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I wonder where is Mallorca?

I remember there was once a song with the words: "Let you dream of Palma de Mallorca ..." Surely, many have repeatedly asked themselves what kind of place is this? And where is Mallorca, which is sung with such ecstasy?

where is the mallorca
From the point of view of territorial division, this isonly a part of Spain. And not just a part, but the largest of the islands that belong to it. Mallorca is one of the archipelago of the Balearic Islands. In addition to the Balearic, there are six small shreds of land: Minorca, Cabrera, Dragorera, Isle of Air, Ibiza and Formentera. The place where Majorca is located is the outskirts of the Mediterranean Sea, located not far from the Iberian Peninsula and the Gibraltar Strait.

In this case, people know the island of Mallorcalong. The first settlements appeared here at the time of the Paleolithic. Then the island passed under the influence of Carthage, and the place on the map of Mallorca, for a long time became a stronghold of pirates. Any captain, being in his right mind, walked around Balearic for many miles. But all this happened before the onset of our era. When the island was captured by Quintus Metellus, the Roman consul, he finished piracy, and then founded on him two cities - Pollentius and Palmar, which has become in our time the above-mentioned Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the island.

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Then the island passed from hand to hand: from Byzantines to Muslims, from the Moors to the Catalans. By the thirteenth century, even an own kingdom appeared on the island, however, it did not last long. Then almost all the area where Mallorca is located was empty: in 1347 the island, like the entire Balearic archipelago, was devastated by the plague epidemic.

Then it was won by Aragonese King Pedro IV. Since then, Mallorca, where today is one of the most beautiful resorts in Spain, has come under the jurisdiction of this country. At the moment the island is thriving tourist business. Since the fifties of the last century, local cities have developed a developed infrastructure. Tourists are attracted by the beautiful landscape of the island, the warm Mediterranean Sea, the beaches of Mallorca, as well as the entertainment of the island's capital - Palme. The center of the island is a magnificent fertile plain, on which winemaking and the cultivation of olive trees have long developed. These types of agricultural business bring the island profits to this day. In addition, they have also become part of the tourist routes, attracting travelers with the favorite goods of the Mediterranean - exquisite wine and fragrant olive oil.

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According to statistics in 2001, the island visitedover nineteen million tourists. In addition, thanks to the railway branches connecting it to the neighboring islands, Majorca serves as a kind of transplant point for those who travel to the Balearic Islands from the mainland.

Now you know, where is Mallorca and moremany interesting things about the main tourist island of Spain. Let's add at last only that it is a pearl and pride of the country, pleasing tourists with a tremendous rest from year to year.

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