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Subjective opinion - what does that mean? Subjective and objective opinion - what is the difference?

At present, subjective opinion is the mostfashion trend in the process of personal self-expression. If you want to appear modern, the individual should always look at what is happening from a personal point of view. This provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate its uniqueness in any situation ... Unfortunately, recently the newfangled IMHO (deciphered as follows: I have an opinion, I want to voice) flooded the information space and displaced the culture of public utterance and thought, the desire for reliable knowledge, respect for interlocutors and an adequate perception of reality.

subjective opinion is

Why a purely subjective opinion has become so popular? Explain the reasons for this phenomenon is quite simple, if you understand the psychological state of modern society.

Claim for originality

Opinion is a manifestation of consciousness in the form ofjudgment, which expresses a subjective assessment. It comes from the needs and hobbies of the individual, the system of his values. Consequently, subjective opinion is an expression of what a person imagines, it seems, it seems. This is important to remember when we read or hear the point of view of the interlocutor. Disclosing our opinion, a person demonstrates his own internal state.

Stay Smart

Even if you think one hundred percent thatthe interlocutor is wrong, try not to go over to the person. One can never exclude the fact that there is a certain amount of truth in the statement. This happens when a person has certain knowledge about the subject, he is competent in the discussed and argues his position. Otherwise, his subjective opinion is a so-called "point of view," a judgment based on emotions and rumors.

Negative changes

It is important to take into account the fact that the opinion isa natural form of realization of human consciousness, activated through unconscious motives. In the process of forming a worldview, it plays one of the leading roles. The sad tendency of modernity is such that IMHO, being, in fact, a taste, personal, situational perception, tries to take the place of a true fundamental variant of the characteristics of the events.

which means subjective opinion

Psychology to help us

Does the person have a clear distinctionsubjective and objective opinion? Yes. Understanding the principle of the action of internal mechanisms that activate the unconscious will allow us to separate the grains from the chaff, learn to distinguish between the imagining and the knowing.

Postulates of system-vector psychology of steel formany accurate tools for dissecting human souls. Thanks to system psychoanalysis, it is possible to objectively evaluate a particular mental manifestation of an individual. In this process a holistic eight-dimensional matrix of the device of the psyche helps.

Mechanism of formation

Subjective opinion is a point of view,formulated situationally, spontaneously. It expresses a person's condition as a reaction to the impact of an external factor. Psychologists note that the influence of the external stimulus is secondary - the internal state of the individual is the basis for the formation of a personal opinion. That is why even in different situations the form and nature of personal statements can be unchanged. This phenomenon in all its glory we can observe in the vastness of the Global network. So, sexually or socially frustrated individuals to articles on a variety of topics leave comments of one nature, proudly calling their criticism of the new-fashioned IMHO.

subjective and objective opinion

Weapon for the destruction of intelligence

How to understand the subjective opinion? To begin with, it is necessary to understand that it distorts the truth and, in the majority, is a delusion. This is how many ancient thinkers believed. Modern psychologists distinguish a dead-end type of behavior. So, the individual thinks about the following: "If they say so, then it is. Hundreds of people just do not say so. " Thus, the pathological economy of one's own mental efforts is achieved, and in fact they are simply necessary for a critical attitude to the subjective opinion of others. A trusting attitude to other people's words is not the best option.

Opinion begins where knowledge ends. And indeed, often the notorious IMHO is just a form of expression of intellectual backwardness, weakness.

If a person does not understand his own mistakes and everythingmore convinced of their rightness, the feeling of superiority over others is growing rapidly and stronger. That's why so often we see how incompetent people who confidently consider themselves professionals, come out with loud phrases. At the same time, statements about the author's personal opinion are enough to kill all doubts about the objectivity of what has been said.

What does subjective opinion mean? This is only a sensory attitude of the individual to what is happening, and therefore it is often characterized by a lack of evidence base. In addition, it can not be verified, reasoned to confirm. Source IMHO - stereotypes, beliefs, uncritical attitude. Formation of personal opinion is inseparably linked with the psychological attitudes and ideological position of the individual.

how to understand the subjective opinion

What makes you express an opinion?

The very first action to help in assessingthe real content and objectivity of IMHO, is to clarify the intentions that prompted a person to speak. Why did he write this / said? What inner state pushed him to it?

What is a subjective opinion? This is only a point of view. One of the millions possible. Often it turns out to be completely empty, not of any use. At the same time, the author of the statement is in firm confidence that this is the very truth born in the process of intense intellectual work.

Time for IMHO

Modernity in system-vector psychologyis defined as the period of the "cutaneous phase of the development of the society". One of its main features is the strengthening of individualism. Culture is at such a level of development that each individual is declared the highest value, a unique creature. It is asserted that a person has the exclusive right to everything - naturally, that is not forbidden by law. The first position in the system of "skin" society is independence, freedom.

strictly subjective opinion

Technological breakthrough has presented mankindInternet, which has become a huge arena, which is a lavish parade IMHO. The global network made it possible to speak out on any occasion. Many note that the Internet has become an immense garbage pit filled with stinking masses of unreliable dirty information.

Friend against friend

Ask yourself if you want to bethe consumer of other people's subjective opinions, are you ready to become a sort of garbage box into which everything that someone really wants to say is placed. Of course, it is much more difficult to form your own, as objective as possible, view of the world.

which means subjective opinion

Analyze your statements. Perhaps, they will give an occasion to reflect on what kind of judgments you represent to others yourself. Do not you fall into the void of your own thoughts? Are your frustrations too often exposed? Try to answer these questions honestly. Understanding and analyzing your own mistakes will help you to choose the right road.

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