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International tourism in the life of Russians

Today, the international tourism industry, beingan integral part in international trade in services, demonstrates its dynamic development. Over the past 20 years, on average for the year, the rate of growth in the flow of traveling people in the world was 5.1%, and foreign exchange earnings associated with the flow of people grew by 14%. Attention to the development of tourism in the world is increasing, as its impact on the economy of individual countries is very significant. As for Russia, according to statistical sources, in 2010 this industry in the total aggregate of Russia's GDP was 3%, and taking into account related industries - 6.5%. Given these indicators, we can say that international tourism is a constantly developing industry.

International tourism is

These are the spheres that are directly influenced by international tourism in any country:

  • It is always connected with the receipt of foreign currency;
  • Thanks to this industry, the country's balance of payments is growing;
  • It contributes to the diversification of the country's economy, creates industries that are related to tourism;
  • International tourism is growth of employment, growth of its incomes, increase of a level of well-being of the nation.

The volume of export services associated with this type of tourism is second only to the oil industry and the automotive industry throughout the world economy.

Russia and international tourism

The Russian Federation does not stand aside from the general worldtrends in the development of the economy, it has one of the leading places in the sphere of tourist exchange. So, in 2011, Russia gave a total flow of tourists - about 20 million people. The revenues received for this period amounted to $ 11.4 billion.

International tourism in Russia

Possessing a rich cultural heritage and naturaldiversity, Russia is rightfully among the countries in which potential growth in tourism is observed. Today in the sphere of services of Russia there are great changes.

International tourism in Russia will receive furtherdevelopment, t. demanded regions create special economic zones, which contribute to the development of business in the industry, which we are talking about today.

Structure of international tourism

International tourism has developed a clear structure in theprovision of services. So, the most mass enterprises in the sphere of organization are various agencies - intermediaries between tour operators and travelers. Their role to date is difficult to overestimate.

Next come travel agencies - these are wholesale companies that play the role of intermediaries between enterprises.

international tourism

The next step in business is corporations. As a rule, these are large enterprises, which are introducing a system of participation, attract a wide range of organizations and enterprises in the tourism industry.

An example of such a corporation can serve as a hotel complex.

Broad international relations that arose against the background ofdevelopment of tourism, led to the creation of numerous international organizations. Today they function in every country. Their task is to promote the improvement of international relations and the organization of tourism.

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