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Cat Basilio - a bright character in the fairy tale of Tolstoy

Basilio (he also "Vasily", "Vaska", but only onItalian manners) - of course, one of the most vivid and original characters of Tolstoy's fairy tale "Pinocchio". In the then Russia, almost half of the cats were called Vaska, so this is quite common, implying not only cunning, a tendency to fraud, stupidity (everyone knows "Vaska listens and eats"), but also the simplicity that makes us often be moved by this hero .

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Getting to know Pinocchio

Cat Basilio, Carabas, Duramar, Alice, no doubt,personify in this tale the so-called "evil forces". And Tolstoy continues to ridicule them throughout his fairy tale. We laugh at the way the frustrated Karabas, with his beard in his pocket, sneezes without stopping. And over how the "blind" cat Basilio is fighting over the money of Pinocchio with his "partner" fox Alice, and about how ridiculous these characters sometimes look.

But the actions in the tale develop soswiftly, that sometimes you do not even know which of the heroes should be considered a villain, and who should sympathize. Even negative characters, such as Basilio's prohid, occasionally arouse sympathy and touch us for the living. After all, trying to deceive Pinocchio, Basilio's cat often gets himself into a mess, causing pity and sympathy from the reader. This is because Tolstoy's fairy tale "Pinocchio" was originally good. It reads cheerfully and easily, so to speak, "in one go."

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Cat Basilio and the fox Alice meet on the wayPinocchio almost at the very beginning of the work and accompany the main character almost to the very end, somehow participating in unfolding before us events. They are, as it were, secondary heroes, but at the same time this "sweet couple" by the brightness of their characters makes us attract attention. Pinocchio sees two beggars who walk along the dusty road. These are our characters: Cat Basilio, fox Alice. The boy wants to pass by already, but Alice hails him with affection, calling "the kind-hearted Pinocchio."

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Country of Fools and Five Golds

When scammers (Basilio's cat, Alice's fox) learnabout gold coins, they offer a wooden boy to make a trip to the imaginary Land of Fools. There on the Field of Miracles and it will be necessary to dig up the money of Pinocchio. And next morning from these money will necessarily grow a Money Tree, and on it gold! Pinocchio agrees. But halfway to the Land of Fools, the boy loses his companions, and at night in the forest he is attacked by disguised robbers, surprisingly similar to a cat and a fox!

Pinocchio puts coins in his mouth, and to getgold, robbers hang a wooden boy on a tree upside down and leave. Here it is discovered by Malvina, who, along with Artemon, escaped from Karabas. The girl will try to re-educate the boy, but in vain. After all, the stubborn Buratino hardly gives in to any upbringing! And the wooden boy fell into the dark closet, from where the bat releases him. Here, having met again with a fox and a cat, Pinocchio finally arrives at the Field of Miracles ... In general, the plot is spectacular! I advise you to read a fairy tale!

It remains only to add that the role of Basilio in the film "The Adventures of Pinocchio" was brilliantly played by the famous actor Rolan Bykov.

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