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The son of the leader - Vasily Stalin: biography, personal life

The son of Stalin, Vasily, was, alas, a deeply unhappy man, which was greatly facilitated both by the environment and his own family.

Vasily Stalin biography personal life


In early childhood the boy lived in Zubalovo, at the dacha,was educated by the chosen mother, the teacher Alexander Ivanovich Muravyov, who taught him Russian, German, reading and drawing. The child was constantly surrounded by members of the families of the companions of the leader - Voroshilov, Mikoyan, Shaposhnikov, visited their house and Bukharin, Budyonny. Even then, the life of Vasily Stalin was restless, full of constant visits to guests, feasts, dashing stories - this alone formed negative features in the nature of the child. Plus, of course, played the role of the son of the leader.

School, character

In the beginning of 1930 Vasily goes to the first classan excellent Moscow school - a pilot demonstration. But even then the teachers began to complain about the extremely impulsive, excitable and uneven character of the boy. Eternally busy at work father and strict, then taught at the Industrial Academy of the mother, apparently had little effect on Basil. In addition, Nadezhda Alliluyeva was not happy in marriage, which, of course, affected children. When the boy was five years old, his mother took him with her sister and went to Leningrad after a terrible scandal with Stalin. Three years later, his stepbrother, Yakov, tried to commit suicide, and when his mother was 11 years old, her mother died. This terrible shock could not but affect the nature of the child. The subsequent repression of his maternal relations, which Stalin unleashed, was no less severe. The child was guarded everywhere by NKVD officers, and the elite status spoiled him more and more. Vasily studied badly, behaved insolently, showed disrespect to teachers, could calmly nag a teacher with the whole class, tried to rule in school, read very little. His teachers did not like him and practically did not ask. No one tried to help the child and re-educate, fearing negative consequences for himself. After the tragic death of Valery Chkalov, the son of the leader decided to become a pilot, although earlier, under the influence of Budyonny was fond of horses.

son of Stalinna Vasilii


Unlike the studies, to the sport Vasily Stalin(biography, personal life are inextricably linked with him - he even married a second marriage to the swim athlete Kapitolina Vasilieva and helped the massive construction of swimming pools, the development of water sports) treated quite differently. He loved running, skiing, he showed great luck at competitions and often became a winner. However, imaginary friends and sycophants always found an occasion to congratulate him on anything, and this further harmed.

Pilot career, marriage

After graduating from the 9th grade, Vasily entered the KachinskayaRed Banner Aviation Military School. Myasnikov. He, taking into account the status of Stalin's son, created special conditions with indulgences. However, for this the head of the school soon paid with his post, and Vasily had to learn on general grounds. During his studies, he met a student of the Polygraphic Institute Galina Burdonskaya. The young couple soon got married and moved to Lipetsk. Vasily's environment did not know that his son's relationship with his father was tense and difficult, and so they tried to please him, but his father did not report on his tricks (sometimes dysfunctional). In 1940, Vasily became the pilot of the 16th Fighter Regiment of the 24th Fighter Aviation Division, studied for a commander in the Air Force Academy, and passed courses of improvement. By the time of the end of the war, he is already becoming a division commander. During his studies, the addiction to alcoholic beverages was revealed in full, which will spoil his further life. In marriage, for a while everything was fine, from Galina Bourdonskaya Vasily had two children - daughter Nadezhda and son Alexander.

life of corn steel

The corrupt son of the famous father

Vasily Stalin (biography, whose personal lifecould be different, he was born in another family) was, in principle, a good person - gifted, generous, could be kind and charming. But at the same time he was extremely spoiled, skillfully used kinship with the leader, committed acts that absolutely did not correspond to his status. His disagreement with his father carefully concealed from everyone, and therefore Stalin for a long time did not know about the tricks of his son. Surrounding, lisoblyudzhivaya and pleasing Basil, did not put the leader in notice of the many negative facts of his son's biography. During the service many of the chiefs tried to exert positive influence on him, but this was not always successful: Vasily's own whims and desires always took the first place, and the situation and situation played no role. Alas, the influence was rendered also by alcohol. Drunken antics were not uncommon. Beria, too, put his hand to this, dragging Stalin's son into his entertainment. Vasily Stalin (biography, his personal life cause only an infinite surprise, as it is possible to achieve nothing in life with such data) did little to make something useful for his time, except that it contributed to the development of sport in the country.

After Stalin's death

After the leader of the peoples suddenly died,Vasily Stalin (biography, personal life of his abruptly changed after the departure of Joseph Vissarionovich) was convinced that his father was poisoned. At the same time, he continued to believe that he remained the same omnipotent, as before, kutil, freely chatted all that he thought, for which he paid. In April 1953, a case was brought against his embezzlement, feasting and abuse of power. Vasily was arrested and sentenced to eight years. Two years later, he was transferred from prison to a hospital in Moscow in connection with exacerbation of chronic diseases. Vasily rightly believed that he was in prison, fell into despair and did not know what to do. After a lapse of seven years, he was released and allowed to stay in Moscow, then again planted and released only in 1961, severely ill. Vasily Stalin died in 1962, on March 19, leaving seven children. Ironically, a lot of people came to his funeral - colleagues, acquaintances, athletes and soldiers. Vasily Stalin (biography, his personal life is still attracting the attention of the public and historians), unwittingly became a reflection and embodiment of the failures and excesses of his father, a victim of circumstances and problems in the family.

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