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Advertising History

Advertising ... Today she accompanies us everywhere:posters and banners, streamers and billboards, stickers, flags, pennants, television commercials, many other techniques call us to buy, visit, try ... And when did the first advertisement appear?

Archaeological finds indicate that,that even in the ancient world, this phenomenon was taken very seriously. Some scholars believe that the history of advertising originates in ancient Egypt. At least the first papyrus with the announcement of the sale of a slave was found in this country. Somewhat later, in the territory of ancient Greece and ancient Rome, historians found a lot of boards, bone plates, copper plates containing information about the sale of certain goods. They date from the 6th or 8th millennium BC.

The history of advertising, scientists have found, beginstogether with the appearance of trade. Recorded on a variety of media (papyrus, copper, bones), the information was then loudly read in the most crowded places. Already then the purpose of advertisements was to attract interest, enterprising penetration into the minds of potential buyers. Vendors, using sound, visual, written methods, forced consumers to make attractive and profitable for the advertiser actions.

The history of advertising shows thatThe most important milestone in the development of this phenomenon was the year 1472. Somewhat earlier, a printing press was invented, namely this year the first printed advertisement is dated. He was found on the door of the church, and reported it about the sale of the prayer book.

Advertising in print media first appeared in1630 year. Enterprising Frenchman Theophrastus Renaudo began posting ads in the "French newspaper". One of the first - the information about worthy reward, which will be given to a man who indicated the whereabouts of several stolen horses.

Approximately at the same time, the firstadvertising banner. It was a sheet of paper inserted into the split end of the stick with a written test, drawn by a picture. He was put up in the window of one of the inexpensive French courgettes: he advertised his inexpensive kitchen.

With the development of industry, the history of advertising has becomegain speed. Since 1839, photography has been used in this business. And in the beginning of the 19th century the first advertising agency appeared, which did not differ much from modern ones. His employees bought up strips in the newspaper, and then resold them to advertisers at an inflated price.

In Russia, the history of advertising has developed at leastswiftly. Popular in the 10-11 century, the barker was replaced by popular prints, which quickly gave way to advertising benches. A little later, colorful leaflets began to appear in the windows of public buildings, they were decorated with horses, trams. Many institutions printed calendars with their contacts. A lot of bureaus specializing in advertising were opened.

Gradually developing and improving, announcements, calendars, etc. survived to the present day.

In the 90's in Russia the story beginssocial advertising. Today it plays an important role in the formation of positive relations between citizens and the state. Social non-commercial advertising calls to fight against violence, to love parents, to properly educate children, to protect nature, etc.

With the advent of the Internet, the history of advertising makesnew turn. The network has not become customary for most people, but the "techies" have already forwarded to each other's e-mails the necessary information. Despite the fact that the mailings already existed, it is believed that the history of Internet advertising begins in the nineties. This, according to experts, was "golden spam time", and at the same time, a banner advertisement was born.

Today, advertising on the Web has surpassed all the wildest fantasies and expectations. But this is not the end of the story.

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