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Snake Island

There are a lot of beautiful places in the world, where by all meansIt is necessary to visit all once in a lifetime. There are some who are dangerous in life. One of these places is Snake Island. Magnificent nature, clear blue water could make it a wonderful resort. However, you definitely will not take a vacation here. Here you will not find either fashionable hotels or shops. No one lives on the island: neither humans nor mammals. The whole territory is covered with forests and stones.

Snake Island
Local residents knowingly nicknamed the island "Serpentine".Twelve thousand venomous snakes live here. Among them there is one of the most poisonous - spearhead. Its poison, having got into the organism of a living being, acts very quickly. It causes death of tissues and, as a result, death. If you believe statistics, then on one square meter of land here there are about five dangerous individuals. In this regard, the likelihood of a fatal outcome when visiting is incredibly high. In order to avoid accidents, the Brazilian authorities banned visiting the Serpentine Island. Brazil is very near, the island is only 35 kilometers from the state of São Paulo. Local people never visit it.
Snake Island, Brazil

There is a lighthouse on the island.He works in automatic mode. The authorities have officially forbidden even to approach this accursed place. Formerly, caretakers lived here, some even with families. However, all of them died from snake bites. It was impossible to escape from the reptiles. Do not help people even tightly closed doors and windows. The story of one amateur tickling nerves is widely known. He sailed to Snake Island to taste bananas, to sail home he was not destined.

The local inhabitants are extremely aggressive. They skillfully disguise themselves and practically merge with grass, stones. They are able to remain immobile for a long time, waiting for a new victim.

Snake Island is not the only place wherethese dangerous creatures are found. They can be found elsewhere in South America. They are able to lurk in the grass and suddenly attack a person. It is easy to imagine what danger awaits anyone who came to the Serpentine Island.

Serpentine Island
The poison of local reptiles is rapidimpact on the whole body. Under his influence begins to decompose protein, which causes almost instant death. Such an immediate impact of the poison is due to the fact that the main source of food for snakes are birds. In order for the victim not to fly away, she must be quickly immobilized. In addition to birds, snakes feed on lizards.

The snake island is a truly hellish place.He would ideally have approached the role of scenery for horror films. And this characteristic is far from exaggerated. Brave people, trying to get close to the shore, could watch the stones with snake balls. Such a sight frightens off even the most fearless.

Despite the horror that inspires Snake Islandpeople, it is the unique, the largest on earth natural serpentarium. According to numerous requests of ecologists, the island has been recognized as a reserve since 1985 and taken under state protection.

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