoor advertising: photos

Understanding how advertising should look like,comes after you look at successful examples and find out your target audience. From this and it is worth starting. You need to know what the target audience is doing, what kinds of entertainment choose, where they can buy goods and whether they travel by public transport.

For example, you sell children's products, which means,the target audience are young mothers with children who like to go shopping and go to the elevator several times, as they go out for a walk. Someone, definitely, enjoys and public transport, but it is necessary to calculate this percentage, so that domestic advertising does not bring a loss.

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